‘Health nightmare’: Dr. Robert Malone spotlights study on mRNA spike protein

‘Criminal’ that public is only now learning about impact of COVID vaccines

Art Moore
WND News Center

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assures Americans that the mRNA and the spike protein it produces in COVID-19 vaccines to create an immune response “don’t last long in the body.”

On its website, the agency states: “Our cells break down mRNA and get rid of it within a few days after vaccination. Scientists estimate that the spike protein, like other proteins our bodies create, may stay in the body up to a few weeks.”

However, a new peer-reviewed study by researchers at Stanford University finds that the spike protein created by the COVID vaccines remains in the body much longer than believed and at levels higher than those of severely ill COVID-19 patients.

'Criminal' that public is only now learning about impact of COVID vaccines.
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The Stanford researchers tested the duration of the protein in the body for 60 days and found that it lasted at least that long.

Dr. Robert Malone, the key developer of the mRNA technology in the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, said the findings were “buried” in the study, which was published by the journal Cell.

He described the results as a potential “health public policy nightmare” in an analysis on his Substack page.

Unlike typical vaccines, which use a live virus that has been attenuated, or weakened, the messenger RNA vaccines carry genetic material that instruct cells how to produce the spike protein, which activates the body’s immune response and produces antibodies.

Malone said that having worked with mRNA for decades, he found the persistence of the synthetic spike protein in lymph node germinal centers to be “highly unusual.”

The study quantitatively measured spike protein levels in plasma after vaccination. And it turned out that the levels are higher than the levels observed in a person with a severe COVID-19 infection.

Malone wrote that “the fact that this (is) only now being discovered, or if it was known, released to the public is criminal in my opinion.”

“This should have been characterized long ago, including prior to beginning human clinical trials,” he said.

The mRNA vaccines, he further explained, use a modified chemical called pseudouridine to encode the spike protein and unique nanoparticles to deliver it.  It’s a system, he said, that was approved “without fully understanding the implications and without the FDA requiring a complete pre-clinical toxicology regulatory package, including long-term follow-up, as is done with any other unique chemical or adjuvant additive.”

Prominent cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough, an epidemiologist, said in a recent podcast it’s known that the vaccines have a “dangerous mechanism of action,” which is “the production of the spike protein.”

“The spike protein is what make the respiratory infection lethal, and it follows that in some people excessive production of the spike protein in a vulnerable person would lethal after a vaccine,” he said.

McCullough has found from his review of studies that the lipid nanoparticles — which deliver the spike protein in the mRNA system — “go right into the heart.” He believes that’s why studies indicate a higher-than-expected rate of myocarditis, particularly in boys, associated with the vaccines. And the studies show that the myocarditis produced by a COVID-19 infection tends to be mild and “inconsequential” while the myocarditis caused by the vaccine can be severe.

“When the kids get myocarditis after the vaccine, 90% have to be hospitalized,” McCullough said in a podcast interview in December. “They have dramatic EKG changes, chest pain, early heart failure, they need echocardiograms.”

Malone said it’s possible that the chemical pseudouridine in the vaccines is causing a reaction that allows mRNA to migrate to the lymph nodes and throughout the body, as non-clinical Pfizer data from Japan suggests.

“I do not know how to write this more strongly,” Malone said. “This technology is immature.”

He noted the World Health Organization has approved six COVID-19 vaccines that are more traditional, all of which the U.S. government could license.

“These genetic vaccines are not the only option.”

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  1. Gunnar

    What’s criminal is these doctors trying to scare people not to get vaccinated when the reality is you are more likely to die in a car accident today than suffer any lasting ill effects from the mRNA vaccine

        1. Gunnar

          Sweetheart, there are 384 reports of problems on that site. Given the billions of vaccines given worldwide and casual reactions vs nocebos, compared to the millions of COVID deaths, you are only shutting down reason. I’ll keep you in my prayers tonight

          1. Scarlett R.

            People we can’t fix dumb, we just need to shut down their noise. Libs, communist, traitor’s or whatever they go by in 2022.

          1. Are highly qualified. The trolls on these webpages

            The two scientist quoted Are highly qualified. The trolls on these webpages and on social media are paid to diss anybody who disagrees that everyone should get jabbed. The number of lies the media has put out is profound

          2. Jay Kuldorff

            A simple Google search shows otherwise. How many people you figure have to die for your politics?

          3. David

            At what point are people going to figure out that doing a Google search only gets you search results that Google wants you to see and buries the results they dont want you to see deep down the list so you never get to them.

          4. Bob

            I see what happens with patients, vaccinated stay healthy, unvaccinated I have to admit to hospital. When actual fi dings match the real research it confirms the data.

          5. Golearnaboutit

            I’m unvaccinated and I had covid. It was annoying at most. Very random as well like head hurt for 12 house with runny nose the felt great for 24 hours then same for a week. I don’t think you work in a hospital or you would have seen vaccine injuries like real doctors have talked about that got their licenses taken away for saying something or not gaslighting patients. It’s shameful

          6. Lynn

            It interesting you say that, because I had crushing chest pain and needed the antibody infusion despite being vaccinated, and I gave it to an unvaccinated person who had only 2 days of a headache and lost smell and taste. My taste and smell hasn’t come back, 3 months later.

          7. Purple Floyd

            Fact! Right now I am brawling with my HMO because they discriminated against me because I was not vaxed. I filed a complaint about that discrimination and they then retaliated against me by refusing to fill certain medications prescribed to me by my doctor. What they didn’t realize is that I am an advocate for all amendments of our constitution. I look like a homeless long haired biker. They assumed I wasn’t capable of protecting my self or aware of my rights. Now, they know that not only am I aware of my rights but I’m aware of others rights, too. Like 5 year olds and up that Kaiser is now promoting a vax that doesn’t stop the getting of or passing on of, but does come with lots of side effects. They are aware this I and associates are fully engaged in a campaign letting every member of that HMO, the general public and every medical representative of said HMO know that it is well documented TODAY that the vax comes with severe side effects for many who take it.That Kaiser is more interested in supporting the makers of the vax more so than they are the health of their members. And most of all, that within 3 years, the parents of those kids Kaiser is now promoting the vax to will still be members of that HMO because they get the coverage from their employer.And every time they enter that building, they will remember how that HMO promoted the poison that hurt their child. When those parents do something because the HMO broke their HIPPOCRATIC OATH and did a whole lot of harm!

          8. Scott

            I’m calling BS on Bob’s statement, ” vaccinated stay healthy, unvaccinated I have to admit to hospital”. Our company owns 6 SNFs. Over the last two years we have seen dozens and dozens of patients and employees contract Covid-19. The severity of the disease does not seem to depend on whether the patient is vaccinated or unvaccinated.

          9. Lynn

            Bob, I had a wicked case of covida few months ago, despite being vaccinated. In fact, I got it from a vaccinated person in my office, with all 10 of us wearing masks. We all got it. At 51, I don’t think I should have been so physically devastated that I needed hospitalization and the antibody infusion, but I did. All of the people I know who died in the past 4 months were vaccinated, and in fact where I live in NYC is 99% vaccinated. So, what’s really going on?

          10. Hh456

            You should go work for cdc to continue hiding and fudging the data. Crazy how the countries w/ highest vax % got the highest infections. But hey keep pushing the big pharma propaganda. Perhaps theyll be some free lunches, new equipment, and speaker fees for Dr.Bobby

          11. Nunya Damn Business

            Liat liar pants on fire. I see it’s opposite day. It is the opposite, dip sh*t. Vaccinated are in the hospital and unvaccinated are not. I’m a nurse. I should know.

          12. SaltySalem

            Umm even the doctors who created MRNA vax dont agree its safe LOL!!! And you very obv either dont work in healthcare or you’re a brainwashed lib who refuses to accept reality-maybe both. I’ve got 2 fam members who had a stroke &
            a heart attack shortly after vax & know many ppl still suffering side effects & STILL got very sick w/Covid despite former vp Pedo Pete’s repeated lies to America claiming they “wouldn’t get sick” & “wouldn’t end up in hospital”. But thats what you get when you allow legit criminals to wreck the country 🤷🏻‍♀️

          13. Kim

            I’m seeing this more and more. Things I coukd find yesterday are gone. Go to start page server. Even duckduckgo is sensoring content. All propaganda that will one day be exposed but will it be too late.? For some it is. Lost lives. Damaged health due to vaccine and or civud protocols in hospitals that don’t treat symptoms. Home therapies work. Prevention works. .

          14. Beth

            Actual observation, I know zero people that have died of covid. I know one that got the vaccine and wound up with blood clots and had been told by a doctor that if her heart rate goes above 90 she could die of a stroke. Know other people that got the vaccine and puked, and another got muscle cramps. I know 8 fully “vaccinated” people that have gotten covid after being vaccinated. The “vaccine” is not a vaccine as it prevents nothing. This is a dangerous money grab and nothing more. If covid was more than just a first world problem we would be seeking out any effective treatment, not damning people for trying alternatives. You would actually be scared because people around you would be dying. This all started with flatten the curve, billions could die, well none of that turned out to be true. Thankfully. It’s time to turn off the red alert. Let’s stop redefining words to try to alter reality to fit some screwed up narrative. Let’s open our eyes and brains and wonder why we’re being forced to take some chemical cocktail that does nothing we were told it would do. Let’s remember that the entire point of all these measures is to save lives, protect humans, not best them down.

          15. Bob

            As a provider we don’t treat other patients based on success or failure of one or a small group of patients. that’s why we have RCTs to study on larger populations. You’re making a decision based on your personal observation and not an expanded observation. Not the best choice just because you don’t know anyone who has died of covid.

          16. Jason Baroody

            Thousands if people have something to say about their friends and families who’re jabbed or not and all of those people sounded like Beth as I know of so far.

          17. NoSass

            Like yourself, I know zero people who have died in a car accident. But I can recognize that if you wear a seatbelt, your likelihood of dying in an accident decreases significantly. Are there people who still die in car accidents while wearing a seatbelt? I’m sure. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to recognize the overall benefits of seatbelts proven to save lives. Am I going to wear one when I’m driving. Nope. That’s my own personal decision to not wear one. But my decision to not wear one does not also make me not recognize that they do work and see the benefits of them.
            There is a difference.

