How to stay healthy by boosting your immune system during pandemic

Three healthcare providers discuss the virus and effective treatments to deal with COVID-19

As the Delta variant continues to wreak havoc on area residents and the healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic, people are naturally seeking information on how to stay healthy. What can they do to fight off the virus if they encounter it and avoid being a burden on the healthcare system?

Three area healthcare providers gathered Saturday afternoon at the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Vancouver to provide information and answer questions to an estimated 100-125 people in attendance. Scott Miller, of Miller Family Pediatrics, Ana Jackson of Healthy Roots Clinic in Amboy, and Dani Lockwood of Terrain Wellness, all shared perspectives on the virus and ways for people to boost their immune system for greater overall health. The video can be viewed here.

10.9.21 Stay Healthy, Stay Free with Scott Miller, Dr Ana and Dr Dani Lockwood from Waking Up Washington on Vimeo.

“Right now, the biggest difference that you could make is to be healthy,” said Lockwood, in her opening remarks. “Two weeks to flatten the curve and it’s been 56 weeks.”

“We don’t want to overburden the hospitals,” was a common theme of all three. The best way to do that is to stay healthy. “We want to support the body and its ability to heal itself,” said Jackson.

“We want to do everything we can to take care of ourselves and our immune systems before things get that bad,” said Palmer Davis, event organizer.

An estimated 150 people attended the Well Washington presentation at the Vancouver Emmanuel Baptist Church Saturday afternoon. Three healthcare providers talked about the coronavirus and ways area residents can boost their immune system so they can avoid getting sick and being a burden on the healthcare system. Photo courtesy Palmer Davis
An estimated 150 people attended the Well Washington presentation at the Vancouver Emmanuel Baptist Church Saturday afternoon. Three healthcare providers talked about the coronavirus and ways area residents can boost their immune system so they can avoid getting sick and being a burden on the healthcare system. Photo courtesy Palmer Davis

Lockwood is a naturopathic doctor. She shared that the U.S. used to have homeopathic and naturopathic hospitals. You don’t see them anymore. Yet for hundreds, if not thousands of years, women acted as caregivers for their family and had home remedies that were learned and passed down from generation to generation.

In discussing the Wuhan virus, she shared that it appears to be a splicing of multiple different viruses. ”We do know that it is made up of multiple different viruses,” she said. “It kind of looks like a hybrid between a bacterial infection, a viral infection, and an inflammatory reaction. So we have to treat it on all fronts. You can’t just use one thing. We’ve got to use all the things we’ll talk about.”

All three spoke about the power of vitamin D and vitamin C and zinc. “Zinc is incredibly helpful for any type of viral illness,” Jackson said. “It’s helpful because it actually inhibits viral replication.” She suggested you take quercetin as a supplement with the zinc. It helps to get more zinc into your cells. “You want to take those two things together,” she said.

Get rid of sugar and soda, Lockwood emphasized. Exercise, be active, and getting fresh air was another common theme. The physical activity makes you feel better and reduces stress.

Miller told tales of dealing with patients whose oxygen level was below 90, including one patient who called and had 78 percent oxygen level. One of his assistants immediately took an oxygen tank to the woman, to give her body and her lungs a chance to heal. 

He’s seen too many people with “Covid-brain” — low oxygen levels can cause you to not think clearly. That’s where family members come in, and understanding what is healthy and what isn’t, is so important.

Jackson shared that there are two phases to COVID-19 sickness. The normal viral stage lasts about the first nine days.  “You’re coughing, fever, chills, you don’t feel good, and you don’t have a lot of energy,” she said. “Days 10 through 16 are where you can go into a very hyper inflammatory state.” The second phase is where your antioxidants like NAC and glutathione help.

They spoke about one of many early COVID symptoms is loss of smell. The virus attacks through your nose and mouth and often your body generates a lot of mucus as it battles the virus. Cleaning out the mucus is very important.

Inhaling steam can help break up the mucus, and then using a neti pot to flush your nose and sinus area to get rid of the mucus.

That helps the lungs deliver oxygen to blood cells, which is vital in helping the body fight the infection. Having a pulse oximeter available is a good idea, so that if you begin feeling sick, you can measure and report your oxygen level to your healthcare provider.

