‘I collapsed’: Documentary stuns with life-altering COVID-shot injuries

A newly released documentary film is stunning its audience with overwhelming evidence of life-altering injuries from the COVID vaccines.
A scene from ‘The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told’ (Video screenshot)

‘The mind games are ridiculous’

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A newly released documentary film is stunning its audience with overwhelming evidence of life-altering injuries from the COVID vaccines.

The disease itself, according to evidence available now, almost certainly came from a Wuhan, China, biolab that was performing dangerous “gain-of-function” experiments on bat coronaviruses. The virus, thus rendered more lethal to humans, ended up circling the globe and killing an estimated seven million people, including 1.1 million in the United States.

However, the vaccines produced in response to the pandemic by pharmaceutical giants were experimental, unproven, and as it turned out, both ineffective and dangerous, when they were rolled out and pushed on all Americans, including being mandated on millions if they wished to keep their jobs.

It is the health crisis caused by the experimental shots that Epoch TV, a part of Epoch Times, has focused on in “The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told.”

Victims of the shots tell viewers:

“I began to shake uncontrollably.”

“I can’t hold my head up.”

“I collapsed. That’s all I remember.”

“The mind games are ridiculous.”

Joe Biden’s medical adviser, Anthony Fauci, also is on screen claiming that when people submit to mandates to take the shots, they “become a dead end to the virus.”

The documentary’s website explained that the vaccines “were rolled out under emergency use authorization after a much shorter than normal testing period. Millions of people rolled up their sleeves because they were told they were doing their part to end the pandemic. But for some — it didn’t go as expected.”

The documentary provides an uncensored look at those who “now are suffering the debilitating after-effects” of the vaccination agenda.

It explains, “The patients in the documentary suffered severe reactions to the shot and their health spiraled out of control. When they reached out to the public health system and pharmaceutical companies for help and support, instead of being acknowledged, cared for, and studied; they were ignored, censored, and called ‘anti-vaxxers’ despite having gotten the shot. These patients are by no means isolated cases. The world is witnessing a growing epidemic of COVID-19 vaccine injuries that can no longer be ignored.”

A report from WUSF confirms that among other ailments like exhaustion, shortness of breath, struggling to remember, to focus and even do basic tasks, there are those suffering from what is being called brain fog.

Then there’s myocarditis, the cardiac arrest like that suffered by a senior airline pilot only moments after landing, and more.

Testimonies come from Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine technology pioneer; Dr. Peter McCullough, internist & cardiologist and chief scientific officer, The Wellness Company; Dr. Pierre Kory, pulmonary and critical care specialist and co-founder of Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance; Dr. Paul E. Marik, pulmonary and critical care specialist and chairman of Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and others.

The director/producer, Cindy Drukier, said, “As a journalist, the story that dominated life over the last few years was of course, COVID-19. There was no avoiding it. And yet, some aspects were avoided by most media, despite being obviously newsworthy. These included reports of people experiencing life-altering reactions to the COVID vaccines. The victims could be any of us. These stories need to be told.”

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    1. Mark

      It’s a fact, alot of state employees lost their jobs over what should have been a personal choice. Keep believing the hype and lies Bill.

      1. Bill

        Yes, it is a fact that some people made the personal choice and as a result were not able to keep their employment.

        Do you want a cookie?

  1. Sylvia

    Another ‘wake-up’ call?
    Greed and control have obliterated even the most basic acts of humanity. To deprive a patient in an American hospiral of water, ice, food is simply unimaginable. Yet the patient’s bill was $500,000.

    “Making a Killing: How hospitals profited from deadly Covid protocols”


    Tragic, but true. A bereaved widow with incredible resilience and compassion.
    My most sincere condolences for her loss, and my deepest admiration for her amazing courage

  2. Chau

    Im glad there in America there is honest and informative journalism.
    I lost two relatives after short period they took those injections.
    Congrats on the article.

  3. James Tripp

    I was a RN that had worked in MedSurg, ICU, ER, WoundCare, and even helped start up the remote stroke treatment program. I taught nursing mathematics and pharmacology and medical terminology. After all of that I found my passion in Hospice. Seeing so many years of what could be done to prolong life, I felt I had found my place in what should be done at the end of life.
    However, I needed a break from death as a Hospice Case Manager, so I began to work as the Resident Care Director for an assisted living facility. I contracted Covid early and ultimately had to resign being unable to return to work because of lasting symptoms. I did receive the emergency infusion and due to my attempt to return to work with Hospice, who was directly affiliated with a hospital, it was decided to go ahead and also receive the vaccine as soon as it was available rather than wait the reccomended 90 days, primarily for the status of having 100% of the employees vaccinated and the profit that would bring to the hospital, as well as the doctors thought that perhaps the mRNA would clear my cells of any remaining virus. In February and March I was fully vaccinated. However I continued to decline- physically, neurologically, emotionally, and spiritually. By June I was homebound and unable to care for myself. My symptoms multiplied but there were no answers. I went to numerous specialists and underwent innumerable tests and exams. I even went to UAB for their post-Covid clinic; but no breakthroughs occurred. Off the record, 3 doctors and a respiratory therapist thought that I was dealing with a vaccine injury, but no one would commit to that officially on paper, it would have meant career suicide.
    3 years later I’m still at home, unable to drive and I am unable to work. Turning 50 this year so perhaps I’ll have a chance at disability. I waited a year to file, believing I would get better. “Long Covid” was only lasting 3-6 months; so surely I would be OK. But I wasn’t, so I swallowed my pride and filed a petition for Social Security benefits. Disability waited almost a year and half before they even looked at my case, and of course they denied my claim, even though their medical and neurological doctors agreed with my case. I was told you’re always denied the first time, especially if you’re under 50; I just pray the appeal process isn’t another year and a half away.
    So here I sit, 4 months from turning 50,in SUPPORT of this article 3+yrs after Covid destroyed my livelihood and my life. I am left with the diagnosis of “Long Covid” and the umbrella that covers all of the multiple symptoms and illnesses that formerly did not exist. Before Covid-19, I served the sick and disabled, believing in a medical system that wasn’t perfect, but was at least the safest in the world. I believed in our government and it’s programs that offered aide and support to those in need. I believed I was doing the right thing to help me get well and to protect all those that I might come in contact with, I believed….
    No one is going to put their neck on the line for me. “Long Covid” is all that needs to be charted when it comes to a diagnosis, anything else, especially VACCINE INJURY would only reserve them a seat right next to me… in the poorhouse, unlicensed and waiting on their bankruptcy hearing.


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