          18. Gunnar

            Joan, wearing the seatbelt is the law because it prevents you from flying through the windshield and harming other people through your own ignorance and apathy towards others wellbeing. I’ll pray for you

          19. Clown Finger

            Just an aside: If you EVER choose not to wear a seatbelt when others are in the car with you, you are being selfish and reckless with those lives, bc YOUR corpse flying around will likely kill or injure them too. But maybe you’re always alone?

          20. Pbj

            It’s also a choice for the passengers to ride with you. Unless you’re the type of person to put a gun (violence enforced mandates) to people’s head while you tell them to ride with you or they lose their job. I’m glad your you CF. The loosing side needs cannon fodder as well.

          21. Golearnaboutit

            Just a side note for you. In a car accident with no seatbelt you’re more likely to fly out of the windshield on impact. But studies have shown that the COVID vaccine doesn’t keep you from spreading covid. So of it keeps you from feeling sick (maybe) you’ve become typhoid mary spreading that virus and not knowing you have it is even worse because you don’t take extra measures to keep your germs to yourself.

          22. Casilly

            Fun fact, wearing a seatbelt isn’t just for your safety, but the safety of others.

            “Research found that the risk of death was 20 percent greater for a belted person in front of an unrestrained rear passenger, compared with a belted person in front of a restrained rear passenger. The risk of death for a rear occupant was increased about 22 percent if someone in front was unrestrained, compared with having someone in front who was restrained.”

            Long story short, don’t be selfish, wear a seat belt. It’s illegal not to.

          23. Simon

            Perhaps if that seatbelt were made from materials that were not fully tested for strength and durability, this would be an accurate analogy. However, the lack of chronological data in regard to these covid “vaccines” is non-existent. So it is impossible to factor in long term risks/side effects.

          24. JJGJR

            vaccine never said it would prevent infection – prevents serious illness. Check your sources and stop the BS

          25. Pat

            It said 95% effective down to 57% and that was 3 months ago, omricon it was ineffective, the new omricon 2 the vax doesn’t even touch it. So get ready for another booster. People are complete fools believing these lies. New study out from Israel put 50% women with significant side affects and men at 49%,18-40 had the most significant side effect at 79%. Wake up

          26. Cookie

            In Australia we were told ‘one and done’, and prevents getting and transmitting the disesse in the beginning…..then it became 2 to be sure until it was no longer viable to keep peddling the bull and they had to admit that vaccinated still caught and trsnsmitted the disesse.

          27. melissa

            the president july 22 2021: “if you get the vaccine you will not get covid”. the president july 22 2022: “i have covid”

          28. puddingface

            vaccines cant talk… but the people pushing the vaccines can and they DID say they would prevent transmission. stop gaslighting us

          29. Chris Walker

            If you check the latest information 58 percent of all COVID 💀 deaths are related to the COVID vaccine.

          30. C Thompson

            There are videos all over of politicians, health advisors (even Fauci), news anchors all saying if you get the vaccine you will not get covid, you will not get sick, you will not spread covid, you will stop covid. I remember without seeing the videos again. It was all a lie, then when that didn’t come true, they said it would help you get a less severe case. There is no way to prove that, as the new variants were less severe. Stats within the last year of new cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by vax status show the highest numbers among the boosted. That is based on the government’s own stats in Canada. They stopped showing by vax status last September in Canada, as they didn’t support the narrative being pushed to get boosted.

          31. Tpom Prosser

            You must mean the manufactured lies that they printed in different magazines. Are you an AI Bot?

          32. Lnazz

            🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️😂. Google is such a trusted source. I think we all know that by now. 😂

          33. Jonathan LeMaire

            Let them die, less morons to vote in more morons is a good thing… natural selection ftw!

          34. melissa

            google was created by bill gates. it is censored and the algorithm is made to show pro covid vaccine results so he can keep getting his 20% return on his vaccine investments and he doesnt care people will be and are dying be actually wants that

          35. Bob

            If you had bothered yourself with actual research you’d see the only people who discredited him were the liberal media outlets. He was the guy who literally invented the technology to make the vaccine possible. He has more knowledge and experience making vaccines than literally anyone else on earth but you are actually dumb enough to tell other people ‘do you research’.

            It’s people like you who literally always strive to bring humanity to new pinnacles of stupidity.

          36. Paul Campanelli

            If he’s so expert about all this why is he himself vaccinated?
            The other is a cardiologist. They never treat Covid. His 90% number is a lie.

          37. Dr. Kenneth Brown

            Malone’s brief expertise was in nucleotide transfection not making vaccines. That’s like saying an expert in making tires is also an expert in making cars. That is not equivalent at all. You literally know nothing about this science and you dare to speak about the stupidity of others? Shame on you.

          38. Jason Baroody

            Has anyone heard of Agenda 21? That’s why I don’t believe you so if Malone is not reliable as well as anything else, well no one has convinced me of Agenda 21 being fake yet so that’s why I still believe what I do. This is why I’m not jabbed.

          39. Jason Baroody

            It actually goes back to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. They had to kill him and cover it up as something planned by whatever group started all of this so they can get us to here. They’re like 3/4s into their Agenda now. Dr. Fauci was needed to fund that lab in Wuhan, China as well as get the people there to create the virus just so they’ll need to be a reason for a vaccine which they’ll then have a poison in which isn’t supposed to kill anyone until after maybe two years. Then with only 500,000 million people left in the world, their Agenda will be complete. So much of what happened was according to their plan. They call the freedom protestors a threat because they’re a threat to their Agenda. Their plans don’t just involve reducing the human population, but also keeping it that low with the use of more modified diseases as well as 24/7 surveillance everywhere. They’ll still pretend that privacy is still a thing when it really won’t be anymore and we’ll all basically be under their control without the freedoms we had before 2020 unless we’re going to break several of their news laws just to do them. Their plan is to turn the whole world into a secure, controlled utopia while people die left to right just to keep the population at 500,000 humans and those deaths will be blamed on anything except for them. This is their plan to make the world a better place for everyone and everything in an evil and controlled way. Criminals can’t get away with all the surveillance, but this is still all evil and dark, especially when civilians are all getting manipulated by our “leaders” like never blame anything bad that happens on them even though most of it is under their control and what happened was exactly what they wanted to secertly happen.

          40. Pbj

            Great reset is also fake and definitely not another name. Certainly a global reset during the year of 2021wouldnt happen . Check it out. Snopes calls false. Seriously JJGJR I’m glad you’re with us.

          41. Clown Finger

            Seems hopeless to fight such a well thought out plan. I give up now, why wait another two years knowing all this?

          42. Clown Finger

            If you believe everything that has not been disproven your brain should explode soon. How do you keep it all straight? Admire that, very bravely you tread.

          43. Golearnaboutit

            What is agenda 21? All I know is people are praising big pharma now and the CDC is pulling back some of the restrictions on opioids now so they are easier to get. That doesn’t matter to me but people hated big pharma before this and now they now down.

          44. brasslotus

            Why didn’t he get his panties in a bunch when MRNA technology was being used for cancer research and gene therapy for the last ten years? People just don’t understand that this isn’t new, just new for use with the Coronavirus. Sheesh.

          45. Golearnaboutit

            Because cancer is a death sentence if not treated so they will try to throw everything at it like atz. Fauci had aids patients being treated with it last time he screwed up informing the public of a potentially deadly pathogen. Atz is still pretty dangerous I’m 89% sure of that.

          46. Tony

            Shame on you For either or not investigating something before you post or flat out lying about it not only has dr. Malone said himself he was working on the mRNA vaccine but Wikipedia explains his credentials as well Robert Wallace Malone (born 1959)
            is an American physician and
            biochemist. His early work focused on
            mRNA technology, [31 pharmaceuticals,
            and drug repurposing research. During
            the COVID-19 pandemic,

          47. Michael

            That’s incorrect by a mile “Dr.”
            Shame on your ignorance, sharing it is not helpful to anyone. Do a little research.

          48. Pbj

            That’s like saying your ‘Dr’ is believable and people seeing your comment should trust you. Excellent specimen of humanity as well as your pro science stance as to question absolutely nothing, ever 😂

          49. tvnutt

            Each side has its own agenda. Nebraska medicine published the same study in July 2021. It showed the spike protein in macaques LNs for several weeks. However, there was nothing that indicated any danger. Google is not a liberal machine. Do your research. This paper has its own agenda. Good search spike protein Covid vaccines and you’ll see articles that incite fear, like this one, and studies in medical journals that have no agenda and explain otherwise. I’m a former journalist and research scientist. Rule of thumb in journalism…atLEAST two sources to back up your claims. I’m currently a massage and lymphedema therapist and I have a good grasp of the lymphatic system. It’s basically our sewer system. We are all born with 600-700 LNs but not am exact number. They’re kidney bean shaped, I had four removed from my neck. If you disect them they are like a kidney with little Chambers to wall off foreign objects. LNs hold water, fat, cell debris, dust, bacteria, cancer cells, viruses…even tattoo ink or contrast ink from MRIs. It’s their job. Doesn’t mean you’re going to die from what’s trapped inside.

          50. Cal

            If you had bothered yourself with actual research, you’d know that Malone is lying when he claims he invented the technology.

            And no he most certainly does not have “more knowledge and experience making vaccines than literally anyone else on earth.” Malone has in fact never made a working vaccine.

          51. Endziel

            Bob, he was not the first individual who invented mRNA vaccines. It was a female Katalin Karikó and teamed up with Drew Weissman and the technology has been around for quite a few decades.

          52. Kevin

            I’d like to point out that Dr Malone is vaccinated and has recommended people in high risks to get vaccinated. I have followed his tweets and interviews for almost 2 years. He is Frankly all over the place. But the fact that he himself got vaccinated should be known. He did publicly acknowledge this yet no one ever asks him to talk about it. At this point you either are or aren’t vaccinated. Doubt what he says changed your mind anyway

          53. john mosbrook

            Malone says he has taken 2 jabs in the early days of COVID-19. Do you believe that? Since his remark about vaccinating high-risk people, he said no one should get vaccinated.