The virus goes through two different phases of attacking and impacting the body. Understanding the differences and the treatments for each phase is very important in responding to the COVID-19 sickness. Graphic courtesy FLCCC Alliance
The virus goes through two different phases of attacking and impacting the body. Understanding the differences and the treatments for each phase is very important in responding to the COVID-19 sickness. Graphic courtesy FLCCC Alliance

The FDA reports that if an FDA-cleared pulse oximeter reads 90 percent, then the true oxygen saturation in the blood is generally between 86-94 percent. Pulse oximeter accuracy is highest at saturations of 90-100 percent, intermediate at 80-90 percent, and lowest below 80 percent.

Miller shared that he is constantly trying to respond to people’s requests for help. The pandemic has calls and texts and emails coming in to him at all hours of the day and night.

This past week he was referred to someone diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia who had been sent home from a hospital. “We have some amazing people that decided to go over to their house on Wednesday or Thursday night and stayed with her for six hours, until two in the morning,” he said.

At 6:15 a.m. Saturday, another doctor called Miller. Her oxygen level was 88. She was on day nine, fighting the virus. She had held off on taking three of the prescribed treatments because she had been feeling better. 

The implied message — don’t get lulled into a false sense of wellness, just because you are feeling better. Take the full course of proscribed treatments. “You don’t want the cytokine storm,” said one local citizen.

Miller shared the insight that “your first symptom is not when you’re feeling bad. Your first symptom is when you’re wondering what’s that?” It might be a backache; or you woke up a little fatigued. Loss of taste and smell are big ones.

“Don’t wait to start your treatments. Don’t wait to call him or your healthcare provider,” he emphasized. Miller wants to avoid the situation where you “tough it out” and then have to call 9-1-1 on day 8 or 9. 

“This is not last year’s COVID,” Miller said. “That was easy.” The Delta variant spreads more easily and accounts for the overwhelming majority of cases in our state. It’s also causing breakthrough cases where vaccinated people still get sick with the virus.

The protocols referenced by the Frontline COVID Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) and Dr. Pierre Kory were mentioned. They suggest that taking Ivermectin works as a prophylactic and as a treatment. They have separate I-MASK + protocols for prophylactic and post-exposure treatment. Miller has thoroughly studied their recommendations and agrees.

FLCCC touts Ivermectin plus five supplements — vitamins D, C, zinc, quercetin, and melatonin. They note Ivermectin is not yet FDA-approved for the treatment of COVID-19, but on Jan. 14, 2021, the NIH changed their recommendation for the use of Ivermectin in COVID-19 from “against” to “neutral.”

Pediatric Physician Assistant Scott Miller has been treating children at his Camas-Washougal clinic. The COVID-19 pandemic changed things, as his passion to care for any sick person has caused his phone and email to explode. He is passionate about preventative care and boosting the immune system of patients, so they don’t end up being a burden on hospitals. Photo by John Ley
Pediatric Physician Assistant Scott Miller has been treating children at his Camas-Washougal clinic. The COVID-19 pandemic changed things, as his passion to care for any sick person has caused his phone and email to explode. He is passionate about preventative care and boosting the immune system of patients, so they don’t end up being a burden on hospitals. Photo by John Ley

Miller has had COVID-19. He tested positive on a Friday and felt good enough to take calls from patients on Monday. He quickly rattled off the various treatments he took, including the Ivermectin. He strongly recommends the time-release melatonin, in addition to the vitamins, minerals and supplements mentioned earlier. 

“Google glutathione and COVID,” Miller strongly emphasized. “Endogenous Deficiency of Glutathione as the Most Likely Cause of Serious Manifestations and Death in COVID-19 Patients”, read one of the National Institutes of Health article’s headline.

“Patients with moderate and severe COVID-19 illness had lower levels of glutathione and higher ROS and ROS/GSH ratio in plasma than patients with mild disease, clearly indicating glutathione deficiency and oxidative stress signs in patients with serious disease manifestations,” states the report.

Jackson spoke positively about the impact of NAC. Yet she said it may be harder to find because the FDA issued a warning about it. The FDA asserted in 2020 warning letters that NAC cannot be lawfully marketed in a dietary supplement because it was first approved as a drug in 1963. Industry representatives have urged FDA to reverse its position.

