Huge chunk of COVID-vax victims hit with ‘tremors, insomnia, muscle spasms’

A new study confirms that almost one in three COVID-19 shot victims were hit, after taking the jab, with "tremors, insomnia, muscle spasms," and more, revealing the shots' huge toll in neurological complications.
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New study of more than 19,000 confirms massive toll in neurological complications

Bob Unruh
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A new study confirms that almost one in three COVID-19 shot victims were hit, after taking the jab, with “tremors, insomnia, muscle spasms,” and more, revealing the shots’ huge toll in neurological complications.

A report at the Epoch Times outlines the results of the study published in “Vaccines.”

The report said, “The study analyzed 19,096 people who received COVID-19 vaccines in Italy in July 2021, out of which 15,368 had taken the Pfizer vaccine, 2,077 had taken the Moderna version, and 1,651 took the AstraZeneca version. While both Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines, AstraZeneca, being an adenovirus vaccine, uses a different mechanism to trigger the immune response.”

The report said the study found 31.2% of vaccinated individuals soon were suffering from the neurological complaints which also included headaches and tinnitus, sleepiness, vertigo, double vision, numbness, taste and smell alterations, even “cognitive fog or difficulty in concentration.”

The different jabs produced different profiles of complications, the report said.

What is known is that 53% of those who took an AstraZeneca shot reported headaches, and more than 13% suffered from tremors, both of which lasted probably a day.

Nearly 6% said they had insomnia, and 2.7% tinnitus.

The report said, “The study speculated that complications related to the AstraZeneca vaccine are attributable to two factors. ‘Firstly, the nature of the vaccine, which is a modified adenovirus vector that results in significant and persistent systemic immune activation; secondly, individual vulnerability related to a predisposing biology.'”

Moderna and Pfizer reported similar risks, as they both are mRNA jabs.

“Sleepiness was found in 39.7 percent of those who took Moderna jabs, with the condition usually lasting for a week. It suggested that there ‘could be a strict relationship between the development of sleepiness and immune responses to vaccine/infection,'” the report said.

It suggested that one hypothesis was that the shots, which technically were DNA treatments and not vaccines at all, could make “the selective immune-mediated destruction of orexin-producing neurons, which is T-cell-mediated neuronal damage, thus triggering narcolepsy.”

The study “urgently” suggested “future investigations.”

Vertigo hit 15.9 percent of those taking the Moderna shot and numbness affected 14.5%.

Double vision was reported by 2.7%, and they showed “an increased risk” after a second dose.

“Meanwhile, about 6.4% of Pfizer vaccine recipients reported suffering from cognitive fog, with the condition usually reversing in a week,” the report said.

The report said the study suggested women had an “increased risk” of such complications, and that may come from DNA differences. Females have two X chromosomes while males have one X chromosome and one Y chromosome.

The study said its results “should be interpreted with caution because of a possible overestimation of neurological events resulting from the self-reported symptoms.” Further, it said, “We evaluated the risks associated with the first and second doses of the vaccine; however, the data concerning the second dose were limited, thus representing a potential bias in the study.”

The Epoch Times noted cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough discussed the results on Substack.

“A shocking 31.2 percent of respondents to this large dataset sustained neurologic injury after two injections with verified data in health registries,” he wrote. “Most of the risk estimates indicate the safety profile is unacceptable. It is alarming that all neurological societies to date still recommend COVID-19 vaccines and none have issued safety warnings on the products.”

Other studies, The Epoch Times noted, “have found evidence of COVID-19 vaccines being linked to neurological complications. Back in October 2021, a study published in the Neurological Sciences journal stated that the ‘most devastating neurological post-vaccination complication is cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST).'”

McCullough noted a November 2022 study in Current Neurology and Neuroscience Reports made similar findings.

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