Vancouver Urban Forestry monitoring tree-killing beetle found in Oregon

Emerald Ash Borer Beetle. Photo courtesy Stock Cue Canada
Emerald Ash Borer Beetle. Photo courtesy Stock Cue Canada

At this time, no sightings have been confirmed in Washington

VANCOUVER – Forestry officials in Oregon confirm that the emerald ash borer beetle was recently discovered in Forest Grove, marking the first confirmation of the invasive pest on the West Coast. The invasive, iridescent green beetles have killed up to 99 percent of ash trees in some North American communities since it was first discovered in the Michigan area in 2002. 

Vancouver Urban Forestry is working with the Washington State Invasive Species Council to continue monitoring for the emerald ash borer. At this time, no sightings have been confirmed in Washington.

“Vancouver is reviewing our tree inventory to determine where ash trees are located in parks and on public lands,” said Vancouver Urban Forester Charles Ray. “Private property owners are encouraged to do the same.”

The greater Vancouver community is home to both the native Oregon ash, which plays an important ecological role near waterways, and ash species from the eastern United States and Europe, which are found throughout the urban forest in parks, along streets and near homes.

Tree owners can remove ash trees that are in poor health and replace them with urban tolerant, long-lived trees. Tree removals may require a permit in the city of Vancouver. Contact Urban Forestry at (360) 487-8308 or for more information. To protect healthy trees, work with a reputable tree care provider to establish healthy plant care programs and preventive treatment options.

While the beetle is harmless to people and animals, it could destroy an entire species of trees. Trees play an important role in fighting climate change, protecting water quality, creating habitat and providing shade across our community. 

To report sightings of emerald ash borer, go online to

Information provided by city of Vancouver.

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