“NAC is incredibly helpful for any sort of lung infection,” Jackson said. “It’s a natural mucolytic that helps any sort of mucus or any buildup come out of your lungs.” Miller agreed, reporting he took it during his bout with COVID.

They all emphasized the importance of vitamin D. Miller came across one paper that reported the death rate of people with vitamin D levels of 60,000 or above is zero. “It’s an innate immune system issue,” he said. “We’re trying to avoid the cytokine storm.”

“Accumulating evidence suggests that the severity of COVID-19 is associated with an increased level of inflammatory mediators including cytokines and chemokines,” reports the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

Miller mentioned budesonide inhalers for people who get the virus. It’s a corticosteroid and improves lung function and shortens recovery time. It works by decreasing inflammation.

Dani Lockwood is an Oregon licensed primary care physician as well as a licensed acupuncturist. She promotes healthy lifestyles and doing your own research and healthcare advocate. Photo by John Ley
Dani Lockwood is an Oregon licensed primary care physician as well as a licensed acupuncturist. She promotes healthy lifestyles and doing your own research and healthcare advocate. Photo by John Ley

For those patients who encounter the cytokine storm, he mentioned colchicine, an anti-inflammatory medication. 

There was discussion about the success of what Florida is doing by treating people immediately with monoclonal antibodies. Governor Ron DeSantis has touted the treatment as being effective for patients with COVID-19 symptoms and set up 25 sites around the state to administer them. The state had given well over 30,000 doses in early September and that didn’t include any of the hospitals.

Monoclonal antibodies are man-made proteins that act like human antibodies in the immune system. The treatment provides a temporary, but immediate boost to the immune system which can help reduce chances that a patient will develop serious complications.

Miller is used to dealing with children and their unique needs and ailments. Because of his passionate desire to serve any sick person during the pandemic, it has brought significant challenges and stress to his life.  

“I have an unbelievably high level of respect for the damage the virus can do,” he said. “I mean it’s one of the most helpless things I’ve seen,” as he has fought the system to try and get dying patients certain treatments. “I treat kids, I don’t normally talk to people when they’re dying,” he said.

“We need to educate everybody and make sure everybody has the opportunity to get the vitamins and supplements and medications that they need,” he said. “It’s critical.”

During the question and answer period, several citizens asked what they could contribute to the cause of helping their community. The providers all agreed that oxygen concentrators are needed so they can loan them out to patients.

They’re looking for access to an X-ray machine, to be able to evaluate the condition of patients’ lungs.

A group spoke afterwards about trying to find a location where the community can step forward and provide the resources so these healthcare providers getting the calls in the middle of the night or on the weekend, can get the equipment needed to the patient.

Palmer Davis, who hosted the event, has created Well Washington to provide a source of information and resources to the Clark County community in the midst of the pandemic. It has links to healthcare providers, to pharmacies and sources of treatments, as well as videos for informative purposes.

It was shared that Miller has been under attack by some in the establishment regarding the care he is giving. A GoFundMe account has been established to help him with legal fees in defending his medical license and ability to continue caring for his patients.

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  1. Scott Hooper

    While I appreciate all the good information, and any opportunity to teach people how to be healthier is a good thing, I’d like to point out that this isn’t useful vs. COVID.

    I listened to an immunologist recently in a podcast who said this idea of “beefing up your immune system” to help protect from covid is mislead. Even if your health is pretty bad your immune system is still pretty capable, and the best you can hope for is a small boost through personal choices.

    Of course these are good choices. But they aught not be promoted as a preventative for COVID. Many ultra healthy people have caught and died from COVID.

    1. Misty

      You just heard from three medical professionals telling you something different than one medical professional on a podcast you listened to and your brain tells you to believe the one. Interesting.
      You are the perfect example of people not following the REAL SCIENCE. Come on.

