Report: Two more deaths from heart failure following Pfizer vaccine

Port Townsend Free Press report offers more insight into possible adverse effects of COVID vaccinations.

Port Townsend Free Press report offers more insight into possible adverse effects of COVID vaccinations

Ana Wolpin
Port Townsend Free Press

Editor’s note – This story was first reported by the Port Townsend Free Press and is published here with permission of its editorial team. All images and content are courtesy of the Port Townsend Free Press.

Two surviving spouses have come forward to describe their beloved mates’ deaths following Pfizer injections.

Our last reporting on heart damage from the shots focused on the increasing incidence in young people. Those mounting injuries and deaths are underscored by the local tragedy of a 27-year-old Port Townsend woman who recently suffered two life-threatening heart attacks just days after injection. The formerly healthy, active woman we called Laura is now living at great risk with acute myopericarditis. (See Young Heart Damaged by Pfizer Vax.)

The two deaths reported here were among the earliest recipients of the mRNA shots, considered to be at high risk for the COVID-19 virus because of their age. Unlike previous contacts who have shared death and injury stories, both spouses have given permission to use their names and photos.

Paula Joanne Larson, 79

Paula Joanne Larson, 79

On February 18, 2021, Dean and Paula Larson of Port Ludlow both took their first Pfizer shot. Less than two weeks later, on the morning of March 3rd, normally cheerful Paula felt so unwell she told Dean, “I can’t eat. I’m going back to bed.” Minutes later, she called him for help. When Dean reached his wife, he found her fallen beside the bed, unable to get up. “All of a sudden her whole body started shaking and she stopped breathing,” he said.

Dean immediately called 9-1-1. A team of five paramedics arrived within ten minutes. “They worked on her for 35 or 40 minutes,” but couldn’t revive her. The doctor who signed Paula’s death certificate attributed her sudden demise to “heart failure.”

No one involved in this unexpected death asked about Paula’s vaccination status or even considered that the shot she had received just 13 days prior might have been the cause of her heart failure. In the heady early rollout of this experimental injection which the media and our health department incessantly promote as safe and effective, it never occurred to Dean or anyone else at the scene that the shot could be responsible.

It wasn’t until Dean had an appointment later that month with his primary care physician that a possible relationship between the shot and Paula’s death was first discussed. Unlike the majority of doctors we’ve heard stories about who insist that post-injection injuries and deaths have nothing to do with the shots — always “coincidences” — this independent physician had been doing his own research. He’d uncovered the same risks and patterns of injury being denied and covered up that the Free Press has been documenting since the rollout began.

Paula and Dean had been his patients for many years. Paula was diabetic, but otherwise healthy. Based on her medical history and what their doctor had uncovered through his research, he was concerned that the shot was responsible for her cardiac event.

“He really researched everything. He showed me articles online, how this was happening all over the world,” said Dean. “He showed me the situation in various states and countries.”

His doctor expressed frustration with the lack of autopsies being done to determine cause of death during this vaccine rollout. “That’s a problem with the medical industry,” Dean’s doctor told him.

Mayo-trained Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole agrees. Coroners are routinely refusing to conduct autopsies on those who have died following Covid vaccination, even when M.D.s order them:

“How can we do science if we’re not looking? When you do an autopsy, you get all the tissue… and you get all the answers, too.… They’re saying: Don’t autopsy that. It wasn’t the vaccine. Don’t look here… Is this science anymore? NO.”

As reported in an earlier article, it was a German report that gave us the “First case of postmortem study in a patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.” The researchers discovered that every single organ of the deceased person’s body had become infested with spike proteins as a result of the vaccine.

Dr. Cole, whose pathology lab is one of the largest in Idaho, has been sharing his findings from tissue samples and other imaging taken post-vax. In presentations at conferences like the White Coat Summit, he displays slides showing the serious damage to heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, brain, testes, ovaries and more following mRNA injection.

In this 2-minute video Dr. Cole explains heart damage from spike protein inflammation: “Here on the right side with the red arrows, that’s the sac that lines the heart. That’s inflammation surrounding that heart, and that’s going to cause swelling and pressure on the heart. On the left-hand side, those blue arrows, that’s the muscle, the wall of the heart. And all that white that you see on the left-hand side where the blue arrows are, that’s inflammation swelling the heart.”