          54. Golearnaboutit

            There no line alas to what point you’re fully vaccinated though. One shot is different from getting boosters every month. It’s not even a vaccine it’s more of a preventative for the virus killing you if you make sure you keep getting the shots to keep your immune system worked up just in case you get the virus. But the virus is nothing to write home about unless you already have something that can and or will kill you. Vaccines that we use for things like smallpox are made of some or all of a deactivated virus so your body takes note and stores the info for possible later encounters … mRNA is not COVID at all so it’s more of a treatment before the illness. But no one cares to discuss that or answer a question yes or no about it.

          55. Joe Homas

            Saying that Malone “invented” mRNA is like saying the guy who discovered that gasoline burns when exposed to a spark is the inventor of the internal combustion engine.

            What a joke.

            Educate yourself by reading The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race by Walter Isaacson

          56. Bob

            I’ll discredit him and I’m a doctor, not liberal media. Let the experts sift through the actual research articles. Medical professionals hold their own to higher standards and those in it for other means are identified.

          57. Jason Baroody

            Robert Malone created mRNA. Maybe that’s why some people hate him. However, he’s not bad at all if he’s actually trying to say everything.

          58. Donna

            created mRNA ? MRNA has been around since the bigining of time – it’s found in EVERY CELL in EVERY body/plant/animal/bacteria etc !!

          59. Jason Baroody

            When I look it up, I get information about it being able to modify/change DNA. And it was first studied only a few decades ago so even if that’s naturally true, the mRNA in these vaccines do just that, but was programed by humans this time to do so rather than… If it’s always been around then what programmed it to create us and other living things long ago? Nature? Well this isn’t nature mRNA that I’m talking about then.

          60. Tony

            You haven’t got a clue Dr Robert Malone was the main doctor that worked on the mRNA vaccine once he spoke out about the potential side effects he was discredited. Why is it so bad to ask questions about something being injected into your body especially considering the false narrative that was told to us in the beginning It’s shameful people don’t open their eyes and wanna learn the truth God for bid you ask a question to try to learn something. Trust the science, isn’t it the scientist that made COVID-19 transmittable to humans in the first place(gain of function research). What’s the purpose of spending millions of dollars to change a virus That could not affect humans and was only in animals to now affect the human body I think you should do a little more research buD I know it’s hard once you’ve been vaccinated to except this as fact But we must remain diligent in uncovering the truth

          61. Sam Cramer

            Malone was only scrutinized after he spoke his scientific knowledge. Bill Gates is all involved. He is only a college drop out. No degree but successful in his business. And who degraded him. It wasn’t his peers in science but the creators of this over blown narrative. I’ve read a lot about him and why they black balled him.

          62. Carl

            Alex, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Dr. Malone is brilliant and the most educated on this subject on the planet. He is attempting to be discredited by the elites who are attempting to depopulate the world for a One World Order. Do YOUR research.

          63. Chris Walker

            He’s the one who invented the mRNA vaccine and is now against it, not enough testing to use yet you moron 58 percent of all COVID 💀 deaths are from the vaccine explain that.

          64. Doug

            I just read the study and the two scientists misrepresented it entirely. The study was positive of mRNA vaccines and found the immunological response was greater and longer lasting than severe infection of the COVID-19 virus without the negative consequences.

            “our findings lead to the prediction that antibodies derived from infection may provide somewhat decreased protection against virus variants compared with comparable concentrations of antibodies stimulated by vaccination.

            Loss or impairment of GCs in patients with severe COVID-19 suggests that SARS-CoV-2 viral infection subverts the humoral immune response, by directly damaging immune cells or as a secondary effect of inflammatory responses to infection”

          65. Katie

            The disturbing thing here is all the stuff self reported “educated” people who are unwilling to hear opposing opinions. The reality is all the science can be and has been cherry picked to fit the native of the argument being defended.

            When I stopped shutting down opposing positions I learned a lot. I may not agree with it and may even get into a passionate debate… But I do not know how one person can claim intelligence that isn’t willing to honestly listen… And honestly pay attention. “Discredited” doctors may have valid positions and information.

            Let’s help each other remember how to think critically.

          66. Gunnar

            Malone often uses jargon and vague terms to skirt over inconsistencies about vaccine safety or cherry-picks data that makes the vaccines, and what they do to a person’s body, sound scarier than the reality. And he tends to downplay the dangers of coronavirus infections. Don’t let him scare you with his cherries. If you do meta analysis you’ll realize that his conclusions are pretty baseless

          67. Dr. Kenneth Brown

            They’re literally not qualified at all to talk about vaccines. They haven’t done a single experiment themselves to prove that the spike protein alone is dangerous.

            Its what the virus does after it enters cells via the spike protein that is dangerous. The spike protein itself is not toxic. If it was, Dr. Malone would have proved that by now but has not and likely cannot.

          68. Bo Lee

            All the trolls are criticizing the messenger. Must mean the message is frightening to the pro-van crowd.

          69. Cal

            Malone is well aware that the spike protein is harmless. He simply discovered that shilling to anti-vaxxers is much more profitable than doing real scientific research like he used to do. So he tells them what they want to hear, and gets them donate money to him.

          70. Tony

            That’s like me saying your just talk like that cause your livelihood counts on money from insurance company’s and if you don’t promote the vaccines you could lose your credibility/money It’s sad to see people put money over health what’s wrong with asking questions and trying to learn the truth why spit on people who are trying to put humanity over money just like I have no proof of what I just accused you of you have no proof of what you accused Malone with.so just stop spreading false hoods you’re disgusting 🤮

          71. Golearnaboutit

            I’ve not had this shot but had covid itself. So I will not be getting that shot. Does not in anyway make me an antivaxxer. But since we are here let’s talk about that… The vaccines are spreading covid even 9f they are at the fully vaxxed mark. The shot will not stop COVID. It’s now going to become a seasonal illness like the flu. And I don’t get flu shots either but I get my dtap every 7 years and make sure I get my son his vaccines and boosters that have been around long enough that we know what the long term effects can be. That shot will not stop COVID and it only helps if you get the shot right before you get the actual virus because it riles up your immune system. I don’t think it’s even necessary to tell people to get the shot because it’s not serving the purpose people think it’s supposed to. You get the shot and your immune and end up being Mary mallon anyway so what’s the difference?

          72. Jason Baroody

            It’s because they won’t let him prove anything and our experts, Big Pharma, BigTech, and so on are all into this sceme which is why they’re trying to hide real information and people who do leak it out must be known at all costs to be spreading disinformation when it really isn’t. CNN calls those freedom protests a threat to democracy in an attempt to make people who resist the jabs the real bad guys in order to get more people jabbed so they can all go on with their Agenda 21, all according to plan. Those protests are about the freedom of choice which is what democracy is so CNN lies.

          73. Erich Toven

            All of that was untrue. Every bit of it. From there qualifications to your comment about the lies. This article is 100% deluted trash.

          74. Michael

            You sir are correct.
            Thanks for your insight 🙂
            Keep in mind, there’s a lot of ignorant CNN/MSNBC viewers trolling around the place.

          75. Bob

            I’m a providerwho treats covid patients and McCullough spreads misinformation. His recommendations have lead to severe health problems with my patients.

          76. Golearnaboutit

            Don’t forget who’s in the background also being praised for being heros. Well they are paying for all the censorship really. They were the enemy before all this.

          77. pbj

            Never question, stay silent, go along to get along, cower in the corner in your own urine puddle. I forget sometimes Jay. Thank you for the reminder. Because of you humanity will always win! You should be a god among mere science denialists. #jayiswinning

          78. Joseph

            Moderna’s initial trial, the one used to approve this garbage under EUA, showed an absolute increase in protection of a whopping.57%. That’s about one-half percent. Completely not worth the risk.

          79. Bob

            It was never 98%, this is the problem, folks follow websites like this with misinformation and treat it as gospel because it follows their denial believes.

          80. Matt Carney

            Actually it’s not. The mortality rate for COVID-19 is verified (even based on the highly exaggerated death rate attributed to C19) as being a little over 2% (less than 3%). In addition, Gunnar’s post above points out that not a word of the facts included in the article were understood. Question – This so-called vaccine (previous vaccines used an inactive or less virulent version of the virus it was fighting so that antibodies could be created without the accompanying sickness) uses mRNA to ‘create’ a COVID-19 spike protein within the body that then prompts the body to create the anti-bodies. This spike protein created is NOT inactive and its ‘lower’ potency is being verified as ‘variable’ at best and ‘unknown altogether’ at worst. So – if the ‘jab’ is going to ‘create’ the spike protein to force the body to create the anti-bodies, WHY ARE PEOPLE BEING FORCED TO TAKE A VACCINE TO FORCE SOMETHING THAT THEIR BODIES ARE GOING TO DO ANYWAY ‘IF’ THEY GET SICK? WHY IS THE VACCINE BEING FORCED ON PERSONS THAT HAVE NATURAL IMMUNITY? WHY ARE THOSE THAT ARE IMMUNO-COMPROMISED BEING FORCED TO TAKE THE VACCINE WHEN A HEALTHY IMMUNO SYSTEM IS REQUIRED TO CREATE THE ANTIBODIES THAT THE JAB SUPPOSEDLY IS CREATING? Those that are following the narrative really need to think and reason.

        1. ThatOneHuman

          Fake number. Currently Nation wide triple your number and you have the correct number. If have our country losing an average of 4 to 5,000 citizens a day to this illness.

          1. Dougy

            It’s actually crazy how many Americans are needlessly dying because people refuse to get vaccinated.

            Land of the fearful.

        2. Alex

          Love how every denier gets the survival rate completely wrong. Just shows how you dont care about the facts at all. It’s 98.7% and that completely ignores the whopping 30% of survivors that end up with long term damage.

        3. Doug

          And exhausts hospital capacity to such a degree that people with other serious ailments can’t get the medical care that they need.