    2. Geraldine

      Scott, Please watch the video. You might learn from the experiences of these health care providers that there is prevention and treatment.
      I attended this event and it was powerful and inspiring. I have used the treatments talked about to treat both of my elderly parents through their Covid illness. If I would have taken the medical advice of most doctors who tell their patients there are not treatments besides Tylenol and Mucinex my parents may not have survived.
      I have a friend, young and healthy, who did nothing to treat himself and by day 7 had trouble breathing. Tested positive at the hospital and they sent him home with the treatment of cough medicine with codeine. When we got to him he was in respiratory distress and I saw death in his eyes. We were able to get him treatment at home to keep him alive. But he eventually had to go to hospital for a CT scan and he had blood clots in his lungs. After almost a week in the hospital to treat the blood clots he was released but is still struggling to breath. It’s no joke! Early treatment is key.
      I encourage you to arm yourself and those you care about with some type of preventative and/or treatment. Like the providers talked about this illness will take you down when you least expect it if you’re not prepared.
      Be Well.

    3. Geraldine

      Scott, Please take the time to watch the presentation. The providers that spoke are treating real people with serious Covid illness.
      I myself have treated my elderly parents with the recommended treatments and they survived. If I listened to mainstream doctors who recommend Tylenol and Mucinex my parents may not be alive.
      Scott Miller saved my friend’s life. If we didn’t get to him when we did with the prescribed treatments he would have died.
      Let us all understand that there is a spiritual and physical war going on. We can all feel it and see it happening. It’s time to join together as a collective to support and care for each other.

    4. Sugar&Spice

      I guess it depends on what he means by “beefing up the system”. We know obesity and preexisting conditions do contribute to how your body reacts to covid. That means there is something you can do to make sure you’re not in that category. I do agree “beefing up the system” in the middle of covid is probably too late. You need to be “beefing up the system” now and aim to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Yes, everyone dies. But certain lifestyle will increase your chances of dying sooner rather than later. Plus, the suggestions in the article certainly won’t harm you—- go ahead and give them a try ✌

  2. Misty

    This was an incredible event, full of education and compassion.
    What Dr. Scott Miller is doing is exceptional. He is saving lives, unlike the doctors we’ve been trusting for years in our local hospitals. It’s terrifying.
    Both naturopaths had so much information and will be touted for saving many lives here soon as well.
    Take care of yourselves people, and use the prophylactic treatments. THEY WORK!!!!

  3. Margaret

    Excellent information. Nebulizers also transform medication like Budesonide into a mist that you can inhale.  Pros of Nebulizers
    Easier to use, especially for large doses, May be more effective delivery of medication.
    “To help with breathing issues, many doctors around the world are using a therapy that includes an inhaled corticosteroid called budesonide, used with a nebulizer.
    Budesonide is an FDA-approved medication that decreases inflammation in the lungs.
    Inhaled budesonide is a safe, generic, inexpensive prescription medication.
    It is used by millions of people who suffer from asthma every day.
    It can be prescribed by any doctor or nurse practitioner for respiratory symptoms.
    Budesonide is so safe that it is in some over-the-counter nasal sprays such as Rhinocort. Some patients have reported that they found relief using the nasal spray in early stages.
    Inhaled budesonide used with a nebulizer blocks the inflammatory chemicals released by the virus and stops them from spreading. Inhaled budesonide targets the lungs. Budesonide – Budesonide Works

  4. Tim

    This is completely nuts, was this written in early 2020? Do the people who went to this meeting know there is a vaccine available?

    This is an incredible amount of effort to discuss scientific approaches to healthcare while frantically trying to ignore all science that contradicts political positions. How can anyone claim to honestly talk about covid without mentioning the vaccine at all is beyond me. Miller even cited a single study about vitamin d levels, this is not scientific rigor, this is called “cherry-picking”.

    I know that Clark County Today readers aren’t looking to have their minds changed, good luck to you all, I honestly hope you don’t die.

    To anyone who accidentally wandered into this article and thinks it’s interesting: just think about what isn’t in this article and think about why someone would write this long of an article filled with wonderful advice and entirely omit the single most effective way to survive COVID.

    1. Joy

      There are huge amounts of studies regarding Vitamin D deficiency. D blocks replication! Do yourself a favor and educate yourself. As for vaccines fully vaccinated people are dying! It’s GENE THERAPY and you ARE THE GUINEA PIG!

    2. David Knight

      Are you aware that more are sick and dying of the vaccine than without it? Of course everyone here is aware of the vaccine. There are no recently arrived Martians here. But we have been paying much closer attention to the science than you. The vaccine will permanently alter you in ways you cannot possibly know. Good luck on your adventure.

