State suspends medical license of Scott Miller

Including Ivermectin in recommended treatments part of charges

The Washington Medical Commission (WMC) announced Friday that a Clark County physician assistant’s license was suspended over his alleged treatment for COVID-19. Scott Miller has been on the front lines caring for citizens during the pandemic. 

The Washington State Department of Health website has a statement of charges and summary action order regarding Miller. The action was brought by the Attorney General and on Tuesday, the WMC issued a summary suspension of Miller’s license to practice as a physician assistant, pending further action.

The WMC has authority to take immediate action when they deem there is an “immediate danger to the public health, safety or welfare.”

The charges date back to May 2021 where Miller allegedly “began a public campaign touting the use of ivermectin in treating COVID-19.” He is alleged to have invoked his status as a physician assistant as part of these public statements. They cite the fact that the primary manufacturer of ivermectin has said it has no indications that ivermectin should be used to treat the virus.

Scott Miller is a physician assistant who cares for children and pediatric issues. Many Southwest Washington citizens have reached out to him for care and treatments to respond to COVID-19. The Washington Medical Commission has suspended his license last week. Photo by John Ley
Scott Miller is a physician assistant who cares for children and pediatric issues. Many Southwest Washington citizens have reached out to him for care and treatments to respond to COVID-19. The Washington Medical Commission has suspended his license last week. Photo by John Ley

Miller is alleged to have prescribed the medication to at least one patient, supposedly without “adequate examination of the patient and without regard for possible interaction with other prescribed medications.”

Miller is well known in many local circles advocating for parents and children. He was one of three healthcare providers who shared ways to stay healthy and avoid being hospitalized at a Well Washington event earlier this month.

Supporters have planned a rally Monday afternoon (4-6 p.m.) in front of the office of Miller Family Pediatrics in Washougal. They have also started a GoFundMe account to help Miller in the legal battle.

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  1. Lucy Espasandin

    I tried to see the list of charges but the link you shared doesn’t appear to work. I also read on other news sites that he has been in trouble in other states as well.

  2. Scott Hooper

    This is why we have an FDA. There was a time (the 1800’s) where anybody could stand on a corner and sell poison as a ‘cure all.’ Being a collector of such antiques, I have seen many with opium, potassium cyanid, alcohol and other harmful chemicals in them. There are even some nationally sold ‘cures’ that are known to have killed children.

    No doctor (or, in his case, assistant) should be allowed to do this. His personal feelings, however misguided and/or well intended are never a good reason to harm people.

    He should never practice medicine again.

    1. Cody

      “Conclusions: Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. Using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggest that ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic globally.”

      You should look at the science before spouting such nonsense.

  3. Citizen 77482

    Scott Miller is losing his license because he can’t keep his mouth shut. There are many physicians and PAs prescribing Ivermectin. The state boards are choosing to look the other way because they don’t want to ignite the crowds. Scott has posted many inflammatory things on Facebook – accusing hospitals and doctors of killing patients without regard. And even implying that they’re doing so for the funding they’ll receive. He gave the state board no choice then, but to revoke his license. He could have kept helping people but he couldn’t do it without ranting publicly. It’s a shame, too, because I believe he was genuinely helping people with the right intentions. But you can’t accuse people of murder without consequences. Full stop.

    1. Jim Durham

      So basically everyone should shut up and comply to the liars in the medical field? The CDC and Fauci have lied to us for 600 days. The truth should be told. The liars should be called out. Otherwise just roll over and die for these communists.

  4. David

    Maybe we should all just follow legitimate medical advice and not pretend to know the answers to questions we don’t understand. If your not a Virologist and a P.A. instead, don’t pretend, follow directions, not only for your benefit but everyone’s benefit.

  5. David Douglas

    Let me see if I have this right. He is losing his license because he prescribed Ivermectin. A medicine whose inventors were awarded the Nobel Prize and is approved by the FDA. Doctors in at least 20 other countries are able to prescribe Ivermectin for their Covid patients, but Dr. Miller can not. It has proven to be very effective when used against Covid. I’m sure it has saved many lives.
    So why are we being denied it’s use? We should be able to chose our own form of treatment.

    1. David Douglas

      The Attorney General of Nebraska has just announced that Doctors can prescribe Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as treatment for Covid. So ask yourself why Dr. Miller can not.

    2. Keith Bloss

      This is a great question David! Would the scoffers like to answer this one? Regardless of his “murder” claims, isn’t the bigger question on Ivermectin at play her? And could it have saved lives? Can we get a debate from actual physicians on this topic? To me, it’s the million dollar question. I hate feeling like blue states deny care based on a bias…please feel free to set me straight

    3. Cheryl

      He is NOT Dr. Miller, he is a physicians assistant who is only to practice under the guidance of a physician! He is a crazy man who has had trouble in the past as well in his practice! He’s losing his license for good reason! Thankfully the reason we have the state medical board is to chase of Quacks like him! Good riddance!

      1. Jim Durham

        That would be the state medical board that refuses to tell the truth about the Vaccine that doesn’t work (double vaxxers are getting Covid) and causes all kinds of horrible side effects? I’d like you to tell that story to my 29 year old niece from Olympia that was hospitalized one week after she took the second shot because here lower intestines stopped working because of blood clots. A 29 year old with blood clots. The horrible doctors in Olympia want to remove her lower intestines which would mean she would have to wear a bag the rest of her life. Are you talking about the medical board that lies to you about the dangers of the vaccine? People should know the truth. Just ask my niece!