“There’s no such thing as ‘mild‘ myocarditis,” says Dr. Cole. “When the heart is inflamed, that is a serious condition for a long time.”

Our second story is more complex, involving a pre-existing heart condition and far more time elapsed between the shots and heart failure.

James Makinson, 68

James Makinson, 68

Just-retired chef Jim was “in great health — active and strong,” according to his wife Michele. He was delighted to have the time after retirement to focus on projects around their property in Kingston. He ate a healthy diet, didn’t drink, and had only one medical issue, a heart arrhythmia that led to getting a Pacemaker two years ago. The device was faulty, not functioning at all when the experimental mRNA shots were rolled out. Jim decided to wait until after he got the jabs to have it replaced.

He got his first Pfizer shot in January and the second in mid-February. Then, at the beginning of March, Jim got his new Pacemaker, one of the best available. “The surgeon [who replaced the faulty one] said his heart was in great shape,” Michele told me. “He said Jim had another 20 or 30 years,”

It wasn’t until July that something seemed off to Michele. “His skin tone changed; it was gray.”

The photo above was taken three weeks before Jim died.

Then in early August, he began sweating profusely. On the morning of August 8th, Michele found him lying on his side in bed, unresponsive. He had died in the night.

“I’m totally haunted by his death happening so unexpectedly,” Michele wrote. “What a shock.”

Like the Larsons’ doctor, Michele had also been doing research on the experimental injections. She herself had suffered from adverse reactions following her Pfizer shots. Echoing stories we have heard from others, an old injury was reactivated after the jabs. By June, she began to have painful arthritis in her hips. Her hip pain progressed so rapidly that by July she needed walking sticks. As doctors and scientists have warned, damage from the toxic spike proteins produced by the shots may be far worse over time than the immediate reactions so many are reporting.

While the couple resided in Kingston, Michele has commuted to Jefferson County for work and continues to use health practitioners here. With help from a Port Townsend acupuncture clinic for her adverse reactions, as well as beneficial supplements, her issues have diminished but have not resolved.

Jim was not so lucky. His unexpected death, six months after the Pfizer shots, didn’t make sense to Michele. With a new Pacemaker and no other health issues, why did he suddenly die in his sleep? Michele’s primary care physician insisted the shots had nothing to do with it. So Michele took it upon herself to get an autopsy. She paid $3500 to find out what caused her husband’s death.

It took three months to get the results. The autopsy confirmed Jim’s overall good health and concluded that he had suffered a heart attack: “This 68-year-old man, James Makinson, died from an acute myocardial infarction.” It identified atherosclerosis and an “enlarged heart” as the culprits. The Pacemaker was intact and functioning.

Could his Pacemaker have caused this? Older-style devices have been known to cause heart failure. But they do not cause the heart to enlarge or the arteries to narrow. According to his surgeon, Jim’s heart was not enlarged when the device was implanted five months before his death. With no cardiac issues other than arrhythmia, and that function restored by his new Pacemaker, the surgeon foresaw decades of solid performance ahead for Jim’s heart.

Did the shots cause his enlarged heart and artery constriction? As described by Dr. Cole above, evidence is mounting that the spike proteins generated by the mRNA shots are causing severe inflammation in blood vessels and organs — especially the heart — leading to clotting, swelling, scarring and irreversible heart damage.

The slides below show heart tissue damage due to inflammation. “That’s scars starting to form, and that scar [remains],” says Dr. Cole. “It messes up conduction pathways, can cause chronic heart failure over time.”

These slides from Dr. Ryan Cole show inflamed heart tissue leading to scarring: “Heart doesn’t heal with new heart cells, it heals with scar. On the left-hand side, all those blue dots, that’s inflammation and all the pink, those are the fibers of the heart… All that blue-grey, that’s scar healing.”

The recent study featured at the American Heart Association’s annual conference found that risk of heart attacks and other coronary problems more than doubled within months after mRNA injections. The abstract noted: “At the time of this report, these changes persist for at least 2.5 months post second dose.” How far out they persist is still unknown. This global experiment is still fresh; the worldwide Phase 3 clinical trials foisted on the masses won’t conclude until 2023.

