Wall Street analyst: COVID vaccines ‘greatest fraud in history’

'This is a loss of trust in all institutions'
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‘This is a loss of trust in all institutions’

Art Moore
WND News Center

In a video interview Wednesday with WND, a former Wall Street executive whose analysis of CDC data shows an alarming rise in deaths among Millennials over the past year amid the COVID vaccine rollout said he’s hoping to start a national conversation that will penetrate an establishment media “blackout” by emboldening people across government and private industry to speak out.

“That’s my goal, to just change the conversation, to give people cover,” said Edward Dowd, a former portfolio manager for the multinational investment firm BlackRock.

“Once the subject is broached, you don’t sound as crazy, if some other guy said it before you,” he told WND.

Dowd and a Wall Street insurance analyst with whom he has teamed conclude the CDC data show the Millennial generation suffered a “Vietnam War event,” with more than 61,000 excess deaths from March 2021 to February 2022.

There was a particularly significant “spike” in mortality in the fall of 2021, he said, that cannot be explained by the delta variant, opioids, suicides or other causes.

“The only signal that makes sense to me is the vaccines,” said Dowd, who describes himself as a “futurist” and a “stock picker.”

“You don’t have to agree with me,” he added. “But I’m hoping that this starts a national conversation. And let’s have Senate hearings, let’s get some experts involved.”

Dowd said people are welcome to argue with him.

“But so far the mainstream media doesn’t seem to have any interest in what we are saying.”

The Millennials, about ages 25 to 40, experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality over that period, Dowd found. It was the highest increase in excess deaths of any age group last year – seven times higher than the Silent Generation, those who are older than 85.

Dowd said his role mostly is to provide interpretation and analysis of the data while the insurance expert is “doing the heavy lifting” of compiling it.

He said his partner in the project, who has actuarial training, analyzed the insurance industry on Wall Street for seven years. The insurance expert, Dowd said, currently is presenting the data to a financial group and will eventually reveal his identity.

Dowd also has examined the Pfizer clinical trial data provided by whistleblower Brook Jackson, concluding it, and the fact that Pfizer tried to hide it for 75 years, point to “clinical fraud.”

Dowd said Jackson “basically was asked to participate in a cover-up,” and after blowing the whistle, she was fired.

‘This is a big disruption’

In the interview with WND, Dowd discussed the reliability of analyses by investors and insurance companies, who put their wealth at risk, compared to other industries.

“The thing to remember about the insurance industry,” he said, “is that they make money by predicting health-care issues and death-rate issues – and they do that fairly accurately, and with precision.

“So any disruption to that upsets their business model,” he said. “And this is a big disruption.”

In early January, as WND reported, the CEO of a Midwest life insurance company said the industry was seeing the highest death rates in its history, up 40% over pre-pandemic levels. The executive noted a “three-sigma or 200-year catastrophe would be a 10% increase over pre-pandemic levels.”

Dowd said the implications of his conclusions are “grim” and “mind-boggling.”

“If I am correct – and let’s assume I am for the sake of this argument – we have the greatest, colossal financial and human fraud endeavor in the history of the globe.”

And it was done with the assistance of governments, the media and tech companies, Dowd said.

“This is a loss of trust in all institutions.”

‘God has a better plan’

Dowd said he hasn’t been approached by anyone in Congress.

“But the good news is that what we’ve found is being recreated by others,” he said. “This is spreading.”

Dowd concluded the WND interview with a candid discussion about his faith in God and the divine “coincidences” that led to him being given a platform to speak out.

“I just knew I had to do it. It’s the right thing to do. I’m here because I think God put me here,” he said.

Dowd recounted a severe trial in his life in which he experienced healing and learned to put his trust in God rather than in himself.

“I have a plan. But God has a better plan. That’s what usually happens,” he said.

“I just roll with the punches and let him take me where he wants.”

