‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 156: This Is Genocide With John O’Looney

Funeral director exposes the deep, dark occurrences that seem to be happening in mortuaries across the country

Children’s Health Defense

Funeral Director John O’Looney has seen it all — he is no stranger to dead bodies. But something has changed, to the scale of mass-vaccination. 

Joining “Good Morning CHD” as Saturday’s (Oct. 15) guest, O’Looney exposes the deep, dark occurrences that seem to be happening in mortuaries across the country. 

What does this unprecedented development mean for the world and our personal lives? Tune in to find out.

Video courtesy Children’s Health Defense.

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    Thank you ClarkCountyToday for having this eye-opening segment on your platform. Thanks to CHD for making the discussion available to all.

    This was the first time I heard about mass prisons being built in Britain. Who are the prisoners? Non-conformists to the scam plandemic mandates? What is really going on? Undoubtedly it is part of a ‘plan’.

    The fact that 74% of women had miscarriages post-jabs is shocking, as are the strange solids objects found in dead bodies – oddly shaped blood clots or ???? As yet undetermined, but certainly of great concern.
    The sad facts about Remdesivir yet another confirmation about its many side effects, including kidney failure.

    John O’Looney is incredibly brave and ethical to speak out and share factual experience in his work as a funeral director. Despite attempts to solence him, he has persisted in maintaining his integrity in doing “what is right”.
    John has zero to gain by coming forward.
    His high moral values are a benchmark of excellence worth striving for.
    He has my utmost respect and sincere gratitude. May the Universe keep him from any harm.

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      Very happy to second that.
      Thank you for showing appreciation for their efforts. I have gained so much from them.

      Another great ethical organization is:


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    So many serious adverse health events and deaths are being reported to V-Safe and the CDC Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, VAERS. CHD reports,

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was forced to release its V-safe database, which revealed 770,000 people required medical care after getting a COVID-19 vaccine and 2.5 million people missed work or school or suffered a serious side effect.”
    see full report
    ‘Shocking’ V-Safe Data Confirm COVID Vaccines ‘Dangerous in the Extreme’

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    Many thanks to John O’Looney. I first heard you speak out back in the beginning. I have tried bringing the truth out to my family, who shrug it off. But thankfully my adult children and spouses did not allow the jab both for themselves and my only grandchild. I tell people who will here it but sadly many are still following the official story. I will keep trying. You stay safe!!!!

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    Thank you CDH for doing what you do. The world wouldn’t be in such a mess if only there were more people like you & John O’Looney. I came across an Episode of CHD.TV on FB where Dr. Meryl Nass was discussing about King Charles+The Great Reset with James Corbett. Part of the title was “King Hyprocrite Charles signed declaration enfordint Citizens to eat mRNA food…” Unfortunately it was only a few minutes of the Episode and I would like to listen to the entire Episode, and was hoping that you can help. Thank you!


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