        4. Bob

          That is incorrect, at risk populations have as much as 50% risk of death. Viral load plays a part as well with younger populations having higher risk with more exposure. The lower risk populations are spreading this virus to at risk populations due to its contagious nature. If you choose not to be vaccinated then wear a protective mask. Vaccinated people are not the ones spreading the disease.

          1. Sarika

            Early treatment stops the replication,with repurpose drugs and therapeutic,therefore even high risk populations can avoid serve disease if treated early

    1. Gasman

      You might wanna read the article again.
      kids are more likely to be struck by lightning then to die from Covid but yet parents still give them the “JAB” which can definitely cause problems and who knows what else later on.

      1. Jay Kuldorff

        Out here in the real world it is proven, easily found by Google, that the vaccine is safer for kids than getting infected. All of which ignores the major reason to get vaccinated during a pandemic: protecting people around you. Why not just go up to teachers and tell them to their face how little you value their and their family’s lives?

        1. Concerned for our world

          The crazy thing is that people that are afraid to listen to the censored doctors that are experts in epidemiology, HavingTreated Thousands of patients with almost 100% survival rate, and risk their careers and lives by speaking out; but will believe Google, And the news media; (The Organizations Which are doing the censoring)
          Once a person understands WHO controls the narrative and the trillions OF $ at stake, only then can a person comprehend……..

          1. Jim

            Your mate has been shown to be cherry picking and omitting data. Just like others here. I suspect you didn’t do well in school, did you?

          2. Jason Baroody

            I got an A on almost everything and I agree with these people and we’re all being censored because they don’t want anyone to know the real truths. Try finding out what Agenda 21 is about.

          3. Shelby O

            Epidemiologists don’t treat patients unless they also have a medical degree. While the cardiologist appears to have both degrees, the mischaracterization of cardiac outcomes and saying they “need echocardiograms” as if it’s a travesty rather than a routine minimal risk ultrasound done on most patients seeing a cardiologist… it’s sensationalism more than it’s medicine based on any actual science.

      2. Jim

        You might want to go back to school if that’s the conclusion you’ve come to. Be honest with everyone here, you didn’t get great science grades, did you? Nor math for that matter?

      3. Joe Homas

        Please, at least learn the difference between then and than when posting comments. Not knowing the difference makes you look… well, you know…

      4. NEal

        Covid is a disease of the endothelium. That is going to be the source of problems in the future, not the vaccine. Stop focusing on pointless numbers like “98% survival” because it is not telling the real toll of this disease. You are a fool who is pushing some stupid anti-sience agenda.

      1. Buzz Lightyear

        I just looked a the Covid numbers in my small TN county. If you contract Covid here, you have a 1.8% of dying. That’s a lot higher than the chances of getting stuck by lightening. What type of idiot would not get vaccinated to reduce the chance of dying from a highly infectious illness by more than 20 times?

        1. Neo

          One small problem with that, the death rate isnot the same across all ages, a lot of the casesare in older individuals who have drastically higher death rates, whereas younger people have fewer cases with less than being struck by lighting death rates

        2. We'd

          Because it’s all a lie these vaccines are causing more people to come down with infection. Milwaukee County in Wisconsin has been keeping very detailed numbers and right now since the first of the year it is 40% vaccinated that have passed away from covid and that trend will continue until only vaccinated are being hospitalized. BTW why would anybody want everybody to get vaccinated if there turned it to be a problem with the vaccine a year or 2 down the road and everybody that got it died then if nobody stayed vaccine free humankind cases to exist, not to mention you need a control group of non vaccinated to study to make sure the virus is still a threat

          1. Jay Kanta

            Those are some stupid claims that aren’t supported by any evidence.

            There is no plausibility for any vaccine to have problems 2 years later, the material in the vaccine is gone in weeks.

          2. Tom Prosser

            you are obviously a troll. What do they pay you I am curious? You certainly do not have the qualifications to be making the comments that you do because they are utterly one-sided and mostly ridiculous

          3. Concerned for our world

            Nope; it is said that these new mRNA vaccines could take years to show their real effects and create many more deaths as a result

          4. NEal

            You moron, that is not a proper academic reviewed paper. There is a grift here with these people, and that is just pathetic.

          5. Jason Baroody

            The evidence is that they’re making impossible for you to hire lawsuits against them like it’s your fault for getting jabbed as they do make it optional while also making it harder and harder for people to live without getting it.

          6. Tammy Trost

            If the so called “vacines” are so harmless, why did they need protection in place by the government from any potential lawsuits. It should make you wonder if you aren’t just a lemming.

          7. Serienya

            This has been the case since the 1970s (IIRC) with the swine flu vaccine. The US govt takes on liability so that pharma companies will continue to make vaccines.

          8. Actually studied it in some detail

            Yer way off base pal. Vaccines of this type don’t cause infections. Not at all.

          9. Catherine

            Ignorance. First, by strictly medical definition, the mRNA is NOT a “vaccine”. By medical definition, vaccines use the actual causal infectious agent, looks or a weakened strain of actual mumps to prevent mumps; or a related causal agent — as in vaccinating by using cow pox for smallpox protection.
            Second, no one said that this shot caused an infection. If you are going to argue a position, you should at least understand the English language.

          10. NEal

            NO. You are referencing “inoculations” not “vaccination.” You seem to need help with English actually.

          11. Serienya

            No, it’s a vaccine. The result of the vaccination (just with an intermediary step of translating the spike protein bit) is that it presents a part of a microbe in order to have your immune system recognize it later. That’s what it does.

            You’re using an artificially limited definition for old-school inoculations, but science has moved on.

          12. Sarika

            Actually vaccines that disregulate your immune system, especially the innate defense that is constantly scan for external threats such as viruses and bacteria,can make you more prone to infection,I have vaccinated friends and family who were healthy and only caught the flu once or twice a year,but now have been constantly been getting sick with flu like symptoms, they’re had 5 visits to the doctors office in the past 2 months

          13. John

            Everybody scared of side effects years down the road don’t understand how vaccines work. I love that you’re using fake stats to defend your ignorance as well. Get vaccinated, don’t be an idiot

        3. CHRITTER B.

          You ask “What type of idiot would not get VaXXXinated..”
          I will tell you, THIS IDIOT! with an I.Q. higher than yours, who has done DUE DILIGENCE researching exactly What Makes THIS mRNA technology A BAD CHOICE for SAVING LIVES!!

          When the inventor of this technology sounds a ⚠️warning PEOPLE SHOULD LISTEN!!

          The Shot they Sold the World is EUGENICIST BILL GATES DREAM for Immediate Population Reduction!! More people have died BECAUSE OF THE Faux”Treatment” than those who actually Died Because of the DISEASE!!

          NO ONE HAS EVER ISOLATED THE SARS COV VIRUS!! The Shot SHOULD inject patients with a piece of the LIVE VIRUS, In order to teach Your body how to recognize, and then defend against THAT VIRUS!!

          THIS WHOLE SHOW IS A SHAM!! I’ve had the Virus, my body DEFEATED COVID!!
          I Have NATURALLY ACQUIRED IMMUNITY. There is No STRONGER Defence against the Virus!!

          I Will NOT Adulterated!!

          1. Jay A Kanta

            You didn’t do good research, obviously.

            Malone didn’t invent the vaccine. That’s just stupid.

            Gates is not a eugenicist. That’s a conspiracy theory.

            The DNA sequence for SARS-COV2 has been out there for researchers for 2 years, now. I have access to it.

            You don’t know anything about science.

          2. Katherine Perkins

            I believe he said Malone invented the technology, not the vaccine. Just thought that should be cleared up

          3. Serienya

            Malone did early research on mRNA and then tried to take credit for the work of other scientists. He’s upset he didn’t get a Nobel Prize and is now spreading disinformation because he can’t let it go.

          4. Davo

            You’re spreading dangerous information and baseless claims. You have no evidence to back your dangerous conspiracy theories

          5. Vitalin

            Thank You, Chritter!!!!!!!
            Very proud of people who have done their research!!! I have had friends experience horrid side effects and die after these shots……and noone is responsible!!!!

          6. Jay A Kanta

            More worthless anecdotes devoid of credible evidence. Anti-vaxxers love to lie about deaths and such.

          7. Catherine

            Thank you, Vitalin. Our country has been so dumbed down over the past generation or two. The public school system doesn’t teach the art of critical thinking anymore. Dissenting points of view are squashed rather than encouraged and discussed in an open forum. Conformity to ever changing “political correctness” is all that matters.

          8. Helga

            Exactly Catherine! I was just discussing those same points with the hubby this morning. Left me wondering if this might be natural selection hard at work in an attempt to steer our population as a whole back toward behaviors like the ones you mentioned. Verrry sneaky!

          9. Stacey M

            If you have a high IQ, then I’m sure you clicked on the link to the study and realized it was not as described in this article. The study concludes… “our findings lead to the prediction that antibodies derived from infection may provide somewhat decreased protection against virus variants compared with comparable concentrations of antibodies stimulated by vaccination.” Do your research and stop listening to squeaky wheels that want attention.

          10. Ajblues

            Internet search engines and places like Facebook Twitter and YouTube the epitome of confirmation bias and you want to use that as evidence you are right? Sorry, but no. That’s not research. I suggest you take a course on how to properly do research.

            Btw, your IQ doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had mine tested twice by psychologists and got a score of 138 and 142. Your IQ might help you memorize things but if you are memorizing misinformation, you will still be wrong.

          11. Frank Cornelius

            I am in the high risk group and didn’t get the vaccine, caught the D variant and my immune response took care of it.
            Most of the deaths are coming as a result of co morbididies that people are suffering from, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer treatments ect.
            Most should get the vaccine because most people eat the standard American diet and don’t have an immune system that could fight anything like Covid.
            I am in my late 70’s and now have natural immunity that the US still doesn’t recognize as real science.
            If we don’t change 1.What we eat, 2.When we eat. 3. How we eat and How much we eat. We are in for something far worse than Covid infections in the future.
            Take a look at our young people and know that if you are born in 2021, your life expectancy is about 77.3 years and it has been going down for the past 4 years.
            Folks, eat only real food, not out of a box or bag and start cooking at home, your family will love it.

