John Ley announces plans to run for 18th Legislative District State Representative, Position 2

Ken Vance
Ken Vance

CAMAS — John Ley has announced that he is a candidate for Washington State Representative, District 18 Position 2, the seat presently held by Rep. Liz Pike.

“I am running for state representative because I want to help restore responsible, citizen-focused, state government. The people of the 18th District need the best possible team representing them,” said Ley, a Camas resident. “My life experiences lead me to want to continue serving the people.”

Ley made his initial announcement earlier this month at Pike’s Hootenanny Fundraiser, held at her Shangri-La Farm in Camas.

John Ley
John Ley

Ley has been very involved as a concerned Clark County resident on issues such as transportation congestion in the region.

“We must halt Oregon’s outrageous plan to toll both I-5 and I-205 at the Washington border,’’ Ley said. “This plan will harm low wage workers the most, and will deliver negligible improvements in regional transportation.

”Unbelievably, it was conceived without consultation with elected Washington representatives,’’ Ley said in a Wednesday press release. “We must find ways to work together to solve legitimate transportation issues.

“Sadly, it reminds me of the former Oregon Governor’s demand: ‘no light rail, no bridge’ regarding the Columbia River Crossing. Issuing one sided demands is not a way to build trust or to find legitimate solutions,” Ley added.

Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler said it best: “Oregon has no right to make Southwest Washington an unwilling piggy bank.”

Camas resident first announced his intent to run for the Washington State Legislature (18th District, Representative Position 2) at Liz Pike’s Hootenanny Fundraiser held earlier this month. Photo by Mike Schultz
Camas resident first announced his intent to run for the Washington State Legislature (18th District, Representative Position 2) at Liz Pike’s Hootenanny Fundraiser held earlier this month. Photo by Mike Schultz

“I couldn’t agree more,” Ley said.

Ley also stated that “we must begin a new dialog with all citizens on both sides of the Columbia River.  All options must be on the table, including multiple ways to cross the river and upgrading the existing structures. Any solution must reduce traffic congestion, improve freight mobility, be cost effective, and not include tolls. Light rail is not a viable option at this time,” said Ley.

Ley wants to create more jobs on the Washington side of the Columbia River.

“We must create an environment where private sector job growth can flourish. We must remove or reduce barriers to job creation,” said Ley.

Ley said he thinks restructuring the state’s Business and Occupation tax is a good idea and would be great for area businesses.  He also states a need for a competitive industrial insurance program and reducing regulations.

“The legislature has now committed over $6 billion in new taxpayer funds to K-12 education, following the McCleary decision,’’ he said. “We need to focus on improving the quality of our children’s education. I believe local parents, school boards, and administrators know what their children and schools need the most. Getting the proper resources into their hands the most efficiently, with the least restrictions should be paramount.

“We must learn to live within our means, just like our citizens do. I pledge to manage the people’s money conservatively and faithfully,” Ley said. “Our citizens deserve a Representative who will work diligently on their behalf from day one.”

Ley is the eldest of six children. He spent over 11 years serving in the Air Force and is currently a captain for Delta Air Lines, based in Seattle.  In 2005, he also began pursuing other business opportunities.  He helped form a small business and also owns real estate.

Ley’s campaign website is  Ley can be reached at (360) 254-6225 or by email or on FaceBook under “Elect John Ley.”

Editor’s note — Camas resident John Ley has been a citizen contributor of content to


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