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  1. Sylvia

    How refreshing to finally have an objective analysis based on evidence.
    The mere fact that the FDA wanted to have 75 years before releasing Pfizer data relevant to the mRNA vaccine, is in itself an indisputable confirmation of an attempt to hide the truth from the public. Such lack of medical ethics amounts to gross misconduct.
    To date the Biden administration seems to have glossed over it. Instead its focus is once again on trying to dominate the world – yet another exercise in futility.
    Lack of transparency is on the increase, and is seemingly used by the government to gain even more social control.
    Our democracy is eroding at a faster rate than ever.
    Authoritative advice must be subject to debate, modification and revision; particularly in a democracy.
    The definition of mis/dis-information has been arbitrarily determined. 
    It is a two-way street, like it or not.
    Reputable scientists are vilified for sharing their research findings. 
    Asking questions about the Covid-19 vaccines is taboo.
    The wealth of scientific evidence that the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines can and do cause serious adverse reactions is totally suppressed – it is considered to be a conspiracy theory or even domestic terrorism!
    The (very welcome) release of the first 55,000 pages of the Pfizer data makes compelling reading indeed. No science is required to understand the basic premise of its contents.
    The impact of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine on the immune system (both innate and adaptive) is, to me, of great concern.
    Whilst adverse events are unlikely to happen to everyone, the unpalatable truth is that there have been those who did suffer serious injuries and/or deaths post-vaccination. It is inhumane to dismiss these as ‘rare’ or ‘statistically insignifant’.
    Even one casualty is one too many, particularly when:

    1. Vaccines are mandatory;
    2. The public is told that ‘the benefits far outweigh the risks’ and ‘the vaccines are safe and effective;
    3. Full details of the risks are not released;
    4. Vaccine manufacturers are 100% exempt from any and all liability.

    Young, healthy athletes with zero comorbidities have suffered serious injury post-vaccination. That is absolutely unacceptable.
    It is not at all surprising, therefore, that trust in the government and health organizations have declined, and will undoubtedly continue to do so.
    There are cultural, economic, ethical, medical, scientific, as well as social considerations that remain highly contested, and have not been addressed.

    Thank you, Art Moore, for sharing yet another enlightening article.

  2. Ada

    I agree with Sylvia’s post below- It is truly refreshing to read an unbiased article on the adverse effects of the covid vaccines that have been swept under the rug by public health agencies and the mainstream media since billions of dollars have been received by mainstream media to not report out on adverse effects and deaths caused by the mNRA covid vaccines. I’ve been following this subject for the past year and 1/2 and am so happy to have access to “Clark County Today” with both Art and Heidi’s reporting on the covid mNRA vaccines. They are one of many brave souls who have reported the truth based on facts and evidence. This needs to be reported on a continued basis to reflect the millions of people in our world who have been harmed by this mNRA vaccine and the cover up on it is unconscionable and evil. Our democracy has been eroded and it’s unbelievable how this has happened in America.

    1. Sylvia

      Many thanks, Ada. Your comments are so well considered, as well as objective and analytically rational.
      Indeed , it is such a relief to have Art and Heidi share enlightening articles so generously. It really is a rare privilege.
      I sincerely hope they will continue to do so despite the derogatory, vindictive and denigrating comments.
      Such comments are primarily based on uncontrolled emotions or retaliatory anger or unbridled indignation.

      Would it not be better to (1) learn to accept that everyone is entitled to have an opinion, (2) learn to respect the different viewpoints, and (3) learn to respond rather than react or lash out. Each person is a unique individual with her/his biases, likes/dislikes, and even personal biochemistry.
      We all do, however, live in a shared universe.

      By the way, fantastic news in case you have not come across it.
      The request by the FDA to have 75 years before releasing Pfizer clinical data on the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine was, thankfully, refused by a Judge. Consequently the first 55,000 pages have now been released – they make compelling reading. Very revealing, enlightening, and extremely worrying.
      Better still, no science or medical degree is needed to get the gist of its contents, specifically the myriad of adverse events.
      To me the revelations confirm the serious concerns that numerous scientists have raised since the early days of the ‘plan’demic. Most concerning indeed!
      It will take approximately 8 months for all the data to be made public – as per the Judge’s order. Stay tuned!
      The question is: why do some people get Covid-19, but others do not get it at all or, if they do, they recover naturally.

      I believe that the primary difference lies in the immune system, ie both innate and adaptive. A robust immune system protects our terrain from attacks. It most certainly does not need any reprogramming by any vaccines or any pharmaceuticals!

