Study that found COVID shots killed people … is killed!

Respected medical researchers' bombshell study, indicating that COVID shots directly caused or contributed to up to 74% of reviewed deaths, was quickly censored within 24 hours of publication in The Lancet.
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‘Bombshell’ that vaccines ‘directly caused or significantly contributed’ to deaths stifled

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

A new study, conducted by respected medical researchers and published in The Lancet, a renowned medical journal, indicated that the COVID shots themselves actually killed people – and the study now has been killed.

That’s according to a report from Liberty Counsel, which has been one of the key fighters in court against the Biden administration’s various COVID shot mandates during the pandemic.

The report said the “bombshell” study was done by Dr. Peter McCullough and others and was published in The Lancet.

But it “was quickly censored within 24 hours after its publication because it showed clear evidence that the COVID-19 shots were responsible for many deaths.”

Of the 325 autopsies reviewed, “the study revealed the COVID shots directly caused or significantly contributed to up to 74% of those deaths.”

Overall, COVID is estimated to have killed about seven million around the globe.

The study was called, “A Systematic Review of Autopsy Findings in Deaths After COVID-19 Vaccination,” and it was on the Lancet in a “pre-print” site on July 5, a start to a months-long peer review proceed.

But in less than 24 hours, it was gone. The Lancet claimed there were “screening criteria” issues.

Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver said, “Scientists are validating the dangers of the COVID-19 shots and confirming these injections have never been safe nor effective. Censoring scientific debate is reprehensible and dangerous. The government, news media, and elements of the medical and scientific communities are intentionally and knowingly trying to deceive the public.”

The report said McCullough, a renowned internist, epidemiologist and “one of the most published cardiologists in America with more than 1,000 peer-reviewed publications,” did the study with eight other researchers.

They included Yale researcher Dr. Harvey Risch, pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Dr. Paul Alexander, formerly of the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Collectively, they reviewed 678 studies investigating possible causal links between COVID-19 shots and death and identified 325 autopsies meriting further investigation. The study stated each autopsy was ‘independently reviewed’ by three physicians to determine the cause of death,” the report said.

What was found included:

  • “A total of 240 deaths (73.9 percent) were independently adjudicated as directly due to or significantly contributed to by COVID-19 [injection].
  • “Among adjudicators, there was complete independent agreement (all three physicians) of [injection] causing or contributing to death in 203 cases (62.5 percent).
  • “The most implicated organ system [receiving fatal injury] was the cardiovascular system (53 percent)…” and
  • “Most of the deaths occurred within a week from [the person’s] last vaccination.”

The Liberty Counsel report noted the results were similar to those of a peer-reviewed study just last year by Dr. Peter Schirmacher and other German scientists that looked at 25 deaths, finding five of the victims “likely died exclusively from the COVID injection.”

McCullough noted the censorship at issue.

“They are trying to kill [the study] so the world doesn’t see the data.”

The study itself warned, “Further urgent investigation is required aimed at confirming our results and further elucidating the mechanisms underlying the described fatal outcomes with the goal of risk mitigation for the large numbers of individuals who have taken one or more COVID-19 vaccines. If a large number of deaths are indeed causally linked to COVID-19 vaccination, the implications would be immense, including: the complete withdrawal of all COVID-19 vaccines from the global market, suspension of all remaining COVID-19 vaccine mandates and passports, loss of public trust in government and medical institutions, investigations and inquiries into the censorship, silencing and persecution of doctors and scientists who raised these concerns, and compensation for those who were harmed as a result of the administration of COVID-19 vaccines.”

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