While a heart attack occurring months after the shots does not offer as clear an association as those within days like Laura’s or Paula’s, many doctors and scientists are warning that the toxic spike proteins can continue to damage organs and blood vessels over months, possibly years. They say that the real fallout from this unprecedented medical experiment will likely not be determined for some time.

Jim’s untimely death may be a harbinger of delayed reactions to the shots that we are just beginning to see.

Another example of such a delay happened to a healthy 72-year-old Port Townsend man who I spoke with recently. He received both Pfizer shots in March, and he, too, is now facing medical issues that didn’t start manifesting until this autumn.

“I had an EKG in October 2019, which was 100% normal. A subsequent EKG during 2021 after having received the Pfizer jab flagged a rhythmic irregularity.”

Six months after his shots, he began experiencing palpitations and neuropathy. His doctor decided to take another look at his heart.

“In the fall of 2021, an Echo-Cardiogram (ECG) was ordered, which revealed an enlargement of the right ventricular heart muscle. No prior indication of that outcome.”

He had no heart issues before the shots and now his ventricular muscle is enlarged. He feels its effects. “The association with the Pfizer jab is circumstantial, but in my opinion, it definitely seems related.”

Paula and Jim were both elderly, their deaths easily dismissed by skeptics as casualties that happen due to age. But even in the young, post-vax injury and death is being normalized. Since our last report, heart damage from the shots in young people has continued to rise, most shockingly in pro athletes in peak physical condition.

The number of athletes collapsing and dying post-vax has climbed to 335 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 190 Dead, After Covid Shots. Prior to the vaccine rollout it was a rare occurrence for one of these uber-healthy competitors to suddenly collapse on the field, let alone die. As seen in the graph below, the incidence of these adverse events has grown with each passing month since the shots were rolled out.

Athlete collapses and deaths chart to December 15, 2021.

The website linked above provides a regularly-updated month-by-month compilation of every athlete reported to collapse, with all information known about their vax-associated injuries/deaths. Most have suffered cardiac arrest, but injuries also include blood clots (or thrombosis), stroke, irregular heartbeat, and neuropathy. More than half of these athletes, including teenagers, have died. Those deaths include a 12-year-old Italian female tennis player, a 13-year-old male football player in Nevada, a 15-year-old male German goalkeeper, a 12-year-old male basketball player in Pennsylvania, a 14-year-old male hockey player in the Netherlands, and most recently a 15-year-old male wrestler and football player in Ohio.

Nearly unheard of pre-2021, since this mRNA experiment began, youthful heart issues and deaths are becoming commonplace.

Even more damning than the new report showing heart attack risk doubling post-vaccination and the growing list of athletes collapsing, are Pfizer documents just obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) was formed specifically to “obtain and disseminate the data relied upon by the FDA to license COVID-19 vaccines.” On August 27, 2021, four days after the Pfizer vaccine was approved for ages 16-plus, this nonprofit organization (comprised of public health and medical professionals, scientists and journalists) submitted a FOIA request to the FDA for all of the data within Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine biological product file.

When no response was forthcoming, on September 16th PHMPT sued the FDA for the information. The lawsuit “asked that this information be disclosed in 108 days – the same amount of time it took for the FDA to review and license Pfizer’s vaccine.”

In a response that beggars belief, the FDA first requested until 2076 to release this data — not to analyze it, but to simply release it. Then in a brief last week, the FDA extended that time line to 2096, a 75-year delay. They disclosed that the documents they ostensibly reviewed before approving the shots amount to 451,000 pages.

An initial 12,000 pages have been released by court order. Within those pages are the results of the first three months of Pfizer mRNA vaccine trials.

Pfizer’s internal adverse events data from December 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021 reveal:

  • Of 42,086 adverse event cases in that initial 3-month period, 13,104 — 31 percent — either died or had a long-term, permanent side effect following injection from which they hadn’t recovered.
  • In that group of 42,086, there were 1,223 deaths.
  • Of 274 pregnant women who reported adverse events, 75 of them — 27 percent — were significant, including miscarriages and stillbirths.
  • Of 133 breastfeeding mothers, 13 percent of their babies had an adverse event from exposure to the injection through breastmilk.
  • 34 children under the age of 12 inadvertently received the injection (that age group was not supposed to be included in the trials). 24 of those 34 children — 70.6 percent — had serious side effects, 13 of them “unresolved.”

