POLL: Do you believe the Interstate 5 Bridge replacement project should include a light rail component?

Do you believe the Interstate 5 Bridge replacement project should include a light rail component?
Photo by Mike Schultz.

Do you believe the Interstate 5 Bridge replacement project should include a light rail component?
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  1. Tom

    Tri-met is just looking for another county to tax. Light rail is part of the traffic problem in Portland. They eliminated road lanes to install Max.

  2. Mike

    We do not need an expensive and permanent/unmovable set of light rail tracks coming into and out of Vancouver and taking up road space; if you want to have some type of mass transit, try buses — they’re cheaper, and they are flexible — if a route doesn’t pan out, it can easily be altered or cancelled, or added to. NO LIGHT RAIL!

  3. brian

    We in Vancouver want to keep Portland in Portland and not remotely have the madness of what’s going on there, spill into our beloved city and state and making it easier for that to happen through light rail is nothing we want. When Portland gets it’s act together, we will talk about it, until then, be happy the bridge is even still there and not road blocked off like it very well could be to prevent the chaos from there, spilling over to here.

  4. Chuck

    What is wrong with people to vote for failed light rail? Name one city in America that it pays for its self? There are none! It provides Union Government Jobs to help people be dependent on Government for their transportation with the Sheep Mentality do as you are told! I would rather see those funds go for housing & Mental health for the Homeless !

  5. Mike Ogden

    Commerce needs more traffic lanes and reliable commute times, it does not need another multi billion boondoggle to extend the criminal express into Vancouver!

  6. Todd

    205 was supposed to take care of the traffic problem but they still get traffic jams on the 205 bridge too why build a new one that will not help anything and tear business down along it also instead of spending $59 billion and all the studies put that money to help the homeless turn the inn at the key into a homeless place people can stay at and stop building apartments and condos for the rich

    Vancouver Washington use to be a nice little place now that mayor tears down old business and houses to turn it into a California or New York City

    This place has change and I have for 68 years

    And to add to that every time they brought up the bridge it gets voted down and the City with it Mayor keeps pushing it now they have by passed the voters and have Olympia step in and give them money that should go to fix all those pot holes and torn up roads and we will have to live that, as all the money will go to a New Bridge that has been voted down a thousand times (even when they tried the idea of tolls)

    boy what happed to listen to the voters maybe it is time for Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle to mover to the east they like it like she wants

    No wonder this place no longer makes the list of places to live

  7. David Knight

    Light rail on a car bridge? Sounds very expensive and unnecessary. The rail bridge we have now is the oldest one around. How about that gets an upgrade for light rail, and let our car bridges alone?


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