  5. Tim

    Looool dear editor who will delete this comment because of your clear need for “transparency” and “ good journalism”. I really hope you are sincerely afraid that my last comment was threatening to your world view, there is at least some level of honesty in that. To think that you omitted something that could potentially save a life simply because you want to appease the politics of your readers is too depressing to contemplate.

    1. Monty

      Tim, The tone of your comments alone indicates that you have very little respect for people, their motives and wisdom. I’m glad you seem to know the entire truth about this subject and feel the need to devalue others knowledge and experience. Try a more positive approach next time and you might get someone to listen.

    2. Marissa

      i love when someone is so obviously triggered by another persons opinion that they feel the need to comment and try to antagonize and argue with anyone willing to listen. The problem is that your opinion is just that, an opinion. Some people just choose to actually read the scientific research that has been done on this topic and use the wide spectrum of scientific journal articles on the topic, and then assess that evidence and formulate their own opinions based on more than other peoples opinions.

      most people will never choose to read a scientific journal article in their life, but please, trying to argue with someone who uses actual research to form an educated opinion with your method of trying to get a reaction based on your opinions and nothing else, if you think that someone is going to take a comment with absolutely no actual scientific evidence in it as anything more than some random persons annoyed comment, you are fooling yourself.

      and no one from the scientific community is going to take your comment seriously or bother responding to it as there is no actual arguement presented besides your obvious disdain toward people that share a different opinion than you.

  6. Lynn Wood

    May I have permission to watch this again? I was able to see part of it while out of town and found it very valuable. Id love to show my family and friends.

  7. Scott Miller

    While printing off articles about myself to make sure I have all my bases covered with my defense in August I found this and decided to read the comments. I think it’s fair to say that those of us that believe in medical freedom and transparency and informed consent or “somehow” more knowledgeable and equipped to share actual truth than the virtual entirety of the medical complex in the United states. There’s a reason that I didn’t promote experimental injections, we don’t have any safety data. And there’s never been a time when the government has had to coerce, threaten, and destroy lives to try and get people to roll up their sleeve. Sadly, what we knew was going to happen regarding inoculation injuries has occurred on a global scale of death or permanent destruction of people’s bodies. Young athletes dropping dead all over the world, where was the informed consent? It would be comical if it wasn’t soon nefarious and evil, our local hospitals having to bring actively sick healthcare workers back to the hospital, double jabbed and boosted, because they were so short-staffed. Apparently, firing dedicated healthcare workers because they wanted autonomy over their body was not only a gross perversion of the idea of keeping safe, their policies of ignorance and stupidity caused untold people to get exposed to covid. Which would be fine if they knew how to treat it, but the best and brightest, medical geniuses are still a one and a half trick pony, a death jab and a difficult to obtain set of anti-virals that are on par with Remdesivir in terms of side effects.
    It’s interesting going back and looking at the comments made by people that who are desperate to believe that our government and our medical industrial complex actually care about us. There’s a reason that only three providers spoke out, and only one of them who did it vociferously and persistently. The consequences of going against the great lie are very difficult to overcome, they are costly, and meant to destroy the lives of anyone who speaks out for medical truth and freedom. Human life is precious and should be aggressively protected. I was gifted with the knowledge and ability to treat over 3,000 people with covid, many of them acutely ill, some of them already in the ICU about to be put on a ventilator. When those people walk out of a hospital 4-5 days later, and the pulmonologists and intensivists have no idea why, it’s a testament to the efficacy of the therapies that have been “touted.”
    It’s almost a joke, hearing the phrase, “Do no harm”, when 99% of practitioners are spreading lies and advocating for untested / failed Gene modifying bio-weapons, now, to be unleashed on the children across the globe. This is so sinful and diabolical and we were already seeing how devastating and irreversible this experiment had been at the time of this article. You don’t need hindsight when you have foresight.

    1. Sylvia

      Great post, Scott. Some people will stick to dogmatism and remain in denial despite factual evidence. Cognitive inflexibility is a serious impediment. Such attitudes reflect the below:

      “The purpose of propaganda is to make one set of people believe that other sets of people are not human”.
      (Aldoes Huxley).
      “The more a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it”. (George Orwell).

      Increasingly people are beginning to see the truth by doing their own research and by learning to think objectively. The world needs more people like you – intelligent, brave, compassionate and ethical.


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