“This is irrefutable evidence from Pfizer themselves that this shot is dangerous,” says Alberta doctor Daniel Nagase who presents the above trial data in an interview with the Canadian Western Standard.

What will the other 439,000 pages reveal over the next 75 years?

In 1976, trials of a new Swine flu vaccine were halted in nine states after three people died. At 32 deaths, the program was dismantled nationwide. Pfizer’s own reports documenting 1,223 deaths over three months following the Covid mRNA injection were released to the FDA and other regulatory agencies on April 30, 2021. Incontrovertible proof of its dangers were known last spring, but not shared with the public. Rather than put an immediate halt to this travesty, the FDA then approved the shots for 5 to 11 year-olds in a unanimous vote (with one abstention), and are now going after the 6 month to 5 year-olds.

In 1976, there was no shortage of corruption in government, regulatory agencies and media. Over the last half century pharma’s capture of these groups — along with medical schools and the health-care industry — is complete.

In October 2021, after supposedly having access to the damning Pfizer data we are only beginning to get glimpses of, and after many hours of cautionary “these shots are dangerous, don’t do this to the kids” testimony — the FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted to approve the jabs for our children.

They ignored testimony like that of Steve Kirsch, Executive Director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, who asked: “Why are kids dropping like flies after getting vaccinated? Why didn’t the highly unusual causes of deaths in these kids raise any red flags? How can a kid who was in the Pfizer 12-15-year-old trial be paralyzed and not have that reported in the trial report to the FDA? Why are there no autopsies for death after vaccination? How many Americans have to die before you pull the plug?… Of the over 1,200 comments that have been posted against the vaccines in kids, I found only one in favor.” (4:23:12)

Viral Immunologist Dr. Jessica Rose testified: “Within eight weeks of the Covid-19 rollout for 12 to 15-year-olds, there were nineteen times the expected cases of myocarditis reported over background rates in this age group… What will happen in children aged 5 to 11? Where is the safety data?” (4:30:00)

Most of the 18 “experts” on the committee who voted to inflict this shot on our children have deep industry ties. One of them summed up the committee’s attitude before the vote: “We are never going to learn how safe this vaccine is until we start giving it.” (6:34:46)

How have we come to this? Over these nearly fifty years, propaganda techniques have been perfected to create what Belgian psychologist Dr. Mattias Desmet calls “mass formation” — a kind of mass hypnosis/psychosis. Advances in propaganda delivery through new technologies, combined with total media control, have enabled pharma to create false narratives that completely saturate public perception and eliminate critical thinking.

But for those breaking free of the hive mind, it’s getting increasingly hard to trust our industry-captured regulatory agencies, our local health authorities who parrot their lies, and our politicians who rubber-stamp their edicts.

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  1. Scott Hooper

    Yet more misunderstanding and misrepresentation.

    Why not provide that Pfizer data you quote claiming more than a thousand people died in clinical trial. I’ve read the trial results; 6 people died, and none of them from the vaccine.

    Likewise, when you populate most of a population, there are going to be a lot of people die after the vaccine who would have died anyway, and during these times of isolation, increased drug and alcohol use, decreased activity, I think all cause mortality should go up anyway.

    I keep reading these anti-vax posts looking for something factual I can verify or reject, but it’s always just misunderstanding wrapped around confused claims.

    Data, please.

      1. A Long

        Right. My 36 year old son died 4 days after the 3rd MODERNA vaccine – immediately sick. you are the one with the typical response who looks to “political science” instead of science!

      2. Leigh Ann

        He has degrees in zoology, ecology, and conservation biology. He isn’t a virologist. I’m a chef, would you like to hear my well researched expert opinion regarding podiatry? This is what we mean when we say there is a lack of critical thinking and overall rampant gullibility in the vaccine skeptics or whatever y’all are calling yourselves now.