      I believe that both the unvaccinated and the vaccinated deserve respect, irrespective of what my personal values may be. I may or may not agree with either or both; howver, I must respect each side’s prerogative to make a decision.

      Would it not be wiser to err on the side of caution rather than blindly rush into unchartered territory like a bumbling fool? Regret inevitably comes too late, well after the damage is done.

      Thanks again for your cogent response, Ada. I truly appreciate it.
      A huge THANK YOU to Art and Heidi.

      1. Ada

        Thanks Sylvia- yes I agree 100% that everyone has differing views and should be respected rather than people lashing out at each other, because that goes nowhere with disrespectful name calling etc. when people only want to have a discussion and to learn from each other.

        I also believe that the unvaccinated and vaccinated deserve respect, irrespective of personal viewpoints. Everyone’s body, and health condition is different and as such their bodies react differently to pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines etc.

        The covid mNRA vaccine should be available to those who feel comfortable with it but there should not be a mandate forcing everyone to comply as there is no recourse for the expenses incurred from any adverse effects caused by the vaccine since vaccine manufacturers are not held accountable and are released of all liability.

        The current covid vaccine “mandate” does not make sense when it’s been proven that this covid mNRA vaccine will not stop transmission nor stop the vaccinated from getting covid, as noted through numerous breakthrough cases. Not to mention all the adverse effects and deaths caused by the current covid mNRA vaccine as reflected by the VAERS database. It also does not make sense that natural immunity is not even considered when natural immunity has been shown to be 6 times more effective than a vaccine as reflected by many scientific review studies. In some cases 20 times more effective depending on the scientific review. And all our health care workers, public, private sector workers fired for not getting an experimental vaccine is unconscionable and does not make sense.

        It’s also unconscionable when a great many brave doctors such as Dr Peter McCullough, Dr. Harvey Risch, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Dr. Cory, Dr. Mercola and thousands of other doctors and scientists are only sharing their experience and knowledge of  the vaccines and because it does not fit in with the narrative of the vaccine mandate and the “powers that be”  that they are falsely accused of “misinformation”  –  The blocking of important vaccine information that does not fit in with the current vaccine mandate narrative is totalitarianism as reflected by Big Tech, our current Government Administration and mainstream media who are funded by Big Pharma and also paid billions by our current administration to block and suppress any information that is contrary to the Vaccine narrative.

        And yes, I was so happy to hear that the judge refused the FDA request to have “75 years” to release the Phizer data and ordered the release of the much needed data sooner. The data thus far released has been compelling; and confirms a lot of supporting evidence that prior brave doctors had brought up with their patients who had adverse effects from the covid vaccine, that had been delegitimized by the “powers that be” – These doctors have been falsely accused of providing misinformation, despite the numerous deaths, and adverse effects caused by this vaccine such as  myocarditis / prericarditis  as well as neurological disabling conditions, as reflected in the VAERS database.

        If our current government and public health agencies will not provide the truth that’s very much needed to assist with those who have had adverse effects from this mNRA vaccine and continue with the cover up; we are truly living in a totalitarian environment in America. However, Karma always wins out; as an old saying goes. Whatever a person does; it will come back to them, whether in this lifetime or the next. We are all responsible for our lives and whatever we do, it comes back to us like the domino effect.

        Here’s hoping for the truth; so that those who have been adversely affected will receive help and assistance and no further lives will be damaged or lost.

        1. Sylvia

          Thank you, Ada, for another amazing response. Your equanimity and objectivity are admirable.
          I, too, deeply respect the scientists and practitioners you mentioned. Two books I read in recent years: “The Disease Delusion” by Dr Jeffrey S. Bland – thought provoking;
          “The End of Alzheimer” by Dale Bredesen MD – perfect example of epigenetics. The Bredesen Protocol has been used around the world.

          The ‘one size fits all’ approach to medical treatment should be revised. A simple blood panel will 100% confirm that biomarkers vary from person to person. As such, a better approach is obviously a personalized treatment regime.
          Pharmaceutical drugs may work for some, and not for others. Often, they are the problem.
          I have seen many people recover from serious chronic ailments simply by making simple, but drastic, changes to their overall lifestyle. At first some found it hard to maintain the right level of commitment and discipline. However, once they felt the early benefits, they became even more determined to stop their addiction to unhealthy ‘sensory gratification’.
          Most of them also incorporated TRE, regular exercise (as able), sleep quality, gratitude sessions, and mindfulness practices in their daily routine. To see the incredible results from such simple changes has been extremely rewarding.

