Major medical group issues ‘slow-down’ warning for vaccinations

Dr. Peter McCullough, and the World Council for Health, are recommending a go-slow approach not just to COVID shots, but others that have become so common.
Dr. Peter McCullough, and the World Council for Health, are recommending a go-slow approach not just to COVID shots, but others that have become so common. File photo.

Regulators now ‘deeply corrupted’ by industry influencers

Bob Unruh
WND NewsCenter

One of the products of the COVID-19 pandemic that came out of China and circled the globe, killing millions, was a new and heightened awareness of vaccines and other shots that government medicos want everyone to take.

But what remains still in dispute is just exactly what good, or bad, they did. How helpful, or injurious, were they?

Now the U.S. government is approving the rollout of a whole new list of COVID shots, even though the strain now circulating is far more mild than those of years gone by.

It is important for some in the elite levels of government to continue to have the public in fear because it is a way to exercise vast controls over the American population: No shot? No airline ticket. Or no meeting in public. Or no access to schools. Or this is the only process for you to vote. And worse.

But now a major influencer in the medical world, Dr. Peter McCullough, and the World Council for Health, are recommending a go-slow approach not just to COVID shots, but others that have become so common.

Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Peter McCullough

McCullough, of course, was one of the medical experts who was censored repeatedly during the earlier battles with COVID because of his medical conclusions he drew about the pandemic.

For example, Meta stifled his comments, and those from “America’s Frontline Doctors,” because they offered preventative treatments for COVID, especially focusing on Americans who distrusted the rush-job shots that actually now have been documented as causing significant injury to many.

It was Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg who admitted “a bunch of” COVID information that Facebook censored as “misinformation” was actually true, and the collusion of its so-called “fact-checkers” with government authorities who proved to be wrong on the coronavirus undermined public trust.

McCullough now has issued a statement, on behalf of the WCH, that cites it as the “first international body of physicians, scientists, and health professionals to issue a cautionary statement on the ever-expanding routine childhood vaccine schedule.”

He explained, “This is in response to growing concerns over the safety of many vaccines given early at life during the same administration.”

The council’s own statement said, “The number of vaccines given to babies and children has increased dramatically without the necessary due diligence by regulatory authorities. Parents are urged to adopt a common-sense, ‘Safer to Wait’ approach.”

McCullough noted, “Growing international concerns about vaccine regulatory processes and vaccine safety have emerged following the widespread regulatory failure of COVID-19 vaccines. The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated that regulatory bodies, once public protectors, have been deeply corrupted by vaccine industry interests.”

He continued, “In the context of emerging revelations of regulatory body incompetence and corruption, e.g. The Perseus Report, the WCH Health and Science Committee notes that: Several research studies now indicate that vaccinated children have far worse health outcomes with higher rates of many chronic diseases than non-vaccinated children.”

Other council conclusions include, “The integrity of scientific research and the regulatory process of childhood vaccines, including the new nasal ‘flu’ vaccine, now being administered en masse in schools is in question.”

And, “Pharmaceutical corporations have a long-standing history of misrepresenting products that cause injuries and deaths. Pfizer, for instance, has paid the largest criminal settlement in history for drug fraud. The childhood vaccination schedule provides these unscrupulous corporations with unregulated access to the bodies of our children.”

Then there’s the “unprecedented” surge in autism, asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, obesity, depression and more” and the causes of those catastrophes “have not been established.”

Worse yet, “Much of what we have been told about the success of early vaccines, including smallpox and polio vaccines is emerging as untrue. Clean water, modern plumbing, hygiene, refrigeration, and improved nutrition are real factors that have correlated with the dramatic reduction in many infectious diseases over the past century.”

Nor have the necessary evaluations been completed to determine whether vaccinations forced on children alone, or together with others, are linked to poor health outcomes compared with children who remain unvaccinated.

Worsening the threat, the findings noted, national regulators have been turning a blind eye to the evidence linking childhood vaccinations with autism, and evidence linking the shots to asthma, allergies and more.

Specifically regarding COVID-19, the conclusions warned, “evidence from independent experts and official international databases show that the COVID-19 vaccines are not effective and are not safe, raising serious questions around the authorization of the COVID-19 vaccines for babies and children.”

While the separate World Health Organization, which has lobbied frantically for COVID shots, enthusiastically recommends more and more shots, it, and the pharmaceutical complex producing the shots, “have financial and ideological interests” involved.

Those drug companies even are urging permission to be able to force Americans to accept shots.

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  1. Sylvia

    The new gene-jabs target an aalready obsolete variant.
    The XBB.1.5 Biden booster is dead on arrival – like all its predecessors!
    As always the virus is way ahead with BA2.86. Imagine it’s glee, defeating gene-jabs yet again – it gets easier and easier. As Dr Geert Vanden Bossche so elegantly explained in his brilliant book “The Inescapable Immune Escape”.
    Humans will never conquer or defeat Nature, simply because humans are but a minuscule part of nature.

    “Government and medical authorities are making a mockery of the scientific process for reviewing and understanding the risks and benefits of vaccines,” Kory said. “It is against our oath as physicians to advise patients to use a therapy or vaccine that we have so little knowledge of.”
    “COVID-19 is likely here to stay, and we need to manage it in ways that support public health and not pose a greater risk than the virus itself,” he added.”

    ‘Unconscionable’: FDA Approves New COVID Vaccines — Even for Infants as Young as 6 Months — Based on Minimal Data or Testing”

    Please stop and think before subjecting children to these potentially harmful gene-jabs.
    Use common sense, be skeptical, cultivate critical thinking skills, and ASK LOTS of QUESTIONS. If your medics can’t, or won’t, answer your questions – find others who can and will!

  2. Sylvia

    Time to get up to speed with the proposed IHR
    , which gives the WHO total control.

    What Are The International Health Regulations?
    Meryl Nass M.D.
    July 14, 2023

    Check out for details.


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