    1. Tracey

      Look into Social Media, local Obituaries, Go Fund Me ect…..The death rate is extremely high and climbing. You have to be a big boy and research for yourself. People cannot write accurate articles now-a-days because they are immediately taken down and run a high risk of losing their jobs.
      It’s The vaccinated who are dying.
      And to the “Anti-Vax” commenters, You are are beyond ignorant. Who the hell would inject something that’s never been used in humans? It’s NEW Technology! YOU ARE THE EXPERIMENT! COMMON SENSE!
      Not anti-vax, I say anti-stupid!

        1. Leigh Ann

          “Mr. Kirsch is posing as a scientist with expertise in drug and vaccine development. His statements over the past year belie this pose,” Dr. Douglas Richman, distinguished professor of pathology and medicine at the University of California San Diego and a former member of the CETF’s advisory board, told The Daily Beast. “His dissemination of misinformation is a threat to public health.”

      1. Cat

        This vaccine has been worked on for over a decade and it’s the tweaking of it to teach immunity how to fight this virusthat that is the only new part about it. You might feel better if you look up the development of the vaccine – and it might save your life or those around you. All you have to do is go to sorry antivaxxer site and see all the misery and death that not getting vaccinated caused and causes people.

        Most of the dying are unvaccinated. Some of the vaccinated have serious conditions and the immunity from the booster wanes, but for most healthy people, it will keep them out of the hospital. Just gotta keep up on boosters.

        I know people who know people who have lost a few relatives by now. My whole family, including elderly parents are vaccinated and no one has caught Covid, or ended up in the hospital, or died. We also mask in stores. So something my family is doing is working as opposed to other families I see where their elders have died of Covid and a first cousin and a the guy at the grocery store, etc…..I don’t have to live in that world – or hopefully not be the person who ended up with long term blood clots and is on blood thinners – a guy who was lucky he only spent five days in a hospital, didn’t linger, and didn’t die. Double vaccinated. A booster may have helped greatly.

        1. Johnny Joban

          You might feel better if you looked it up.
          MRNA vaccines were deemed wholly unsafe for human trials. Again and again, due to the extreme immune response elicited in animal trials.
          That is, until covid 19.
          A very short look into the history of MRNA should’ve been everyone’s first go, especially considering there were drug manufacturer’s that announced they had developed the ability to reproduce covid 19 in a lab.
          This is the necessary feat that allows for traditional vaccines to be manufactured. Like the vaccines in Russia, and a few other countries. Look up the sputnik vaccine. Not an MRNA pile of crap.
          We had the ability to produce traditional vaccines, but they were not ever once offered to the public. I would bet my left testicle that our benevolent leaders took traditional vaccines with weakened/dead covid material in them (like modern science has been producing for decades), not this horrifying, akin to cancer “using your own cells to produce something that harms you” bull.

    2. Rashell

      Well hopefully it’s just you that gets that result instead of everyone else since you enjoy the outcome and are in denial!!!! Make sure you get the shot and then eat your words….

    3. A Long

      My 36 year old son died 4 days after the 3rd MODERNA vaccine in Dec ’21 – immediately sick. you are the one with the typical response who looks to “political science” instead of science! One neighbor who is a retired supreme court judge told me of 3 people he knew of that died within days of the vaccine, and several other friends I know have told me of several other people as well. That is a lot. You may be forced to wise up when it hits home. I have requested autopsy, and being told will take months and I’m not sure even though I have requested the vaccine cause case, whether it will be tested. FDA put a warning out for young males concerning the heart inflammation. Also, not being publicized (according to the Dr Malone that holds 10 patents or the Mrna technology) is that if you have Covid and then get the vaccine, you are 4 times more likely to have an adverse effect. There are no screening questions before receiving the shot. That’s only common sense that more info is needed before blindly getting vaccinated. It will be interesting to see why the CEO has stepped down from his Moderna position and sold his 30 or 40 million of stock in which it clearly tanked today. Don’t be so naive!

      1. Leigh Ann

        I’m sorry to hear about your son but there is a very thorough screening questionnaire prior to being given each and every dose and booster. Including if you have had Covid in the last 6 weeks and if you currently have Covid or Covid like symptoms. They wouldn’t even give the second dose to my 7 year old because he had a cold. He had to wait 28 days from the onset of his cold.

