Vancouver Police make arrest in arson investigation

A man accused in the arson investigation of two incidents has been arrested by the Vancouver Police Department.
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Suspect accused of setting a fire near the garage of the home of Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle

A man accused in the arson investigation of two incidents has been arrested by the Vancouver Police Department.

On Wednesday (Sept. 14) at approximately 12:03 a.m., Vancouver Police responded to a business (El Burrito Mojado) located at 808 Harney Street for the report of a male who was observed on a security camera burglarizing the business.  

The male was located inside the business and was arrested without incident. This male was also determined to be the suspect in the arson investigation of an incident on Sept. 12 at the home of Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle.. 

Aiden Michael Murray was booked into the Clark County Jail for Burglary II, Theft III, Malicious Mischief II and Arson I. 

On Monday (Sept. 12) at about 9:37 p.m., Vancouver Police responded to the report of an arson in progress at a residence in the 3500 block of F Street. The homeowner confronted an individual who was setting a fire near the garage of the home and the suspect fled on foot. 

The homeowner was able to extinguish the fire. Vancouver Police set up containment and conducted a K9 track. The suspect was not located at that time. 

Vancouver Police Department arson investigators and the Vancouver Fire Marshal’s Office are continuing the investigation. Nothing further is releasable at this time. 

Information provided by the Vancouver Police Department.

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  1. Kimberlee Elbon

    I remember hearing about this case and find it disturbing and something isn’t right. I heard that a few days before the ‘fire’ incident; the mayors home was ransacked. No mention in reports that I could find; which brings Me to think that the ‘fire’ setting was a ruse. I am not sure of any benefits the mayor would have by this; unless security was set up at her home at the expense of The hard working Tax Payer. Any facts in this case would be of interest to Me.

    I took an Oath at the Vancouver Barracks to Protect America and her People against foreign and domestic enemies; and I’m on Record stating I Believe the Vancouver City Council, including the mayor, ARE DOMESTIC enemies. They follow a UNITED NATIONS entity called the ICLEI ~ International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. Mayors and council members are GOVERNED by this UNITED NATIONS entity and DO NOT follow The United States Constitution !!! This entity has two agendas ~ 1) to have a one world order and
    2) depopulate. Both are taking place, Clark County Citizens MUST wake upp to this TYRANNICAL ‘Local’ government NOW !!! Go to ALL City Council meetings and ALL Clark County Council and Board of Health meetings. Clark County Council and the CC Board of Health are one in the same. They also partner with Vancouver City Council and ALL are out to take the Constitution and Freedom away fromThe People !!! WE MUST ASSEMBLE NOW !!! For better understanding of the ICLEI, of which hundreds of American Cities are members, watch YouTube – Benjamin Barber – “Why mayors should rule the world.” It teaches mayors and ‘trusted elected and non elected’ Officials how to follow the marxist, socialist and communistic form of compliance. This must STOP here in Clark County NOW !!!


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