          12. Clown Finger

            Fine, don’t get vaxed, that’s your choice. But may you have a chance to consider a million dead Americans are… dead. Ok, you think the numbers are exaggerated, mis-counted blah blah FINE, may you consider 500,000 deaths is worth a hesitation in your blather? So you’re not affected because you didn’t know them all? Model citizen, you. So brave. So valiantly selfish.

          13. Gunnar

            It would be more believable that you have a high intelligence quotient and did your due diligence if the data didn’t say that naturally acquired immunity is a weaker defense than naturally acquired and vaccinated. Keep on adulterating yourself

          1. Serienya

            It’s been fully tested. And both Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have been fully approved for those over the age of 16. Approval will be coming for younger age groups.

          2. Ballistec

            Why don’t you research the FDA’s website and see how many pharmaceuticals have been approved, only later to be proven to cause terminal diseases. Example…… millions of unsuspecting people took ranitidine for years, and developed cancer. The drug was pulled off the market and class action lawsuits abound. Literally hundreds of similar cases. There is NO substitute for time. Know the risks and weigh them carefully.

        4. Xx12529

          Some who get seizures from them the more they get them and would die from them or people with epilepsy or people like myself who has gastritis and Ulcerative Colitis. You think I should risk dieing getting jabbed. Clearly, you don’t understand what’s it’s like to be immunocompromised and having to choose either death or death and still survive this thing.

        5. Ballistec

          If you believe almost 2% of the people in your county will die if they contract this virus, you are truly another sheep in the shed. Stop believing this nonsense! It is absolutely not true. Wake up…… think for yourself, use your head. Stop being the problem.

      2. Scott

        I can’t belive anyone trust a Google Search over FACTS. Follow the money. The love of MONEY is the root of all EVIL. DEMONS are at work destroying people’s ability to discern TRUTH from LIES !

    2. Steven Lomas

      Take a look at the VAERS data. Multiply that by 100. There’s never been this incredible magnitude of millions of life long irreversible horrific injures and countless tragic and unnecessary deaths in all of history from this experimental abomination of a “vaccine”.

        1. Neo

          It’s interesting because vaccines usually need morethan even just 2 years of trials to be approved as non-expiremental treatments. That Phizer has warned shareholders that a potential risk is peopleseeing and losing confidence in their own clinical trials for their vaccine and new covid drug. And finally VAERs is unreliable because it does not accurately show the true number of cases, in fact it under reports cases because the form required to submit a report isn’t something any GP can fill out, but thatstill means the media, who tends to be funded by ads from pharmaceutical companies, can say that it is unreliable and just not mention how it is to fit their narrative. It ain’t conspiracy, just follow the money

          1. Jay Kanta

            Why do you anti-vaxxers lie?

            It only takes 6 months of data to complete Phase III, most vaccines just can’t get all of the participants right up front, which makes it take longer.

            You have no evidence for any of your anti-vax claims.

          2. Jay Kanta

            There is no plausibility for “long term effects”. No vaccine has needed more than 6 months of total data for each participant.

            There is no plausibility of any AE occurring beyond a few weeks after vaccination. You have nothing but ignorant emojis.

          3. John Smith

            During the past two centuries no vaccine has ever been created to defeat the flu. Unless you are a brainwashed leftist that gets your ‘news’ from a globalist owned and directed propaganda machine, then you might believe otherwise. Never mind the facts, right?

          4. Ajblues

            Vaccines are not cures. The flu evolves every year. Influenza viruses do not “come back” as such. They continue to circulate around the globe, mutating constantly, appearing at higher incidence during the winter season. Influenza B types circulate in humans only, while influenza A types are mainly avian (bird) species, although some strains are adapted to pigs, cats, ferrets, and humans.

            The increased incidence means that the influenza-like illnesses appear to return during the winter months, but the virus strains does not actually “leave” and then “return”.

            Other viruses like smallpox works different and is why a vaccine worked better on it.

            Either get a better education or stop talking about things you don’t understand.

          5. Cal

            Dozens of flu vaccines have been created, so you obviously got that one wrong. And COVID-19 is a coronavirus, not a influenza virus. Those are two completely different things. It’s literally like comparing apples to oranges.

          6. Dotheresearch

            Try the average testing situation of a vaccine or drug is around 5 years. You are completely making up everything you say. Go watch some more CNN.

          7. NEal

            The platforms have had over 30 years of development actually. I think the main point is that anything is better than the damage a disease of the endothelium can cause.

          8. Mike Delfino

            So nevermind about all the poeple who have suffered injuries and even death from this new vaccine? I guess in your mind it is for “the greater good.”

          9. Catherine

            Beautiful sarcasm. Yes, the shot speaks for itself… notice how there are no more cases of Covid in people who took all the series of shots… uh-huh.

          10. Davo

            Thousands of people dropping dead from adverse and sudden side effects isn’t enough proof for you? Are you stupid?

          11. NEal

            Don’t be a fool, data scientist use databases like VAERS to look for trending data points within what is accepted as false or just bad data. But even within entirely false data you might find a a repeating reference to something that is actuallly useful. Like 12% of entries, non matter ho0w much crap is in the entries, seems to reference a sore right foot for example. That might be a small relevant bit of information that would otherwise require actively polling hundreds of thousands of patients directly, which is a nightmare for data collection. It was never meant to be what most people seem to think it is. Trust me there is no special curated and controlled entry point for adding to the database like you seem top be under the impression of.

          12. Serienya

            Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are fully approved for those over 16. The younger age groups are still having the data analyzed.

          13. Cal

            Since when has there ever been any such standard of 2 years before a vaccine is approved?

            Also, what makes VAERS unreliable is that most symptoms reported to it are not actually caused by a vaccine. Getting sick in some way within a couple of weeks of vaccination does not automatically mean the vaccine caused your illness.

        2. Daryl Foster

          VAERS data is not worthless. It shows abnormal patterns. And as the previous poster stated, adverse events are grossly under reported.

          1. Jay Kanta

            The underreported AEs are along the lines of “sore shoulder”, “fever” and such, just like all other vaccines have. VAERS data is anecdotal, at best, and is only useful to trained epidemiologists.

        3. Steven Lomas

          Yes, it is experimental. It’s a genitically modified abomination of a vaccine. It only received Emergency Use Authorization. It’s still in trials until May of 2023.

          1. Gmoney

            No, the trail was nullified by giving the control group the vaccine. Now they literally have no control group to determine real delayed onset of adverse effects. Obviously your not the educated one either.

          2. Cal

            The control group was given the vaccine because the trial was already over. And “delayed onset of adverse effects” is not actually possible.

          3. Serienya

            The Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are fully approved in those over the age of 16. The other age groups will be coming.

        4. Chook mitchell

          Of course it is! The jabs were authorized vs APPROVED fundet an emergency order.Plus, the data are still not in and the pharmaceutical companies asked for 55 years to make it fully available. That’s been adjusted but it’s not clear how transparent thes companies will be. Too much censorship and incompetency to trust much on all this. Truth will come out.

          1. Jay Kanta

            The necessary data is available. The data containing PII and PHI are withheld because it is illegal to release it.

            The Phase III research is totally available and new research establishing safety and effectiveness continues to be published showing the Phase III research is very accurate.

            The vaccines passed both phase II and Phase III before release, emergency authorization was only applied AFTER Phase III was completed due to the delay time for the FDA to review all of the data made available.

            It’s obvious you’ve never done any scientific research.

          2. CLINT Sheesley

            Actually what’s obvious is your near pathological level of fauci worship and fact based science denial. You took an experiment medicine out of fear, again, not based in fact based reality and you’ll argue to the death trying to uphold your delusion all the while proving more and more to other reasoned people that you and others like you are completely brainwashed.

          3. NEal

            But your kind will; always call anything they don’t understand “experimental.” It’s a failure of our education system and the dominance of religion that had dumbed down the population, and the internet has given these morons a voice.

        5. Joyce

          What is that supposed to mean? Of course the the vaccine is experimental duh……they cant make a vaccine 20-30-40 years in advance of covid-19. That vaccine has horrible side effects all of which are no where near been reported and acted upon. Its all being hidden and everybody that got the jab. Sorry to say will have to continue boosters forever. And your going to have to pay for it

          1. Tom Prosser

            How much are they paying You Jay! Or are you really that close minded? I think it’s the first. I understand they have hired nearly 5000 people to counter anybody who speaks against them

          2. Comment observer

            Come on!! You “understand theyve hired 5000 people….”
            Who is THEY??? You lose any and all credibility when you try to spread nonsense like that! We all know where you get your information now…..( eye roll! )

          1. NEal

            Right, because anti-vaxxers are such meek and shy and quiet people and would never tell their tragic story of vaccine harm to every possible platform all day every day since. I guess we will just never know the true toll…

        6. Allergic to stupid

          Not experimental? It’s not even a vaccine dumbass, a true vaccine prevents infection for life. We’ve all benefitted from actual vaccines. Think smallpox, polio, etc…

          1. Dana

            Even those vaccines are bad. How many children born then and now have had problems with them? Vaccines aren’t always best and I never trust big pharma telling the truth about anything. Side affects kill. Ever seen the big pharmaceutical company tv ads? Take this but the side affects list takes 10 minutes to get thru. Why take meds for migraines when one of the side effects caused headaches, makes you throw up, blurred vision and so forth. Just an example. And the virus came from China and why do we keep buying from them. Vaccines, mask and all there cheap stuff. The world needs to bust their butts

          2. Shelby O

            Before resorting to name calling, you may wish to revisit your review of vaccines and their intent. Some vaccines do prevent infections, but most provide some degree of immune resistance (not using the word immunity since that can be taken to mean a lot of different things), so that when you get infected, you get a mild illness instead of severe illness or death. As for protection “for life,” this is also largely false. Immunity wanes over time for most pathogens, be it from vaccines or infection, and viruses mutate to form new strains. These are a couple reasons why you periodically need repeat or additional vaccinations, such as flu vaccines annually, tetanus every 10 years…Also, numerous vaccine series include more than one shot- Hepatitis B and HPV are 3 shots each spread over several months.

