Key scientist sounds alarm: Withdraw COVID shots ‘immediately’

A key scientist in the United Kingdom, Dr. Richard Ennos, has written a column at Summit.News calling for the COVID-19 shots to be withdrawn "immediately."

Jabs ‘do not appear to be safe’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

A key scientist in the United Kingdom, Dr. Richard Ennos, has written a column at Summit.News calling for the COVID-19 shots to be withdrawn “immediately.”

Ennos, a retired professor of Evolutionary Biology at Edinburgh University, has analyzed his nation’s “Yellow Card” adverse event reporting system for vaccinations, and found there are “unequivocal” signals about reactions to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines that affect the blood, the heart and female reproductive organs.

“There can be no question that the mRNA vaccines should be withdrawn with immediate effect,” he wrote.

There already is much evidence of the injurious impact of the COVID shots, from young athletes dying from unexplained cases of myocarditis to “sudden adult death” syndrome for others.

The shots used in the U.K. included Pfizer and Moderna as well as AstraZeneca and they all provide for production within the human body of the spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

He noted, “All three vaccines rely on novel technology that has never before been used in humans. At the time of their introduction, they lacked any long-term safety data, and therefore required Conditional Marketing Authorisation from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). To monitor the safety of the three vaccines the MHRA established the COVID-19 vaccine Yellow Card reporting scheme (C-19VYC). This collates standardized reports of suspected adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines that can be analyzed to detect safety signals and potentially trigger withdrawal of the vaccines.”

Those results, he wrote, confirm, “unequivocal safety signals for adverse reactions caused by the mRNA vaccines PF and MO affecting the lymph system, the heart and female reproduction.”

He noted there have been half a million adverse event reports submitted, and explained one weakness of the system was that it would leave unreported “many” events.

He discusses at length the quality and reliability of the evidence, but wrote, “There has been a consistent pattern of higher reporting of these suspected events (myocarditis and pericarditis) with both the monovalent COVID-19 Vaccine Pfizer/BioNTech and COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna, and of these occurring more frequently in males.”

He noted the reaction to the “high number of reports of myocarditis and pericarditis generated by the mRNA vaccines has not been to withdraw the offending products, but instead to alter the safety information associated with these products and alert health professionals to look out for these very serious adverse events after the relevant vaccines have been administered.”

A conclusion?

“The mRNA COVID-19 vaccines do not appear to be safe. Glaring safety signals are apparent indicating harm to the lymph system, the heart and to female reproduction. There can be no question that the mRNA vaccines should be withdrawn with immediate effect.”

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  1. Sylvia

    Recent research has shown that, what was assumed to be a ‘spike protein’, proves to be a far more deadly ‘spike glycoprotein‘. Hence the blood clots and strange, hitherto puzzling, strands discovered by forensic pathologists during autopsies, and by embalmers.

    Sticky blood phenomenon“, with Henry Ealy:

    An excellent, easy to understand, explanation of blood clots, reverse transcriptase, DNA methylation, oxygen, ventilators, Ivermectin, etc.

    It demonstrates that real science is fluid, flexible and open to discussion: ie it is only correct until further scientific research proves otherwise. This is what critical thinking is.

  2. Steven Rowlandson

    If the vaccination program isn’t shut down and those involved in it tried and executed then I don’t want to hear any more whining about the holocaust or complains and whining about Nazis. The vaxxers and their supporters will have proved themselves to be hypocrites and far worse than what they are bitching about.

  3. cody cheshire

    I live in the US, and I applaud this doctor. The entire medical profession needs to get their act together, worldwide. I’m not a Dr. My PHD is in common sense, and that seems to be what’s missing in today’s world. These so called vaccines cause more harm than good. We’ve let Doctors shoot our kids with autism for years, did anyone really believe these felonious companies care about your health? wake up

  4. Joseph C. Keller

    One doesn’t need to be a scientist to know that the pro-shotters are lying. For example, in the U. of Iowa alumni magazine a few months ago, it said that the U. of Iowa version of the Covid shot, introduces the spike protein to the cell. No, it forces the cell to manufacture spike protein. That’s a big difference, and it is deliberately deceptive wording.

  5. Skidmark

    From Pfizer et al:

    We still firmly believe in ‘vaccines’ that may or may not be effective and might cause a multitude of various permanently debilitating results, up to and including death. There is only a minor chance that many will suffer a heart attack or any of the many many many, possibly twelve hundred, so called ‘rare’ side effects. People drop dead for no reason all the time.

    When you are on a roll, there will be some collateral damage. Deal with it.

    1. Carol

      The only skidmark is the brown one in your pants! The fluoride must have gotten to you. Fluoride lowers IQs and we can tell by your statement supporting the kill shots, you have been poisoned. Our county council members, city manager, lawyer, and Melneck who have supported these kill jabs until the end of October, plus Governor Inslee should be tried for murder. “The Supreme Court ruled that the Covid pathogen is NOT a vaccine. It is unsafe and must be avoided at all Costs. The Supreme Court has Canceled the Universal Vax.” March 9, 2022. Melneck should have known the Supreme Courts discission. No on should play Russian Roulette with any ones’ life. Any politician or lobbyist who voted to put the covid and booster jabs on the school shot list should be tried and imprisoned, also.

    2. Born in Washington

      It’s fools like you that help keep the murderous elite agendas going. Without you and your sheeple comrades we could put a stop to all this by not participating. You may consider getting a you can locate your head and have it pulled out. And while you are there be sure and get a booster.

  6. RCxyz

    Spoke out against the ruling party and their selective science. His career is over. The party comrades and their media stooges are going to eat that guy up.

  7. Born in Washington

    While they have everyone focused on stopping the clot shots for their person, they are now targeting on our food supply. mRNA shots for cattle, pork, chicken, pets and wildlife. Oh forgot mosquitoes. Gates needs to take his own medicine and take his sorry ass to hell where he belongs. Along with all the politicians whose greased their palms to carry out the “agenda.”

  8. Sylvia

    How aware are we that children are at risk?


    Irrespective of beliefs, dogmas, loyal affiliations, bias, diversity, and the like – the wellness of children must remain front and center. Trusting others to make decisions for our children is nothing but a cop-out.
    When unsure or in doubt about the safety and risks of any substance, let us err on the side of caution. Learn, find out, ask around, consider various sources and not just the one we ‘like’.
    Hindsight and regret cannot undo any damage that has already occurred.

  9. Sylvia

    An open and honest discussion, free of any bias or propaganda. Full of factual information.
    Dr Yeadon was an Executive VP at Pfizer.

    “Toxic by Design With Michael Yeadon, Ph.D.”

    Dr Yeadon mentioned Paul Schreyer, who put together a perspective on the multiple tabletop exercises going way back. Most of us only saw Event 201, which turns out to be just one of many.


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