Petition requests the revocation or suspension of the FDA’s clearance of COVID-19 vaccines for children ages six months to four years

If the FDA fails to reverse its authorization, the Daily Clout and Health Freedom Defense Fund will take legal action to ensure that FDA abides by the law.

If the FDA fails to reverse its authorization, the Daily Clout and Health Freedom Defense Fund will take legal action to ensure that FDA abides by the law

Jessica Wilkinson
For Clark County Today

On the heels of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) latest recommendation for children ages six months and older to receive a Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, the non-profit Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) has announced a joint effort to stop the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) emergency use authorization of the injections for the nation’s youngest children.

HFDF, the organization that won its lawsuit against the federal government’s travel mask mandate in April 2022, joined journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf and Daily Clout in filing a 17-page citizen’s petition with the FDA on July 1, 2022. In it, they formally requested the revocation or suspension of the FDA’s clearance of COVID-19 vaccines for children ages six months to four years.

If the FDA fails to reverse its authorization, the joint press release states, “Daily Clout and Health Freedom Defense Fund will take legal action to ensure that FDA abides by the law.

“During the past two years, we have developed an unprecedented amount of scientific knowledge about COVID-19,” the petition reads. “We have learned two things about the Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines: they do not prevent people from becoming infected with or transmitting COVID-19, but they are being used to justify unprecedented intrusions on Americans’ privacy and bodily autonomy.

“On this latter point, many American institutions, from employers to schools, have issued vaccine mandates based solely on the FDA’s authorization (and implied recommendation) of them.” 

Therefore, the petition argues that the FDA must take more time to assess the safety and efficacy of the shots, including the 130,795 public comments made during the latest advisory committee meeting and rapid decision-making process.

Requesting action similar to the FDA’s 1976 suspension of a failed swine flu vaccine following 25 reported deaths and 450 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, HFDF, and Daily Clout call the FDA’s most recent approval process of COVID-19 vaccines for infants and young children “rushed,” “arbitrary,” and “capricious.”

Leslie Manookian, president of Health Freedom Defense Fund, stated, “Aside from not performing as purported, the injections pose serious known and unknown risks to young children. Leaked data from Japan revealed high levels of the lipid nanoparticles from the mRNA shots accumulate in the ovaries with unknown consequences. But menstrual irregularities and increased rates of miscarriage have been reported after the injections. A recent study identified reduced sperm concentrations and effects on sperm motility. With these safety concerns in mind, the FDA authorizing the injections for young children defies reason and the precautionary principle.”

“Pfizer’s own clinical-trial data found more COVID-19 cases in children who received the shot than those who received the placebo,” according to the filing. And “there was such a flood of adverse events that Pfizer had to hire 2,400 full-time employees to handle the paperwork,” the document reads. 

They continue, “Recent research regarding Moderna’s COVID vaccine suggests the injection may actually impair long-term immunity to the virus.” 

Consequently, the petitioners argue the FDA must “exercise extreme caution to avoid impairing the immune systems of infants and your children” and should halt both the Pfizer and Moderna EUA extensions just granted. 

The FDA’s June 15 briefing document for the pediatric use of the Pfizer vaccine identified an increased risk of myocarditis and pericarditis. According to FDA and CDC data, the highest reports of myocarditis and pericarditis were reported among young males between the ages of 12 and 17, with no long-term outcomes or safety data available. 

HFDF and Daily Clout’s citizen petition highlights the fact that governments across the globe have documented and addressed the risk of myocarditis, especially in young men. For example, countries like Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden have already suspended the use of the Moderna vaccine for young people. 

Before its June 17 decision, the FDA had approved Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use only in individuals 18 and older. However, Pfizer had already received emergency use authorization for children five and up. 

The FDA’s extended approval for both vaccines and the CDC’s subsequent endorsement made the United States the first country to recommend mRNA injections for children as young as six months old. 

President Biden called the move “a historic milestone, a monumental step forward” in the government’s effort against COVID-19. Immediately, the federal government began sending millions of doses across the country. 

Dr. Naomi Wolf, CEO of Daily Clout, said, “With this decision, the FDA abandons its duty to protect the American people. COVID-19 poses a statistically insignificant risk to babies and young children, and neither safety nor efficacy of the injections has been proven.”

Approximately 3,000 experts ranging from physicians to biostatisticians to research scientists and medical fraud investigators have voluntarily teamed up with Daily Clout to analyze Pfizer’s internal clinical trial documents forcibly released under court order. Among many items of concern, the volunteers have uncovered a long list of adverse events associated with the injections, including death. 

“The mRNA vaccines damage many teens’ hearts, leave babies with GI problems, sleep problems, seizures, liver damage, and multiorgan system failure, and suppress leukocytes,” states Wolf. “The vaccines visibly damaged the hearts of animals in studies. Why on earth would we thus risk the health of small children and babies?” 

Since the U.S. Department of Justice, under the Biden administration, has demonstrated a willingness to support mandates of experimental inoculations, despite laws to the contrary, the petitioners find the FDA’s approval especially concerning for American children. 

They argue children could soon face COVID-19 vaccine mandates to attend preschool or daycare as a result of the FDA’s actions. “Lives and liberties hang in the balance,” they conclude. “The most vulnerable Americans will feel these effects the worst.” 

In addition to recommending COVID-19 vaccines for children six months and older, the CDC recommends children five and older receive a booster dose once they are eligible.

Jessica Hofer Wilkinson is a freelance writer, home educator and mother of four and nursing home chaplain. She resides in Clark County.

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  1. Sylvia

    Congratulations on your courage, compassion and ethics. I admire you greatly, and sincerely hope that you will succeed in your noble endeavour. Most importantly, you are helping parents to resolve what must be a dreadfully difficult dilemma – to subject children to the little-known jab or not. Since very little is scientifically proven as to:

    1. whether children really need the jab, and the reason(s) why;
    2. what the real risks are, both short and long term, to a child’s immune system that is still in development;
    3. whether any other organs are at any risk at all;
    4. whether honest data and open debate between competing scientific opinions is available.

    Parents have a huge responsibility for their children’s wellbeing: now, whilst they grow up, and into adulthood. A misjudgment during their early years, no matter how miniscule, could have life-long irreversible consequences. Regret and hindsight are always post-damage, and often result in guilt for life. It is best to err on the side of caution than to rush headlong along a road of no return.
    All the very best with your attemps to protect children and help parents make what is essentially a decision that could potentially have life-long impacts on their children.


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