      1. NEal

        You should see the entries from other vaccines over the years in VAERS. ITs an open DB, it is not meant to be a factual repository of real dats but to be scanned for trends. You have to really filter it down to get useful information from it.

      2. Comment observer

        You need to understand what VAERS actually is. What it is NOT – is hard data or factual. It’s an uncontrolled collection of anecdotal evidence that may or may not be related to deaths. Anyone can submit information to VAERS….whether its valid or not. It absolutely is NOT medically factual. Some of it is sound evidence, but most is just speculation.

      3. Cal

        “Multiple that by 100” for no reason whatsoever apparently. The vast majority of those claimed injuries are either unrelated to the vaccine or purely psychosomatic. Meaning, the people literally imagined the symptoms and thought they were real.

    3. Daryl Foster

      Absolutely untrue. The odds I will die in a car accident today, if my seatbelt is on, is 1 in 3 million. Hundreds of thousands have suffered adverse events from the shot.

      1. Jay Kanta

        Adverse events range from “sore shoulder”, “headache”, all the way to “death”.

        The minor AEs so highly outnumber the serious AEs that it’s not even funny. The Phase III research was pretty much right on about safety.

    4. Nikki

      Dr Malone is the key developer of the mRNA technology. What is criminal is the censorship of the truth so that people like you have absolutely no idea what the truth is and as a result, live in fear and make life and death decisions based on false information.

      1. Jay Kanta

        Sorry, Malone is a liar and had nothing to do with the vaccine, lies about his involvement in the development of mRNA technology and lies about ivermectin. He’s not a credible source.

        1. Allergic to stupid

          “lies about his involvement in the development of….” You really have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Facts are facts, science is science, history is history. Check into the facts

        2. G.S.

          Dr. Malone created and owns stock in Phizer. Also, I was vaccine injured and told for months that it was not the vaccine. Finally Front line Covid Critical Care Alliance has a care plan, which includes Ivermectin and I am 100% better. Have you taken Ivermectin?

      2. Dr d

        He is not the key developer..he worked on it in grad school in the 80s ..didn’t we all …but he never even finished his ph.d
        He switched to med school

    5. Mensur M

      You do understand this doctor was one of people that invented mRNA vaccine. And also do you understand anything about Nano particles and lipids that vaccines contain?

      1. Cal

        You need to understand that no he isn’t. Robert Malone never invented an mRNA vaccine. Back in the 1980s he was part of a research team that worked on injection of mRNA. But what they created wasn’t a vaccine. It was an injection of a completely random mRNA sequence, just to find out whether it was possible to get human cells to read injected mRNA and follow its instructions.

        Proving that this was indeed possible did lay the groundwork for eventual creation of mRNA vaccines. But claiming he invented the vaccines themselves is akin to claiming that whichever caveman invented the wheel also invented the automobile.

    6. Adam

      What’s criminal is that this “vaccine” was ever allowed to be used.
      In the pfizer vaccine trial, more people died in the vaccinated group than in the placebo group.
      20 out of 22,000 vaccinated died compared to 14 out of 22,000 that got the placebo.
      5 people in the vaccine group died of a heart attack vs 1 in the placebo group.
      So before we even talk about the likelihood of dying from Covid, we have to make sure that the vaccine aimed at saving lives isn’t MORE dangerous than the thing we are trying to “cure”.
      This shot should have never been released.

    7. David

      Wow. Are you that blind and decieved? How much do you have to read of the deaths that have happened already from the “vaccine”? You are engulfed by the world narrative and will pay the price.

    8. Nadia McMillon

      You are 99.5% less likely to get severe COVID-19 period! Your chances increase after vaccination. Do your research! Surely, you don’t believe you know more than one of the developers responsible for the mRNA vaccine delivery system do you?! Think!


      Get out of here..U are SOOOOO BLIND TO TRUST THEM AFTER ALL THE PEOPLE MOSTLY CHILDREN THATS DIED AND SUFFERED TRAUMATIC ORGAN INJURYS AND BROUGHT ON DISEASES TO THE ORGANS AND BLOOD CLOTS AND HESRT ATTACKS FROM THE VACCINE…..You obviously havent read or studied up on all the testing they have done on the covid vaccines.and theres a lot of shady stuff the government is up to with that snake bite..theres more car accidents than poisoness snake bites does that mean YOUD allow a snake to bite you and risk seeing if your gonna live or die? Didnt think so..but you would if the Government told you that you had to…You will see eventually….just wait and watch what else is to come….Your asleep..Ide suggest you wake up before you a casualty…..SEEK THE LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST and your eyes will be open….I mean really seek him w All your heart nd soul…

      1. Gunnar

        I will pray that God may open your eyes and heart instead of living in such fear and anger and contempt for your fellow human beings

    10. Paul

      The vaccines are only experimental, they are not yet approved. You gunnar are a guinea pig. Enjoy the long term effects. FYI, Malone and McCullough know more than you

      1. Jay Kanta

        Vaccines are fully approved like any other vaccine. Full approval. Experimental phase ended with the termination of Phase III by vaccinating the control group.

        1. Charles Manny

          The vaccines have only been allowed because of the Energency Use Authirization they were granted in the beginning of this plandemic and that status has not changed. They have never been formally approved. Those on here who say the vaccines are safe and effective are living in the dark and playing a dangerous game with your lives. I would be curious as I keep seeing “where’s your proof” statements where is your proof that they are 100% safe and effective. Main stream media, Pfizer, Gov officials like Biden, hospitals and doctors. None of them are proof they are the mouths that feed the lies that you believe without having done any of your own legwork to learn more about the vaccines, what is actualy in them and that is a big one. Even if there were no adverse effects and deaths as there are you would stick out your arm and allow anyone to put something in your body without knowing what it is whats in it and what are the possible short or long term effects? Because that is what you all have done because they could not answer those questions when this started and last I knew no one was informed what exactly is in the vaccines. Who does that? Sheep! Who does that to their children? SHEEP. You do not even know who invented the mRNA technology but yet you say the doctor in this article had nothing to do with it and is a liar. The sheer number of credible doctors that have studied these vaccines and came out against them are not one night wonders. They are men and women with years and years of experience in their field. Respected and the last thing they have an interest in doing is making up stuff and going against the mainstream. They interest comes from their oath to the people they serve. Big pharma and governments interest is in stock price and a multitude of other agendas. Not peoples best interest but their own. You would be well served to yourself, family and society if you spent as much time researching the subject as you do playing vaccine cheerleader. Dont take our word for it. Take your own after you have done more than received the latest talking points from MSM. Really actualy research VAERS, research the doctors you so easily discredit, research ivermectin and the person and facts behind it and so many other possible cures. Actualy do some real research because the information, the studies, the facts are out there if you care at all about facts because if you do you will come out the other end informed and probably a little pissed if you have been vaccinated. Again im not asking you to believe us thsts never going to happen. What I am asking is use your mind and your intelligence God gave you and put in some true effort for yourself. Its the best thing you could do for yourself. Not anyone else. True time spent researching all that you think are lies and false and conspiracy theory. Like Trump working with the Russians and being bad for democracy and yesterday we see again more proof that it was the Clinton campaign. That lie is unfolding as we speak but people we should have been able to trust even if we didn’t like them are the ones behind it and people believed them for what 4 , 5 years. You think the gov won’t lie to you. You think Pfizer is in it because they have your best interest at heart. Sorry, wrong on both accounts. More than enough said. We hope the vaccine and any adverse effects never catch up with you, really. Thats what drives me is the countless endless numbers of people who trusted so many and today are living with adverse effects that cannot be fixed that gave destroyed their lives. And if that’s not bad enough then you have all that have died. Criminal. Heres one to look up. Sports athletes around the world who in the last year have dropped in the middle of whatever they play in but dropped on the field of play with heart issues. The healthiest amoung us and this has never happened ever in my lifetime and in the last year the numbers are staggering and the stories are heart breaking. See its not made up and its notcoincidence..

    11. Rico

      These doctors? Dr Malone invented MRNA vaccine technology. If anyone’s opinion should count on the matter you would think it would be his

      1. JANE E B GOOD

        He got an Mrna Vaccine!!!! if it’s so dangerous and he is the expert why did he get it??? because it works!!! think about it!!!

      2. Cal

        No he didn’t. Dr Malone lies about having “invented mRNA vaccine technology.” He’s never actually created a vaccine at all.

    12. Dave

      What is crazy is that anyone not at high risk would take a experimental mRNA vaccine that has no long term studies. mRNA research has been around for 30 some years and none have been approved but all the sudden boom !!!! We’ve got several that come up and approved with emergency use and by the way the USDA and Pfizer are trying to slow down the release of their approval documents so that last of the documents are released in 75 years.

    13. Thorton

      The risk of dying from COVID is significantly lower than dying in a car accident, so why get the vax? Use your own logic and realize you have been lied to or you are dumb (or both)

    14. JED

      Have you not read the warnings in the last week. One doctor said mRNA supposed to leave your system in a few days. THEY are finding it in places it should not be up to 6 months later.

      1. G.S.

        I am Covid jab injured and the spike protein did not leave my body. It took 7 months to get help at which the spike protein replicated it self the whole time. I finally received help and put on a high dose of Ivermectin and now 100% better. They are worried that the spike protein can still come back and replicate as that is its main function. Globalist are murdering us!

    15. TAB

      The doctor that you are referring to that are scaring people, Dr. Robert Malone is the inventor of the MRNA technology. I would think that if he is the inventor and has been studying this process or technology for the past decade, his advice and opinions on this matter should matter and should be taken into consideration. What you need to understand is that Dr. Malone, as well as the many doctors that ate out there is not against vaccines or traditional vaccines. What they are opposed to are these vaccines that contain the MRNA technology because through their studies, testing and experience the technology is not ready for full scale human trails. They feel that more testing to sort out the issues that are very apparent needs to be assessed and fixed. They also don’t like the fact that the FDA,CDC, WHO and other agencies alike are covering up information, not taking the reported side effects or adverse effects seriously when reported by the so many citizens who are ignored, and starting a campaign to shut down any person who speak, post a video, or otherwise have a different view on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other news media, social media or website.

