Latest VAERS data shows youngest Washington death after a COVID-19 shot

Seven-year-old went into cardiac arrest 13 days after taking first Pfizer vaccine.

Seven-year-old went into cardiac arrest 13 days after taking first Pfizer vaccine

Gerald Braude

Thirteen days after taking a first Pfizer COVID-19 shot on February 3, 2022, a seven-year-old boy became lethargic and listless. He vomited on his way to the emergency department. He proceeded to a shocked state and went into cardiac arrest. He was not able to be resuscitated and died in the emergency department. 

In the section for pre-existing conditions, the VAERS report shows:  “None. Primary care visit in 2021 showed BMI 62.”

The identification number given to him in the Vaccine Adverse Event Recording System (VAERS) was 2152560. He was the youngest Washington resident recorded in VAERS to die after a COVID-19 shot as well as the latest Washington death recorded after taking the jab.

The second youngest recorded Washington death in VAERS was number 1828901, a seventeen-year-old girl with no preexisting conditions. She had very mild symptoms of COVID-19 in August 2021 and fully recovered. She took a first Pfizer shot for COVID-19 on  September 3, 2021 and her second jab on September 15. She was feeling completely well until October 23, 2021 when she reported to the hospital emergency room with chest pains. The cardiac cath lab was activated, and she was about to be transported when she suffered cardiac arrest. She was not able to be resuscitated and died. Cause of death was possible acute myocarditis.

She was the youngest entry in VAERS for the six Washington residents in the seventeen to forty-three-year-old age bracket who had died. Those five other deaths are as follows.

VAERS ID: 1968418 was a 22-year-old female who died on December 17, 2021.

Submitted write-up: This case was reported by the local police dept. Officer (NAME) reported that a woman with seizure history was found dead in bed at home. Seizures since age 13. The family reported a cardiac vessel disease diagnosis (NOS). The family reported that the decedent was reported to have received a Covid19 booster vaccination on 12/16/21 at approximately 1500 Hours. Her sisters related that the decedent began to suffer from chills, body aches, and head ache around 21-2200h. The decedent was last known to be alive at approximately 0900H on 12/17/2021. The decedent was found unresponsive in bed by her family at approximately 1415H and EMS was called. I observed and photographed prescription medications at the scene. The decedent was clad casually and signs of a resuscitation attempt were observed. No signs of trauma were observed. Rigor mortis was developing. Livor mortis was observed over the dorsal body surfaces. The decedent’s extremities were warm to the touch; and her torso was hot to the touch. The local Police Department reported no suspicious circumstances. The decedent was transported from the scene to the local County Medical Examiner’s Office.

VAERS ID: 1578593 was a 34-year-old male who died on June 25, 2021, two days after his cardiac arrest on June 23, eight days after a first Pfizer shot. Diagnostic Lab Data: Forensic Pathologist after full autopsy determined patient was a healthy adult with no heart disease, no liver disease, and no pneumonia. Coroner determined after toxicology report that COVID-19 vaccine was the only contributing factor. Everything else was ruled out.

VAERS ID: 1499689 was a 35-year-old male who began showing an onset of myocarditis twenty-three days after taking a first Pfizer shot on May 11, 2021. The date he died was not listed on VAERS. End of the write-up: ED note initially mentions concern for myocarditis due to vaccine causing heart failure and subsequent respiratory failure, but appears this piece was written prior to MRI showing basilar stroke. Death note has myocarditis listed as a cause of death (among many), though a bit unclear if this was intentionally listed or just reflects a list of all hospital problems. Also had a CT of his head which showed scattered foci of gas within intraorbital soft tissues along with mild proptosis; unclear etiology for this (perhaps a fall with facial injuries prior to arriving at hospital?) Awaiting additional physician notes/imaging reports.

VAERS ID: 1683324 has been perhaps the most publicized Washington death from a COVID-19 shot. The Defender from Children’s Health Defense ran an October 5, 2021 story about the death of 37-year-old Jessica Berg Wilson.

The article said that Jessica was opposed to receiving the COVID-19 shot but was mandated to do so in order to serve in her children’s classrooms as a “room mom.” On August 29, 2021, with no underlying health conditions, Jessica took the Johnson & Johnson shot at a Seattle pharmacy. She died on September 7. According to Jessica’s obituary, doctors diagnosed her with vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT), which is a rare, sometimes fatal, blood-clotting condition. In her memorial, her husband, Tom Wilson, wrote the following:

“Ultimately, this one-size-fits-all government policy cost Jessica her life, my children their mother, me my forever love and resulted in the loss of a very special person who touched many and was just making her dent felt on this world.”

Submitted write-up to VAERS for Jessica Berg Wilson: Patient presented to the ED around 10pm on 4/21, ~one week after her J&J COVID vaccine (exact date of initial vaccination not confirmed but was reportedly 1 week prior) with abdominal pain and headache. She was found to have thrombocytopenia (Plt 38) on presentation as well as renal and ovarian vein thrombosis. CT head showed a large right frontal intraparenchymal hemorrhage. She was taken for urgent craniotomy on 9/5 with EVD placement. Brain tissue was noted to have bleeding spots unresponsive to cautery and requiring local hemostatic agents. Repeat imaging showed worsening infarction. She had continued elevated intracranial pressures, so was taken back to the OR on the morning of 9/6 for bilateral EVD placement to help relieve pressure. Given her thrombocytopenia, thrombosis, significantly elevated D-dimer, low fibrinogen, and +HIT Ab test, she was diagnosed with vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia and thrombosis (VITT). She was started on IVIG 1g/kg daily x 2 days, bivalirudin with supportive transfusions to maintain goal plts $g50K, fibrinogen $g 150. Despite this, her neurologic status deteriorated due to elevated pressures, clotting off of her EVDs, and ultimately was declared brain dead in the afternoon on 9/7. Family withdrew supportive care and patient passed at 3:57PM on 9/7/21.

VAERS ID: 1214500 was a 42-year-old female who died thirteen days after taking a first Pfizer dose on April 2, 2021. Twenty-seven weeks into her pregnancy, the female reported shortness of breath to her midwife during a routine visit on April 14. The bloodwork was normal. It was assumed that the symptom was part of the pregnancy. Very early the following day, she started having seizures and was rushed to the emergency department. She was diagnosed with massive pulmonary embolism. The doctor performed an emergency-C section, but she did not survive.

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