          I often wonder what is happening to our democracy, Bill of Rights, Constitution. Scientists who have been revered for many years have suddenly become the object of derision and denigration overnight. Why??? 
          Because they share their research results, raise concerns about a treatment that may cause harm and has zero data as to its long-term effects.
          The rumour is that many have been labeled as ‘quacks’, and some are wearing it as a ‘badge of honor’!

          Compassion, emotional & social intelligence, and mutual respect are needed more than ever.

          I am grateful to clarkcountytoday for making this forum available.

          1. Ada

            Thanks Sylvia! I find your posts objective and always well written, and I appreciate it immensely!
            I will be sure to look into the two books you mentioned; sounds interesting.
            Yes, I’ve personally found pharmaceutical drugs to be problematic myself, and for many years gravitated to health eating, and because I’ve personally had allergic and adverse reactions to mainstream pharmaceutical drugs decades ago I’ve avoided them and am much healthier because of that. Eating healthy to begin with such as fresh vegetables, fruits, some protein whether with beans/rice, fish etc, and avoiding processed foods is key to keeping a healthy immune system. Our “Standard American Diet,” with too much processed foods from fast food restaurants, sodas with too much sugar, etc should be avoided at all costs. I understand everyone works hard, 24/7 and gravitates to convenience and processed food which is unhealthy and should be avoided at all costs, I’ve always enjoyed Andrew W. Sauls books as well as Excellent information from Dr. Mercola as well as Joel Fuhrman, MD as they are health conscious and perpetuates healthy eating and getting to the root cause rather than pharmaceutical drugs that masks the symptoms and may cause adverse reactions.
            In regards to the “covid plandemic,” perhaps it is not all “conspiracy theory, there is always a bit of truth weaved into it. People need to look into the “WHO” organization, and who funds it etc.

          2. Sylvia

            Thanks Ada, for yet another excellent post. I am beginning to look forward to them with great anticipation!
            Joel Fuhrman MD and Dr Andrew Saul are both on my top-faves list. “Eat to Live” is such fantastic advice.
            Dr Saul is big on ascorbic acid, which really is a super vitamin with incredible benefits. Humans are among the few species that can no longer make vit C due to the lack of 1 of 4 enzymes (Gulo). I take at least 6gr/day of liposomal-C and sodium ascorbate. More since SARS-CoV-2. Works wonders for the skin as well. 
            Other scientists I follow include:
            Prof Thomas Seyfried PhD; he wrote “Cancer as a Metabolic Disease”, partly based on Otto Warburg’s findings that rather than creating energy through the oxygen-based process of respiration as healthy cells do, cancer cells prefer the anaerobic, ie oxygen-free, process of fermentation. Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1931.
            David Perlmutter MD, Neurologist. His books include a number of NY best sellers. “Drop Acid”, his most recent book, makes compelling reading.
            Robb Wolf used to work as a biochemist. If you are into nutrition & exercise, you may like his books – lots of crossfit etc.
            Allergies are so awful and often debilitating. Many have healed allergies through TRE, total elimination of all gluten, grain-fed dairy, and SAD foods. Replace with organic vegetables, low-fructose fruit, limited high-fructose fruit, lots of pure water (reverse osmosis filtered).
            Other micronutrients that may help include:
            Angelica sinensis (dong quai in TCM);
            Equisetum arvense (horsetail) – Natures Sunshine capsules are one of the best;
            Colloidal anhydrous silica;
            Collagen + 100% Grass-Fed Bone Broth;
            Sodium ascorbate, liposomal-C, etc.
            No doubt you already know of the above and lots more. I mention them because I have seen many people, whose skin were destroyed by allergic reactions, accidents, or various corticosteroids, actually rebuild each layer of their integumentary system – it does take time, but their skin eventually healed itself (prescription-free). The body’s inherent ability to heal itself (given the correct conditions plus a little help from us) is remarkable. What do you think?
            I support the concept of taxpayer funds being allocated to help people develop healthy lifestyles through sensible eating habits, regular as-able exercise, quality sleep, compassion, as well as emotional intelligence and mindfulness – and thereby rejuvenate the immune system, acquire resilient aging, and true health.
            What predominates now is the maintenance of dis-ease prompted by an addiction called GREED.