    4. Timl

      I had a ekg and was fine after being vaccinated 3 mo ths later I had a ekg and had a irregular heart beat and was diagnosed with a fib I have no doubt the vaccine caused my heart problems

      1. Leigh Ann

        People with a fib have been advised to consult with their physician as have transplant patients, psoriatic arthritis and RA patients. This vaccine is not and never was recommended for everyone.

    5. Wolfie

      How do you dismiss all the research done for this article? Healthy young athletes.. dropping dead on the field. This article is chock full of data. What is it you want? You just want to ignore any shred of possibility you are wrong- THEY are wrong- about this vaccine and virus because why? There is so much evidence pouring out about the lies and deceit this whole situation has been mired in. .how can you continue to ignore it? Dismiss it? Why you want to live in virus fear world I will never understand.

  2. Truth be told

    Great article!! I personally know people who have experienced the following after the jab: enlarged heart, blood clotting, high blood pressure, arthritis, menstrual issues, and tachycardia. This is just in my little world, and that is just from people willing to admit their adverse reactions. That is all the data I need! I love the “anti-vax” comments, those are the people who have succumbed to the age-old divide and conquer techniques.

    1. Wendy

      Sure you have. LOL. You are just another tinfoil hat wearing right wing moron that is scared that makes up stories to get their point across. Apparently you know six people that have had the shot and had all these issues? I work in the medical field and have seen many more patients, colleagues, and friends get the jab and none of them had any of those issues. How funny is that? All you anti- vaxxers know a slew of people who had bad reactions, yet those of us who don’t care if someone gets it or not doesn’t? Hmm I wonder why that is?

      1. Truth be told

        Sounds good Wendy! Lol @ “tinfoil hat wearing right wing moron, you just lost credibility there! Your ignorance speaks volumes. I hope 2022 shatters all your illusions! Cheers!

      2. Ange

        Hi there, out of curiosity, in your professional medical opinion, do you believe that the COVID vaccine is 100% safe and that no one has ever experienced an adverse reaction or death?

        Btw, I’m not an anti-vaxer as I’ve received two doses of the Pfizer and a Pfizer booster. I’m one of the those women who have experienced a change in my menstrual cycle (from a 29 day cycle to 18 day cycle). My sister, along with a handful of girlfriends, also experienced a change in their menstrual cycles. I believe this vaccine is not a one size fits all, and that people need to know about the potential dangers and can decide for themselves whether they want to get vaccinated or not. Look up Maddie de Garay and Kyle Warner.

      3. Sarika

        Have you seen the phase 2 and 3 trial of Pfizer documents,there results also included placebo groups,and the trial is only set to end in 2023

    2. Darn well

      I see. So anything that happens to me now for the rest of my life is “because I got the vaccine”. Got it. Makes perfect scientific sense.

    3. Sarika

      I also agree,my one relative now has a pace maker because 6months after Pfizer double jab,his heart stopped and could no longer beat on its own

  3. Wendy

    How ridiculous is this? Doctor did his research online, which has a lot of misinformation out there. A 70+ year old man’s heart changed in 2 years, and youre shocked? News flash, as we age our bodies change and the heart is one. Heart attacks and heart disease are like one of the major killers out there, and you are writing an article about people who are almost 80 having heart issues. LMAO. Minus the young women, which honestly she may have had some kind of condition that was not know, all of these people are elderly. Anything to get your anti Vax views out there huh? How about be an adult and instead of scaring people, let people do their own thing.

    1. Jeanine

      Well Wendy, perhaps you should take your own advice and stop trying to tell everybody that they’re safe, your last line says let people do their own thing. That doesn’t even make sense when the government’s trying to mandate it. And to pigeonhold anybody who is right wing is ridiculous there’s just as many left-wing people that do not want to get this vaccine. You sound like a judgmental prejudiced angry person, and you have my pity.

      1. John

        Wendy is definitely a sheep believes everything the Government say!!! She needs to find a new career scary if she works in the medical field, she to damn ignorant!!