    4. Ron

      “It has proven to be very effective when used against Covid.” It has? Well shucks, I suppose that’s good enough for me. And, it will rid me of any worms I might have

  6. Margaret

    Informed Choice WA has posted an Open Letter to the Washington Medical Commission Here is an excerpt:Charge 1.12 against Miller quotes a false statement from Merck: “…ivermectin has no scientific basis for the potential therapeutic effect against COVID-19, no meaningful evidence of clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with with COVID-19, and a lack of safety data in the clinical studies that have been conducted with patients with COVID-19.” Ample studies, cited above, have proven otherwise. Ivermectin has been shown to be antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. It’s also “anti-big profit” since it is off-patent. Merck is just one of the makers of the generic, 40-year old medicine. Merck has no interest in supporting ivermectin since it makes them virtually nothing; they are pushing the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization on their new oral, anti-viral drug against COVID, Molnupiravir, with only interim data from a highly questionable clinical trial.

    1. Margaret

      Public Health advises against ivermectin treatment August 27, 2021
      “Pharmacists receiving prescriptions for ivermectin for the treatment of prevention of COVID-19 should use their professional judgement in determining whether to fill them. If you have concerns related to the prescribing practices of a practitioner, it may be appropriate to reach out to the corresponding licensing board or commission.”

    2. Kelly

      Ivermectin has been used for early treatment in other countries with proven success. Doctors who have prescribed it in US have saved patients from hospitalization. Many drugs are prescribed off label (not FDA approved for that specific use) and nobody bats an eye. All drugs used in suppressing hormones in trans youth are off-label. Hey-that’s how Viagra came about! Revatio was used for pulmonary hypertension and it had a noticeable side effect!

  7. David Douglas

    I think it is quite obvious, with the medical FACTS posted here, that the Ivermectin method of Covid treatment is world wide, and proven to work. Dr Miller is being unjustly punished. Let his license be reinstated. And if you don’t like his method of treatment, go somewhere else. That is called freedom of choice.

  8. Lindsey Nichole

    Funny story. In 2013, When I was 7 months pregnant, my oldest kids (8 and 6yrs) came down with Lice. I tried box treatments on them and could still see live lice on them following treatment. So I made an appt at the Vancouver clinic. The doctor prescribed them Ivermectin. I told him I had been itching as well and was unsure if it was lice or psychological from thinking about lice. But that I planned to do a treatment as well, just in case. He prescribed me ivermectin also and said “This is much safer for you while pregnant than the over the counter box treatment”. Let that sink in! 2013 it is totally fine for a Dr to tell a pregnant woman it is safer to use Ivermectin than over the counter product. Flash forward to 2020 and a doctor will lose his medical license for prescribing it to people who are dying anyway! With no change in published research studies on the drug. There has been ZERO studies done in that time period proving (or even suggesting) the drug is unsafe for human consumption! It just isn’t an “approved treatment” for covid. Why? Because big pharma can’t profit off it!

    Also, the above statement about Dr.Miller losing his license because he was too vocal, That shouldn’t be a justification! That should be a red flag! If a doctor is having success with a treatment I would hope he would speak up about what’s working! If he sees other medical professionals failing to try anything but end of life comfort care, I would hope he would speak up! That kinda goes perfectly in alignment with the medical oath he swore to, to try to save and respect all life!

    1. Pete

      It isn’t approved for treating COVID-19 because it takes significant expense to run the clinical trails required to obtain FDA approval. No one will invest the required cash because the drug is off-patent and anyone (those who didn’t invest in the clinical trials) can then sell it as a cure. No “guaranteed” return on investment. It’s understandable that nobody will pay the multimillion dollar cost of running clinical trials for a non-exclusive drug.

  9. Cheryl

    On the NIH we site are
    testing results for both remdesivir and ivermectin as covid treatments. Guess which one had the better results and with NO deaths reported?

  10. Shelly Miller

    Let us take a listen to what leading medical experts who are actually involved in treating the virus advise versus those in academia.

    And just a side note, there is a chasm between a list of charges made by people to the state medical board and the truth. The lies that have been shared, copied and pasted, spread across major news outlets throughout the country, and a medical investigator who has refused to engage in or interview Scott on any of these ridiculous charges. This has not been an investigation, its simply a catastrophe of injustice, and the medical “investigator”, Adam Calica and Dr. Enzian, who made a review of the complaints but no attempt to discuss their validity with Scott, have an entire community to answer to.

  11. Margaret

    The vendetta against healthcare providers that prescribe ivermectin or dare to speak unfavorably about masking children at school and outdoor recess and jogging/running events threatens access to healthcare in communities in US. Surgeon fired after speaking against school mask mandate: ‘Professionals such as myself are being silenced’

    In Minnesota, Doctor probed for 5th time for expressing his views of pandemic It’s also alleged, he said, that he’s (Dr. Jensen) promoted the use of ivermectin to treat COVID.”
    “That’s a decision between a patient and his doctor,” he said, adding that the 200 members of Congress who have taken the drug might have something to say about it.


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