      1. Cal

        That’s the thing. He’s not the inventor. He’s lying when he claims to be the inventor. And seeing as literally billions of people have safely received mRNA vaccines, clearly they were ready for human trials.

    16. Isaac

      Amazing people read this and still somehow are defending the vaccine. This isn’t even new info. Been known the entire time.

    17. Harry Aubrey de Lavenu

      A Traditional Vaccine would be acceptable, but to mandate an experimental gene code vaccine is criminal in my view. Nobody in my friend circle has accepted an mRNA vaccine except for my Canadian and US Colleagues, these guys were coerced by job threats and other hideous actions. I personally would like to see criminal procedures applied to these individuals that coerced many to adopt this mindless application. It was said by Dr Sacharit Bhakdi from the onset, that the mRNA Vaccine would kill more people than it saves from Covid-19 infection, and that the Longterm effects would be dire. He was 💯 correct, yet vilified for his comments.

      If you believe in the mRNA vaccines that’s fine, you can have my allocated vaccines, as I won’t be taking them

    18. Ballistec

      Nobody on earth knows the lasting effects……. that’s the point. How could you rationally make your statement when the shots haven’t even been available for a year yet? You have been brainwashed, and you don’t even realize it.

    19. Griffon Noir

      What is Criminal is only approving “Vaccine” (Which is not actually a Vaccine) and Remdesivir as the ONLY APPROVED METHOD of Treatment

    20. Golearnaboutit

      Lmao. What are lasting effects of the mRNA vaccine… Don’t know? Neither do the researchers studying it. It’s never been used in humans before the trials in the middle of covid. But I’m sure the people who’s brain images that resemble MS or have had a stroke or any of the other last vaccine injuries won’t have any lasting effects because big pharma is the hero in the story now all of a sudden. Now the CDC wants the pill the reins back on opioids to make them easier to get.

    21. Vandana Gupta

      I’m not vaccinated, have autoimmune conditions and did not get Covid yet. The media scares people into believing Covid us worse than it is. People who died in the hospitals was because they did not get early or appropriate treatment. The government has blood on their hands. Also, people are at risk of developing cancer or autoimmune conditions from this vaccine. So good luck!

    22. Nunya Damn Business

      What’s scary is that there are people like you in the world propagating garbage on a continuous basis!!! This is NOT a vaccine. It’s a lethal injection.

    23. Anonymous

      All in all, it’s up to the individuals themselves. Never forget that. No one can tell you how you feel about something. Otherwise what is freedom?

    24. Cathy

      Gunnar I’m not sure where you found that data about the vaccine being safe! I personally know of a healthy athlete, 16 years old died four days after receiving vaccine a a heart attack. over 27,000 people have died from the vaccine and thousands are disabled. This is on VAERS, CDC’s reporting system.

    25. Sleuth

      You want to know what’s crazy, the CDC deleted any mention of spike protein being short term of temporary from there site today.

    26. Smooth Johnson

      Ya but you should not have to worry about dying at all. Plus your chance might be higher the longer it’s in your system they have no clue what will
      happen they said. It’s a new vaccine….

    27. K Schlueter

      On the contrary. Everything this article states is accurate and unfortunately, then some. All of this has been in the making a very long time. Everyone should be extremely careful of what they allow in their body especially under these circumstances. Just my opinion. Thank you to the author of this article for having the courage to address our reality.

    28. St John

      No, what’s criminal is comparing our highly educated, regulated, and free choice of driving vs being strategically misinformed about an unprecedented untested biological drug that we are being pressured into taking . There’s only a 16% chance of shooting yourself in Russian Roulette. Is that a reasonable chance to take just because you are more likely to die in car accident?

    29. SaltySalem

      You’re free to enjoy your heart attack/stroke/myocarditis/endless # of other horrific to deadly health prob’s on top of getting covid repeatedly despite neverending “boosters” ALL you want but your argument’s been proven epically wrong so it’s time to curb the ego & accept the fact you were duped & should be really pissed about it.

    30. Nix Sara

      You are wrong! My husband nearly died after the vax and is in heart failure still after a YEAR! Stop stocking your head in the sand! Why do you feel the need to defend this vax that’s has taken the lives of so many. Your sources are lying to you!

    31. Tedlobdell

      You are delusional Gunnar., perfectly healthy people are falling over dead for no apparent other than they were forced to take a jab they did not need due to false propaganda from the deep state who stated half the population needed to be eradicated by 2023 for the earth to survive.

  2. Frank Kushner

    If only we had warp speed test for good antibody and even good t-cells test before deciding on our own to get jabbed

  3. Dubhstone

    Well, this is irresponsible fearmongering, without a doubt. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, please know that Robert Malone’s claims have been thoroughly debunked and countered by multiple sources. Here are a few of the better ones I’ve found:

    A psychologist and anthropologist deconstruct the dishonest rhetoric used by Malone, Peter McCullough, and Joe Rogan in the podcast that popularized most of these claims:


    A molecular biologist examines the claims Malone makes (also referenced in the above link):


    If you have any shred of allegiance to rationality or science, please give the above a listen. This article is incredibly misinformed and harmful.

    1. Neo

      Or, perhaps, the fact checkers are opinions themselves without backing and are “alternative facts” that happen to be less supported but better fill the coffers other pharma companies that fund their job. It’s not conspiracy just follow the money

      1. Dubhstone

        Why is it that people spouting conspiracies always say “it’s not a conspiracy”? Is it because on some level you know how bad your arguments are, but you’re just not quite aware or brave enough to hold yourself accountable?

        If I were tasked with drafting a textbook definition of a conspiracy theory, I couldn’t hope to better than what you’re claiming. But hey, we can take all of the emotion out of it (at least I can, because I’m conscious enough to know when it’s influencing me), and just look at the science: and the science done by literally T H O U S A N D S of independent scientists all over the world makes an incredibly compelling case that Malone is either mistaken, or dishonest. Have you ever asked yourself why, exactly, you cling to his theories rather than the overwhelming number of others who are saying he’s wrong? Do you really think “Big Pharma” has enough influence to force a false consensus on independent scientists all over the globe? And, that that belief is somehow not a conspiracy?

        Clearly, I had some time to waste today.

        1. Colin

          A new study is out. It found that 98% of scientists agree with the people who are paying them. So yes I believe it because there is no such thing as an independent scientist anymore.

        1. Stacey M

          Exactly. And ClarkCountyToday says they report with integrity? They obviously didn’t do any research, and didn’t read the study. Just repeating false information. So disappointing.

          1. Bo Lee

            I’m glad Clark County Today reports info critical of the vaccines and allows open conversation (even though this article is being carpet-bombed by a pro-fax troll farm). If CCT didn’t do it, we’d have no local perspective of critical reporting. The Colombian is just the mouthpiece for public health. Public health has betrayed our trust. The media SHOULD be reporting on that!

  4. Jay Kanta

    Malone’s clear lack of evidence is obvious to anyone with a scientific background. He’s just a loser, at this point.

    1. Gasman

      Not sure what you are talking about.
      He’s been right more then he’s been wrong.
      Dr Malone & McCullough will be heroes in the end.

    2. Gasman

      Not sure what you are talking about Willis
      Malone has been right about most things he’s been saying.
      Dr Malone & McCullough will most likely be heroes in the end

    3. Golearnaboutit

      He is one of the creators of mRNA vaccines, so your loser is also your savior you ingrate. You think Fauci came up with it?

      1. Jay Kanta

        Nope, he didn’t create it, that goes to researchers nearly a decade earlier. He took credit for other peoples’ works.

      2. Cal

        No, he’s not one of the creators of mRNA vaccines. That’s just a lie he tells to make you think he knows what he’s talking about.

        Dr Katalin Karikó came up with the vaccine.

      1. Jay Kanta

        Nope, he’s not a prophet, he’s just a guy out for attention, now. The Phase III research is very obvious as to safety. There is no evidence that these vaccines have any safety issues.

  5. Tee

    Dr. Malone is a pretty well-established kook at this point. He’s enjoying media attention and harasses other doctors he feels get more attention than him while he pretends he “invented” the technology. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2021/08/robert-malone-vaccine-inventor-vaccine-skeptic/619734/

    He then pretends the spike protein thing was “buried” in the article when if you click the link you see that result was literally one of four highlighted take away points by the authors.

  6. Dubhstone

    Huh. It seems “my news source with integrity” has declined to allow the reply I wrote linking a number of thorough scientific and rhetorical analyses by qualified experts. Do y’all actually know what “integrity” means?

    1. Dubhstone

      My mistake – seems like it was just in review. I still question the integrity of sharing “news” this misinformed in the first place, particularly when denying any bias in doing so.

    1. Dana

      No Biden fauci cdc who and Chinas XI needs to go to prison and the rest of the phoney ass political people that shut down the country. Did anyone read the report from John hopkins that say shutting down the country only helped .02%. Prob not because of the fake news not reporting on it because it doesn’t fit be their narrative. All a bunch of fake stuff. I mean just look at all the fake stuff out there! Fake news, fake government, fake boobs, fake teeth, fake relationships, fake web sites, fake people, fake wood, fake diamonds, fake fake fake. It’s a fake world

    1. Golearnaboutit

      The bioweapon was covid it’s self and this was just something else to throw at it and it happens to not be what people think it is.

    2. Bob

      I live in Seattle, a city almost 90% vaccinated. I’ve known many people who’ve had COVID since the beginning of the pandemic, some seriously. Some are still dealing with its effects.

      But I’ve met nobody who has died of the vaccine. Not one. Not one who has had anything beyond typical short term effects and fatigue for a couple days.

      i.e. You are lying.

      1. G.S.

        I am vaccine injured from the spike protein replicating in my body and attacking my ovaries. Turns out many women are having same side effects as me. Lucky Front line covid critical care alliance helped me get care 7 months later. Thank God I found help! Check out the VAERS website and see all the side effects happening.

