Judge blocks military from discharging unvaccinated Marines

A federal judge has temporarily halted the discharge of hundreds of Marines who were denied religious exemptions from the military's requirement that they receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccine shots.

Rules branch failed to adhere to Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Art Moore
WND News Center

A federal judge has temporarily halted the discharge of hundreds of Marines who were denied religious exemptions from the military’s requirement that they receive the experimental COVID-19 vaccine shots, which have not prevented infection and the spread of the virus as promised.

U.S. District Judge Steve Merryday, a George. H.W. Bush appointee, ruled Thursday that the Marines have failed to adhere to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the Epoch Times reported.

And significantly, he ruled a class action for any Marine affirmed by a chaplain as having a sincere religious objection who filed for an exemption on time and was denied.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act requires the federal government to prove it has a compelling interest requires in a certain action and that there are no less restrictive alternatives.

Many of the Marines argued that chaplains determined they held sincere religious beliefs and the military did not present compelling reasons for them to get vaccinated.

None of the exemption denials, the judge said, demonstrated that “accommodating a particular applicant will meaningfully impede the health and readiness of the 95% vaccinated force or meaningfully impede the military’s operations and duties.”

Only 11 requests for religious accommodation had been approved by Aug. 4 after none had been approved before February.

The judge emphasized that the Marines failed to consider the circumstances for each applicant. And the branch relied on data largely from 2020 and 2021, which was before the relatively mild and vaccine-evasive omicron variant emerged.

Mat Staver, chairman and founder of Liberty Counsel, said in a statement the Defense Department “has relentlessly violated the law and ignored their religious freedom.”

“Today, that lawlessness ends,” he said.

The branch has discharged a total of 3,299 Marines for refusing to get a vaccine. Some Marines have asked for a medical exemption.

Judge Merryday wrote that the treatment of the exemption requests signals that “the class of religiously objecting Marines is substantially likely to prevail on the merits of their claim that the Marines never received a fair and particularized evaluation ‘to the person,'”

“Because the record reveals the substantial likelihood of a systemic failure by the Marine Corps to discharge the obligations established by RFRA, a classwide preliminary injunction is warranted to preserve the status quo, to permit the full development of the record without prejudice to the plaintiffs, and to permit both a trial and a detailed, fact-based resolution of the controlling issues of fact and law,” he ruled.

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  1. blank
    David Johnson

    About time some judges got their heads out of the facebook and the presstitute media and started reading more broadly into the reality of this disease and the manufactured rolling disaster of the mRNA injection

  2. blank
    phil smith

    Religious exemption is the least of the reasons to not get the shot. There are some Marines who are educated and can understand the science of the mRna technology, not to mention the effective protocols that are available that are much better than the shot.

    1. blank

      Thanks phil smith. Refreshing to gave someone support the concept that jab exemption should not be limited to religious reasons. Why is religion given special privileges?That is unjustified inequality. What about atheists and others with equally valid reasons?
      Marines and all others who understand what an mRNA virus is, also know that the mRNA jabs do not meet the definition of a ‘vaccine’ – but are more akin to gene therapy. The jab turns the human body into an artificial machine churning out S1 spike proteins. Worst of all, there is zero scientific data on the jab’s full journey once injected. Where does it go, what is the effect on the immune system and other organs, its multiplication, behavior etc. All unknown and scientifically flawed!
      I am so glad you spoke out, hopefully it will inspire others to do the same.
      Thanks again.

  3. blank

    Now if only I can find an attorney for pain and suffering, depression dealing with all this, deployment I got kicked off. 🙄


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