Vancouver Public Schools Levy approved by voters

It appears voters have approved a Vancouver Public Schools’ Replacement Levy for Maintenance and Operations while voters in Washougal and Woodland have said no to levy requests by those districts.
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Voters in Washougal and Woodland rejected school levies in those districts

It appears voters have approved a Vancouver Public Schools’ Replacement Levy for Maintenance and Operations while voters in Washougal and Woodland have said no to levy requests by those districts.

Current results from the Clark County Elections Department of the Feb. 14 special election show that 57.11 percent (19,295) of Vancouver voters approved Proposition No. 6 as opposed to 42.89 percent (14,492) who objected. 

The VPS Board of Directors passed Resolution No. 893 concerning the proposition to maintain current educational funding. The proposition authorizes the district to continue funding students’ educational needs and school operations by levying the following excess taxes to replace the existing levy on all taxable property within the District, for educational programs and daily operational expenses, including textbooks, classroom materials and staff:

The estimated levy rate (per $1,000 of assessed value) is $1.99 for each of the four years of the levy. The amount collected will range from $61,661,200 in 2024 to $74,988,200 in 2027.

Washougal School District

Washougal voters were asked to consider two levies on the ballot for the Feb. 14 special election. Proposition 10, a Replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy, received 47.83 percent (2,231) yes votes as opposed to 52.17 percent (2,433) no votes.

The proposition was designed to finance educational programs and operating expenses including the district’s educational programs, student services and operations expenses not funded by the state of Washington: The estimated levy rate (per $1,000 of assessed value) was $1.99 for each of the three years. The levy would have collected $9.5 million in 2024, $10.5 million in 2025 and $11.5 million in 2026.

Proposition 11 received 48.22 percent (2,172) yes votes and 51.78 percent (2,332) no votes. This levy was a Replacement Capital Levy for Educational Technology, Health and Safety Improvements. It would have allowed the district to acquire and install educational technology equipment and infrastructure and provide technology support, upgrade building access controls, make ADA accessibility improvements, replace/repair boilers and roofs, and modernize flooring:

The estimated levy rate (per $1,000 of assessed value) was $0.21 in 2024, $0.84 in 2025 and $0.85 in 2026. The levy would have collected $950,000 in 2024, $3.95 million in 2025 and $4.15 million in 2026.

Woodland School District

Proposition 1 was on the ballot in both Clark and Cowlitz counties, where voters have rejected the Replacement School Support Levy. In Clark County, 46.84 percent (185) of the voters said no and 53.16 percent (210) said yes. In Cowlitz County, 42.41 percent (1,054) of the voters approved the levy and 57.59 percent (1,431) rejected it.

The proposition would have provided funding for educational programs and operations not funded by the state. The approximate levy rate would have been $2.05 (per $1,000 of assessed value) and would have collected $5.9 million in 2024, $6.25 million in 2025 and $6.625 million in 2026.

In Clark County, 58,450 of 182,096 registered voters, or 32.10 percent, turned in a ballot.

The election is scheduled to be certified on Feb. 24.

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    1. T J

      Yes Nike, it’s either that or they are all pedophiles happy to see the growing numbers of groomed victims. I’m glad to hear that Washougal and Woodland voters are smarter than that.

  1. Susan

    In the Columbian, on 2/16, it stated that 32% of registered voters submitted ballots and, of those, 57% voted for the levy.

    This means that only 18% of registered voters just decided to increase all homeowners’ property taxes for the next four years.

    Don’t know about the rest of you but, for me, there’s something wrong with this.

    It is strongly suspected this is why VSD wanted the levy on this off-year, off-cycle election. Should this have been on a ballot full of federal or state election items, it likely would not have passed, and VSD knows that.

    Homeowners have just been “taken to the cleaners.”

    1. Nike Ajax

      Home owners and property owners are where the moolah is (just like ALL the taxes fall on the middle income people). The school districts and the renters know this. However, IF the home owners and property owners DON’T VOTE, the onus is on them for NOT voting.

  2. Keith Anvick

    You don’t get the Government you deserve. You get the Government you elect.

    Whenever there is an election – Vote! Most voters are smarter and more rational than the people in government positions, and they (the voters) are the ones that always have to pay for government programs.

    1. Nike Ajax

      Yes. Apparently 49,000+/- people that voted in District 3 in the 2020 election DID NOT VOTE in the 2022 election, resulting in a Portlandia carpetbagger representing District 3.

  3. Nike Ajax

    Here is one more depressing item regarding who IS and who ISN’T voting: apparently, Clark County is OVERSUBSCRIBED with “registered” voters. What does this mean? It means that there are MORE ‘registered” voters than there are ELIGIBLE voters in Clark County, and by a significant number. If you think I’m making this up, please do your homework, but don’t use either Gargle or Boing unless you would like to be threatened by their AIs.

    Apparently this oversubscription of “registered” voters is absolutely OK with Mr. Kimsey (the County Auditor, btw), just so long as the “right” people are elected. And, as all of us just witnessed in the 2022 general election, all the “right” people WERE elected, making Mr. Kimsey very happy.

      1. Nike Ajax

        There are several “true the vote” type organizations that are researching voter rolls nationwide and finding all sorts of anomalies in voter rolls. Clark County Washington happened to be one with some of the more egregious differences between registered and eligible voters, which I why I was able to find the info.

        It is NOT that difficult to conduct a search for this info unless you are still using Gargle, Boing, YooHoo, or other controlled search engines where you will get “diverted” to all sorts of stuff to wear you out and you conclude that people like me that post this stuff are “conspiracy theorists” and other epithets. Of course you will NOT read about it in birdcage liners/fishwraps such as The Columbian, or other lamestreem meejuh propaganda rags either because what I stated is contrary to the official narrative (just keep getting those clot shots).


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