  4. Nancy Kaufman

    I live in Pennsylvania and am another one of pfizer’s victims. I was only on a minimal dose of lisinopril, an ace inhibitor for blood pressure regulation. Post vaccine I have experienced surging blood pressures and sustained retina damage in my right eye. I learned that pfizer’s vaccine bonds with the ace 2 receptor making ace inhibitor drugs no longer effective. This was confirmed by two cardiologists recently. I am not on a beta blocker. I appreciate an honest article like this one as the public is being mis led about the dangers of the pfizer vaccine.

  5. Nancy

    I received my pfizers last spring and have recently experienced retina damage and dangerously high blood pressure spikes. Before being vaccinated, I was only on one medicine, an ace inhibitor for my blood pressure. I just learned that the virus and the mrna vaccine bonds with the ace 2 receptor which makes ace inhibitor blood pressure medications not as effective. This was confirmed by my cardiologist last week as well as a relative who works in a cath lab after he spoke with a cardiologist. People and the general medical community need to be better informed. I appreciate the honesty of this article and wish that I had not foolishly succumbed to the pressure of getting any vaccine that was available at the time.

  6. Paris

    It is the way the circuits in the brain can change and take the new shapes. We take advantage of this amazing ability of our brain to change in order to promote greater recovery of function after a stroke. Recovery is hard work that takes lots of repetition to change the brain Also the use of Herbal medication can be of great help for recovery and dealing with paralysis. For more information about after stroke recovery treatment you can reach out to traditional herbal visit drodiaherbalisthome. webs. com

  7. Tammy Alderman

    My 56 yr old husband got the Phizer booster 6 days ago, he has an icd (pacer/defib), last night his heart started racing and the defib fired for the first time ever. His heart returned to regular arrhythmia but he still not feeling right.
    His cardiologist said they have had many complaints after the Phizer shots.
    We are not anti vax but yes, we are concerned.

  8. Elliott

    On the date of this article, December 29, 2021, there were 2,101 people in the United States who died from Covid-19. Yesterday, there were 2,670 deaths. I’ve included a website with a chart from the US with data showing the difference in mortality rates between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. The only age demographic where the differences aren’t striking is the under 18 group. Otherwise, the difference in mortality rates is staggering. 129,515 people were hospitalized and 22,685 in ICU due to Covid. If you think you’re better off without the vaccine, the numbers are not with you.

  9. Kinga

    After reading all above stories…I could relate to my mom’s sudden death.
    My 64 yrs old mom passed away on 12/27/2021.
    …she was happy, full of live, energetic, healthy lady with zero underlining health conditions …ready to enjoy her retirement this month-January because will be her Bday on 31st!
    Saturday 12/26/21 she came back from her usual walk, started preparing dinner, went to my sister room asked if she is hungry..and after 5 min when my sister went to the kitchen she found my mom laying on kitchen floor, called 911 while doing CPR! This was in nyc ..first responders came in 7 min.. firefighters first since they have station on the same street as my mom’s building ..and 3 min after ambulance. My mom was taken to hospital in Manhattan. She never got back her conscious, her blood pressure was very low and none of meds were working…she passed away in few hr from collapsing.
    We requested autopsy. Since she pass away in 24 hrs there was also mandated one by state. Till today doctors don’t know what caused her to collapse! My sister is a doctor as well..she even couldn’t explain to us why! She knew my mom very well! ..”How healthy person just collapses and it’s gone!?”
    …family, her friends are shocked as a all doctors. They said wasn’t heart attack, no stroke, no blood clots, no tumors found. She wasn’t obese, diabetic, no smoking, heavily drinking. She did yoga in am, did everyday walks after dinner or breakfast ..didn’t eat processed food or junk food, cooked every day! Tons of veggies with lean not fry meats, or fish starchy foods, mostly good quality of proteins, she loved quinoa, millet. My sister who is a doctor will review her medical tests results from all mom’s doctors, clinics etc. -all looked great, zero concerns.
    Well, today is 1/17/22 and autopsy it’s still not completed. Pathologist/ NYC Medical Examiners office called us few times with different story of her death. Cardio arrest.. than changed to Aspiration Pneumonia. We believe my mom was gone at time she collapsed in kitchen.. later in hospital they just tried to keep her alive with all machines which failed after 15 hrs from her collapse. My mom pass away on her own. I’m thankful we all could be there with her: 3 daughters and granddaughter. I’m questioning Covid vaccines for her sudden death. She had both vaccines and booster in November 2021, plus flu shot! I don’t believe autopsy will tell us truth too. My husband and I are planning investigate her sudden death. We won’t just let go!

