Report estimates death toll of 300,000 from COVID shots!

A new report on COVID, and the shots that were used against it, has revealed a stunning human toll from those "medications": 26.6 million injured, 1.36 million disabled and 300,000 dead.

And $150 billion in economic productivity lost

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A new report on COVID, and the shots that were used against it, has revealed a stunning human toll from those “medications”: 26.6 million injured, 1.36 million disabled and 300,000 dead.

Nor is the economic loss easier to accept: $150 billion.

And these are from the shots, not the COVID-19 virus itself, a coronavirus that likely came out of a lab in Wuhan, China, that was doing experiments on how to make those viruses more lethal, and more easily spread.

The estimates are from Phinance Technologies, which explained, “The SARS-CoV-2 virus outbreak and the political and societal process that started unfolding in its wake will be looked at in retrospect as one of the most important moments in modern history. The waves of fear that the invisible threat posed to each and every individual united them in the acceptance of a solution to the problem.”

It continued, “The monolithic solution that corporate, regulatory and societal leaders came up with was a novel inoculation technology using mRNA to instruct our body cells to produce a particular section of the virus (spike protein) that the body could build defenses against. This technology was previously forbidden to be used in human subjects in several international bio-ethics treaties.”

According to a report from Liberty Counsel, “The 2022 Vaccine Damage Report is a culmination of one year’s worth of data compiled by former Wall Street analyst Ed Dowd and his team at the research firm, Phinance Technologies. The report reveals the injuries, disabilities and deaths, or ‘human cost,’ of the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ program in the United States for the year 2022. The research team focused their research on the 148 million employed Americans between the ages of 16 to 64.”

Dowd reported that the injuries’ cost was estimated at $89.9 billion, the cost of disabilities at $52.2 billion and deaths at $5.6 billion.

The report estimated a 50% increase in lost work time rates, a 28% increase in absence rates, and an estimated 26.6 million individuals affected.

“Regarding disabilities of a civilian labor force aged 16-64, there was a 24.6% rise in disabilities since 2021 and an estimated 1.36 million individuals affected,” the report said..

The mortality rate for the age group 25-64 reported a 23% excess rate. with the “estimated 300,000 excess deaths.”

The report notes, “While these groupings characterize different levels of damage from the inoculations, they are not static and could interact with each other. For instance, there might be individuals who had no visible effects after vaccination but nonetheless could still be impacted from the inoculations and could therefore be represented in the sub-group of injured individuals. In a similar way, individuals with mild injuries from the inoculations could, over time, develop severe injuries to the extent of being disabled, or an extreme outcome such as death. The likely path of outcomes would be from injury to disability to death. We need to consider, however, that to a lesser extent there could be individuals who suffer extreme outcomes when they had previously only experienced mild injuries until then. We can relate this with the anecdotes of otherwise healthy athletes suffering heart attacks during sports competitions at an alarming rate since the 2021 inoculations.”

Dowd explained, “Our economic damage estimates are what we can measure. The knock effects such as lost productivity due to a worker being present but working at say 50%-75% of capacity is missed plus burn out from those picking up slack. Also supply chain delays are not captured. The multiplier effects are massive.”

The report also pointed out, “The decision to accept a novel type of ‘vaccine’ and roll it out to mass populations in such a short timescale, is probably one of the most important of the current century. The fear in the population and the hope of a universal solution led populations to accept the novel ‘vaccines’ and then to accept the new technology as a platform for many other products. Pandora’s box was open and it is an obvious boon to the pharmaceutical industry. It was done with consent and even encouragement from the gatekeepers (governments, regulators, academia) and allied with a media campaign that reminded us of wartime.”

The study’s estimates also explained Pfizer and Moderna, makers of the shots, “combined made $11.5 billion in revenues” in the U.S. in 2022.

“Every dollar they made cost the U.S. economy $13.”

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  1. Margaret

    The root of so much evil in this world is the love of money, greed. Big Pharma and associated lobbyists spend so many $$$$ to influence government, especially state and federal government, and are rewarded with a pass to sell Emergency Use Authorization novel biologics, liability free. I have not read of any cases in the US where Pfizer or Moderna have had to pay for the deaths or injuries US residents from 6 months old and up have suffered after COVID jabs. On the contrary, as this article points out,
    “The study’s estimates also explained Pfizer and Moderna, makers of the shots, “combined made $11.5 billion in revenues” in the U.S. in 2022.”