          3. Ada

            Hi Sylvia, As always you have a ton of excellent advice and information on health and awesome holistic approach to keeping our bodies running smoothly. I will definitely look into the other authors you mentioned in the near future. I’ve been quite busy helping out a friend with their cluttered place as they are trying to get it updated and much work is needed.
            yes, I agree our bodies inherent ability to heal itself with our help is remarkable and quite true. I also love the book; the biology of belief! Cheers to good health!

    2. Cal Lawrence

      Just because it conforms with what you want to believe doesn’t make it “unbiased”. The reality is that the figures Dowd cites are a complete fabrication.

      1. Steve

        The fact that you’re calling numbers fabricated and it comes from a government body (your own source) shows a scary amount of stupidity.

  3. Thomas W Gentry

    How misleading can you be? The bold heading is “Wall Street analyst”, yet the opinions (not facts!) are from interviews and thoughts from WND (World Net Daily). WND “is an American news and opinion website and online news aggregator which has been described as “fringe” and far-right[6] as well as politically conservative. The website is known for promoting falsehoods and conspiracy theories.” [Multiple sources: see Wikipedia for discussion of sources.]

    Thus, once again, we brand “information” as unbiased because it supports our very biased opinions. Wouldn’t it be better to heal the divide in our country by seeking the truth rather than trying to prove we are right and if you don’t agree you must be evil?

    Can we understand why Russia and China are so emboldened? Rather than the moral courage of the Greatest Generation, they see the collapse of our society. They are certainly not concerned that we could come together for a concerted effort. No, don’t think that the militarization of the South China Sea and the threats to Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and the invasion and decimation of Ukraine are the faults of the last four presidents. They are the fault of us – the people who live and hate others who should be called our “neighbors” as explained in Luke 10.

  4. Scott Hooper

    I was going to ask for his data, but then I saw the chart, on which it is obvious that the “excessive deaths” preceded the vaccines by a long while, and have only ramped up slightly since, suggesting they are from COVID and other social-disruption ills, as has been thoroughly studied elsewhere.

    There’s nothing to see here. No real information, just hyperbole.

    1. Steve

      I disagree…

      Excess deaths in non lock down times should have gone back down a ton. Anyone with oil in their brain can tell you that, so your baseline comparison is highly problematic to begin with. Deaths went up during lockdown phase to mental illness, substance abuse, lack of exercise, limited medical access outside of Covid related issues, etc. Not to say those things were non existent after things started opening back up, but it was drastically different and that should have caused a decline in excess deaths. Also, it’s quite obvious the vaccine was a failure if the excess deaths now are decently higher than the height of Covid. I think if you just think for a second you’ll realize it’s true. Regardless, it’s still consistently gone up over time when it should have dropped back down. Also, I question your thinking and credibility if you don’t see an issue with 30% more excess deaths during the mandate period vs the lockdown period. Class is dismissed.

      1. Cal Lawrence

        You’d need to have “oil in your brain” to come up with this nonsense. You realize that having oil in your brain isn’t a good thing, right?

        Deaths went up during the so-called “lockdown phase” because of Covid. And “the height of Covid” was 2021, not 2020. The deaths continued to go up in 2021 because the Delta variant was far more contagious, most of the country ended lockdowns prematurely, and 1/3 of the country refused to get vaccinated.

        1. Steve

          The fact that you don’t see I’m saying oil in your brain is also good disqualifies you from this argument. It was the first sentence. I’ll crush you in a debate any day but you need reading comprehension skills to have an online debate in the first place.

    1. Steve

      Cal, you don’t even understand what you’re reading. You tried replying to my message and you didn’t make even the slightest bit of sense.

  5. steve pivac

    The conversation about excess deaths needs to start. But MSM are not going to support or report that … and I suspect the tech companies will likewise put up a wall around reasoned discussion ….


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