    1. Susan Chandran

      Every covid vaccine shot one gets reduces your life even more. Bob Saget and Betty White got their boosters, Betty died 3 days later and Bob got his on December 13, 2021 and died less than one month later. Betty died from a stroke caused by the booster and Bob died from heart attack from the booster. Young soccer players are dropping dead on their playing fields. It’s the spike proteins that are killing everyone. See Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr. Shankara Chetty on Brand New Tube and on You Tube. These doctors will describe what the spike proteins do to people.

    2. Margaux

      Kinga and family, I am truly sorry for the loss of your mom. I am no medical professional or scientific researcher. Just a person whom read your comment. May God grant you you the honest answers you seek and the peace and courage you will need. My sincere condolences and prayers. Your mom sounded like an amazing woman. Rest In Paradise Ma’am.

  10. Ann

    My healthy son (20) got the mRNA booster on 1/8. Symptoms were headache and back pain within hours of getting the booster. The symptoms got worse after 48 hours. 10 days later, 2 ER trips, diagnosed with mild myocarditis and headache is now mild. The headache has been 10 days and getting better. Cranial thrombosis (stroke) is a rare side effect as well. I remained persistent and said he needs a CT. Luckily the ER doctor agreed. I am so grateful it came back ok. My This is SO under reported. Hospitals don’t collaborate with other hospital vaccine sites. On my sons hospital chart it showed his last vaccine was his second dose. When we went to the ER he told them he got the booster on 1/8/22. This will be a far bigger issue in the near future. MRI’s are the only way to tell if there has been damaged. Most will not get one. Troponin levels show inflammation. The medical community has there hands tied and some are afraid to speak out or report.

  11. Laurie Houde

    My dad died Dec 29th 2021, a 73 year old healthy man… he only took the shot so he could continue to do missions trips to Argentina.. he died 14 days after taking his 1st vaccine. He had a heart dissection… we are devastated…

    1. Beth rocha

      My dad was 70 I’m not sure which vaccine he got but two months about two months after he just passed over we found him get on Christmas 2 months later my mom is sitting on the couch she just got her booster on the Pfizer one and just fell over dead she was 68


    You call yourself a journalist? You are a joke. No proof provided for either case. Maybe they died because of your crappy reporting.

  13. Wolfie

    How much more data do you want Scott? The easy answer is it will never be enough. You have completely swallowed the Covid lie if you are a real person at all! There is enoigh evidence in this piece to show the truth..these vaccines not vaccines are dangerous! But go ahead and keep getting them. Wear your N95. The rest of us are going on with life.

  14. Ashley

    It’s real people..I wanna know where studies are done on pregnant people, my friend delivered stillborn twins after taking it. My friends daughter took it and passed in her sleep 3 days later, my friends mother passed sleep week after taking it, my friends sister passed from clots, left behind 2 young boys. My friends daughter can’t play basketball anymore because of heart problems.. it’s very sad.

  15. Merrie Smith

    Thank you for having the courage and integrity to print the truth about the effects of the vaccines. I know of 2 people who are experiencing ongoing heart problems and have heard of many others.

  16. Mike

    I thought it very informative. I also find it quite shocking three is not more of this reporting available to the general public. I personally did not get the shot because my pharmacist told me he was not getting one until he waited to see more information on how it might affect people later
    on down the road which made perfect sense to me.

  17. Timothy

    I think people that post these types of articles are destroying our country all this misinformation it’s gonna destroy our country. You’re doing nothing but dividing our country. People die every day of a heart attack. Have you ever thought that it could’ve just been a coincidence. What about all the people who died of a heart attack before Covid, who are completely healthy and then fell over dead from a heart attack. I had a good friend of mine 49 years old healthy is a whip 2016 falls over dead of a heart attack, so what are we supposed to blame it on his vaccinations from when he was a child.


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