    As noted by the Brownstone Institute in this article,

    States Seek to Prohibit Government From Mandating Liability-Free Medical Products
    “Citizens cannot sue vaccine manufacturers for harms resulting from the COVID-19 shots because of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar’s invocation of the PREP Act in February 2020.
    This transferred power from the citizenry to the nation’s ruling class and exchanged a constitutional right for a corporate liability shield.
    Now, some state legislators are seeking to prohibit mandatory medical treatment unless the manufacturer of the product can be held liable for injuries.”

    In WA state, Big Pharma has undue influence over public policy it seems, as evidenced by harsh long lasting mandates that have robbed residents of businesses, jobs, in person educational opportunities, in person gatherings at houses of worship including weddings and funerals, good health, and lives.

    1. MetaWorld2

      Should read “Robbed residents of businesses, jobs, AND of Lives…….”
      And Yes, how convenient Citizens cannot sue vaccine manufacturers for harms resulting from the COVID-19 Vaccinations, YET forced by Gov Mandates to take them. Talk about a double whammy!

  2. MetaWorld2

    Yes. It is BAD. Its worse than you think, And if you notice The MEDIA is silent! There is a Facebook Group called “Died Suddenly Worldwide” Filled with sad actual cases. At one time before FB tried to split it up, there were 300K Members! Dr. Robert Malone is handling litigations, and has a place where people who have been injured or affected by the shot can file a grievance by state. http://www.prosecutenow.oi

    Another subject of MEDIA silence? We are at brink of WWIII. My source reveals it is designed to go after The Deep State (DS). That doesnt soothe me much, even though thats important. There is always a bad guy right? Prepare and keep your loved ones safe.

    Its “Look over here, NOT over there tactic”. Ei. While Media and their evil counterparts have you watching Pres Trumps Indictment sham, Preps are Russia upscaling to finish off bad hats in Ukraine, and China to take the bad hats in Taiwan. Stay Safe. BeAware.

  3. Willy Peter

    The Constitution of the United States of America under the First Amendment includes the right of free speech.  Freedom of speech is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or legal sanction.

    House Bill 140 Titled Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act recently passed the House with a Partisan vote of 219 Republicans voting Yes and 206 Democrats voting No.  
    The highlights of this bill are:

    • Prohibits federal employees from censoring the speech of others while acting in an official capacity (Sec. 2).
    • Prohibits executive agency employees, otherwise in competitive services, from the following, including (Sec. 2):
    • Using their official authority to influence or advocate for a third part, including a private entity, to censor speech; 
    • Censoring the speech of any individual who has a pending regulatory application with, or is the subject of or participant in an active enforcement action by the employee’s office; or
    • Engaging in censoring while on duty, wearing a uniform, or using government property.

    Sadly, I noticed that our District #3 Representative, a Democrat, MG Perez voted against this legislation in complete lockstep with her Democratic fellow travelers.  This is disappointing to me because my District #3 Representative voted against free speech, a fundamental right in America today.  Maybe it’s time to re-think our choices of District #3 Representative in 2024?  

    1. Bill

      If only we could field a Republican candidate that actually cares about the rule of law and focusing on true conservative values like limited government. Instead we are too wound up in culture wars that don’t matter, taking away other people’s rights (which will come around and bite all of us) and supporting a shriveled tangerine in spreading lies and disinformation. It’s time to grow up.

  4. Sylvia

    UK also has excess deaths, including ” 4,190 excess deaths recorded in the last two weeks of April”. It would have been treated as a terrorist attack if it had not been so obviously associated to ‘you-know-what’.

    “Media Silent as UK Data Show Sharp Increase in Excess Deaths”

    A potential catastrophe to be very aware of:
    “Exclusive: WHO Proposals Threaten Doctor-Patient Relationship, Personal Autonomy”.

    Dangerous and dire prospects. The end of American sovereignty????
    The question is: do we meekly succumb, or do we fight for our God given freedom and liberty?


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