Proposal would ban donors with COVID vaxxes from giving blood

‘There is a scientific reason for it’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

A new report cites plans in the state of Montana to make it illegal do donate blood if the donor has had the experimental COVID-19 shots.

“There is a scientific reason for it,” explained the report at the Independent Sentinel.

The report notes that some 80 percent of the state’s blood supply comes from vaccinated donors, but someone receiving such a donation will likely get blood with “a significant amount of spike protein from mRNA vaccines.”

Montana’s plan would ban donors who have gotten the mRNA vaccinations from giving blood. And it would also ban people who have been diagnosed with “Long COVID-19.”

The Daily Montanan said opponents of the legislative plan charge that such a limit would “leave patients at risk of even death.”

Cliff Numark, of Vitalant, a blood collection organization, said the change could lead to “adverse patient outcomes including unnecessary and unconscionable death.”

Bill supporters, however, said the issue is about medical autonomy and the right to receive blood from donors not affected by the COVID-19 shots.

“I’m one of many who believe in the God given right of medical freedom, which is having access to genetically unmodified blood during a time of need,” Jo Vilhauer from Miles City, told the publication. “This is a vital part of health autonomy.”

Other political opponents to the concept have been the Montana Nurses Association, the Montana Hospital Association, the Montana Medical Association, and the Montana Primary Care Association.

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  1. Vernon Jeremica

    In September 2021 believing that the Covid vaccine was the 2nd stage of the Sars2 BIOWEOPON, I did a little research and called a friend who manages a blood/plasma supply in Clark County Washington. I shared my concerns that people who had taken the Covid shot could carry the spike protein in their blood and transmit it to unsuspected recipients of their blood donations.

    it is my recollection that there was no data at that time indicating a problem with the blood supply. I however do not know what testing if any was being or has been instituted since 2021 as to the safety and absence of spike protein in blood donations or if it is at all screened for potentially deadly spike protein.

    i continue to carry concerns about the blood supply since the spike protein is now known to cross the blood brain barrier, causes myocarditis, thrombocytopenia, blood clots, and strokes , and many other vaccine injuries. Many patients who require blood, have health issues that can be exasperated by the spike protein.

  2. MetaWorld2

    This issue also ocurred to me in early 2021. It is scary now to also find our Blood Banks are tainted with this chimera vaccine. Where will all this end?

  3. Sylvia

    What a great idea! For once, common sense and proactive measures prevail.

    The modus operandi of the synthetic mRNA gene therapy is as yet unknown.
    What is proven is that the gene jab by-passes the innate immune system by suppressing it. Lasting impairment?

    Once injected, our body begins to manufacture synthetic spike proteins that go inside every organ, and blasts through the blood-brain barrier as well as through the blood-placenta barrier.

    The synthetic spike does not in any way resemble the natural protein of the natural virus.

    A natural mRNA virus interacts as a whole entity (29 known proteins) with the innate immune system, all completed within 24hrs.

    In the absence of any scientific factual data it is always best to err on the side of caution.

    Well done, Montana; lead the way towards making genuine efforts to protect people’s wellness.


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