    1. Anon

      Has he? I tried to follow that thread and he seemed legit. Just been trashed in the media. His whole point is there isn’t sufficient testing and safety. Which I agree with (and I’ve been poked).

  7. Golearnaboutit

    It’s not criminal for someone who knows about the subject, or anyone for that matter in the USA to say anything they want. Why doesn’t that click? The only time words are criminal is if you push something until someone is effected by it. He’s just giving everyone a chance to know what is up on something he helped create. Yeah he is one of the creaters of your precious shots. It’s different than a flu shot or a small pox vaccine. Go find out, you’ll be doing yourself a favor to stay away from the media and for the most part the CDC because they lie. Big pharma is suddenly a hero with a shot that was never tested in humans before now that is also a new technology and zero side effects? Are you awake?

    1. Jay Kanta

      He didn’t help with this vaccine at all, he’s just a liar.

      It was tested in humans just as long as any other vaccine.

      1. M.H

        really interested in knowing what your background is? 20+ years of practice in immunology and virology I presume? Based on the criticism in your original comment, it appears you must have an equal amount of knowledge, experience, and education in medicine or science to rival the opinion of these men to speak so confidently, correct?

        1. Jay Kanta

          30 years in science, I’m an expert on research methods, data analysis and more. Nothing Malone has claimed is based in evidence. When people start making claims that can’t be backed up by evidence then it’s a clear indication they are lying. When he claimed to be the inventor of mRNA technology and there is research pre-existing his work, then he’s a liar.

      2. Debra donley

        So did you get polio,measles, mumps,small pox after a true vaccine was studied for many years ..not months? Sooner or later you ppl will find out your were part of a experiment..that went wrong

  8. Gary Nelson

    What should be criminal is advertising your article by saying “health nightmare” and then in the article it’s “health public policy nightmare.” clickbaiters like you are what make people hate the internet. And you.

      1. Marcus Nadel

        Solid retort…🙄 Thanks for your input, and I mean it whole heartedly. It gives a perfect example of the thought processes of those who are standing in solidarity against the common good.

  9. M.H

    Crazy how people are so quick to discredit these doctors, including the founder of the mRNA technology (which can be fact checked if you even care to learn anything.) But don’t think it’s weird for the media to take interviews and quotes from someone like Bill Gates (who to be a abundantly clear, is NOT a dr or a scientist by the way) to promote the vaccine and speak on behalf of its safety and was looked to as a trusted voice and source early on in the pandemic.

    Maybe instead this article should raise questions/critical thinking as to what these doctors even have to gain from offering this unpopular opinion (quick answer is: nothing) and what Big pharma and the government have to lose if you decide to not take the vaccine (billions of dollars and control.). Don’t be so quick to write something off because it makes you feel uncomfortable. There are always two sides to everything and at this point, with a vaccine that is less than 2 years old and a virus that is mutating faster than we can fathom – the science is far from settled.

    1. Jay Kanta

      I’m a research scientist. Malone isn’t the founder or even close. Scientists were doing the same experiments using mice long before Malone and others patented the technology.


      Malone lies about ivermectin and the vaccines. He’s not a source to be trusted. It would appear he’s out for self-aggrandizement.

      1. M.H

        This article (albeit, still discrediting Malone) still actually shows some proof and indication that he deserves some credit in founding this technology. You are correct that this research probably was going on before Malone – But I’d argue that the work may have been in conjunction or parallel with Malone in his timing of being the first person to inject genetic material of DNA and RNA into mice in hopes of creating a new vaccine.


        His paper was published in 1989 is also sited in this article (about half way down) and notes him of being the first author to demonstrate this discovery.

        And that is a fact. There is no debate there.

        Malone is not the enemy. He believes in science and believes in his work. What he does not seem to believe in is mass hysteria and actions before thought and politics over people. The truth is, you can give every one in the world a peanut and the majority of the population will live and be totally fine. But there will be about 7 million+ people who would beg to differ. This blanketed theory of vaccine for all and if you disagree you are anti-vax is ignorant and should be considered the true conspiracy theory – not freedom of thought, speech, and bodily autonomy.

        1. Jay Kanta

          Malone is an enemy to science. He makes claims he can’t support and that don’t remotely meet any sort of plausibility.

          He also backs ivermectin which continues to show NO EFFECT in credible RCT studies. He’s a liar, plain and simple, which makes him my enemy.

      2. We'd

        Nice you just retorted against yourself making you look highly uneducated sir! You said he didn’t invent mRNA other scientists were already studying it and then you said him and others patented the technology. So you do realize he actually was part of the creating of mRNA vaccine. So everybody disregard Jay Kanta’s commenting he clearly had some reason to try to fill our heads with jibberash trying to confuse people he must be from an enemy state

      3. Dana

        If ivermectin is so bad or doesn’t help why ghas people recovered with it. Why?? Because of let’s go Brandon the crack pipe doctor and his crack pipe son ,fauci and big pharma do not want you to be well. They want you to be sick and scared

      4. G.S.

        I am vaccine injured and could not find help till 7 months later. I was put on a high dose of ivermectin and thank God it worked! Disappointing to hear your remarks and you claim to be a scientist 🙁

    2. Dubhstone

      Talk about specious rhetoric.

      Do you really think these doctors have nothing to gain here? Really? You seriously can’t imagine any way that voicing incredibly controversial opinions that run counter to scientific consensus, on what many regard as the most listened-to-podcast on the planet, might lead to financial gain? Do you understand that these anti-vaxxer pandering clowns are buried under a mountain of paid speaking engagements, book deals, interviews, and so on? I struggle to understand how someone could make the argument “they stand to gain nothing from this” with a straight face – we’ve got decades of history of pundits doing exactly that.

      “The science is far from settled”. The nature of science is that it’s not really ever settled, which – if you actually listen to any real scientific discourse about this topic – is a fundamental agreement in how pandemic response has proceeded. Where the science has evolved, changes in direction have been made – see the J&J vaccines. If anyone is falsely claiming a handle on objective truths, it’s misleading, dishonest hucksters like Malone. You can’t invoke science while defending people whose methods and rhetoric spit in the eye of its basic principles.

      “Don’t be so quick to write off something because it makes you feel uncomfortable”, indeed. I’ve heard both sides of this and am crystal clear on where I’m choosing based on rationale, versus values. Can you claim the same?

      Downthread, I’ve posted a few solid resources that might help get the wool off of your eyes. I find it really hard to believe that you’ve actually sat through anything offering qualified criticisms of these guys. If you have any integrity, find those links and do your diligence before projecting your behaviors onto others.

    3. Cal

      There’s no such thing as “the founder of the mRNA technology” and contrary to Malone’s constant claims he did not invent the technology.

  10. GaryK

    Amazing how thus article quotes 2 discredited doctors. Zero evidence, just cherry picked numbers which have been disoroven.
    No wonder our country is doomed. Putin said America would not be beaten in war. Hes definately figured iut how to fool people wuth crazy.

  11. Adam

    This is a distressing incident of journalistic malpractice. One-sided reporting that elevates the extreme minority view of a few fearmongers, and virtually erases what the vast majority of immunologists and infectious disease physicians are saying about these vaccines.

    In particular, the bit about myocarditis is dead wrong. COVID-19 infection can cause severe myocarditis, and does so much much more frequently than vaccines do. In the very rare cases that vaccination caused it, it was far milder.

    This article should be retracted and you should publish a new one with a fact-checked and balanced view of this topic.

    1. Melissa Zietz

      And the people pushing the vaccine on us weren’t fear mongering? The fact is those touting the benefits of the vaccine have a great deal to gain by doing so. And the “fact checkers” are all on their side, so I wouldn’t trust them to fact check whether or not water is wet.

    2. M.H

      Wow you are very passionate about this – do you mind siting your sources that gave you the undisputable facts that myocarditis is more sever after infection over vaccine? I assume this study only includes those who are unvaccinated, since myocarditis after infection of a vaccinated person wouldn’t qualify because you wouldn’t be able to tell which caused it, obviously…

      side note: the entire narrative has been one sided – so you arguing to shut down this article that goes against what you and mainstream media believes actually furthers the point.

      1. Shelby O

        Numerous peer-reviewed sources cite these facts- here is one that also references numerous others.


        Post-viral myocarditis is not new, I was presumed to have it spring of 2020 due to a different virus. My sister had it after the flu a couple years before.

        Yes, be aware of the potential side effects of the vaccines, but understand that the risk of myocarditis with COVID-19 infection itself is far greater. And for most, myocarditis is mild and resolves without long-term sequelae. No vaccine or medicine is without risk, but due diligence and critical thinking or asking the opinion of a doctor or other medical provider (preferably with knowledge of vaccines, infectious disease, and the immune system) you trust is a far better use of time and more likely to bring peace of mind about your decision than the comment section of a mainstream media news article with controversial sources.

        Yes, I realize the irony that I am in the comments section… but hear me out. I am an immunologist and counseled patients extensively on this. Ultimately, I hope they trusted my counseling based on extensive review of peer-reviewed research and own knowledge of the immune system, rather than sensationalized click-bait articles. At the end of the day, I will never be able to reach everyone, and I don’t expect to, but it is my duty to point out misinformation and hope that it will help at least one person on the fence find the information they need to feel comfortable with their choice to protect themselves, their loved ones, and the general public.

        We’re all tired of this pandemic, and we should all be on the same team trying to fight SARS-CoV2 (rather than each other) to end it while looking out for our fellow human beings. I’m trying to maintain hope, it’s been a very long 2 years.

  12. Kevin Gee

    “Robert Wallace Malone is an American physician and biochemist. His early work focused on mRNA technology, pharmaceuticals, and drug repurposing research. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Malone has promoted misinformation about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.”


    So, perhaps you “conspiracy-loving” folks need to read more and think a little deeper – instead of stoping when your bias is confirmed.

    1. Neo

      The site where anyone, including fact checkers, can say he is pushing misinformayion that also happens to admit he does have credibility in the field… oh no! This article is TOTALLY debunked (sarcasm)