Garbage and recycling services getting back on track throughout Clark County

CLARK COUNTY — As snow and ice melt away, efforts are underway to quickly catch up on missed days and get garbage, recycling and optional yard debris service back on track in Vancouver and throughout Clark County.

Waste Connections of Washington is rallying outside drivers and trucks to help handle additional loads. For the most part, the service provider was able to return to regular garbage and recycling collections Wednesday and Thursday with relatively few glitches, considering the tenacity of ice and slippery slush in some residential areas. Those missed include some homes along steep streets.

In Vancouver, some drivers were unable to complete routes due to heavy volumes of materials and full trucks. Alleys in Vancouver were also a challenge, due to the combination of snow, slushy ice and less traffic to break it up.

Regular Wednesday, Thursday and Friday customers in Vancouver are encouraged to leave their carts sitting out at the curb or alley side, if possible. Waste Connections’ plan at this time is to return for pickups by Saturday, if not before. Monday and Tuesday customers whose service was canceled earlier this week should put out twice their normal service level of garbage or recycling at their next regular pickup date.

Here are some additional tips for all Vancouver residential customers who were missed during the foul weather:

  • Clear snow and ice away so carts and extra garbage or recycling are easy to reach.
  • Place extra garbage that won’t fit in the garbage cart into clearly marked containers or plastic garbage bags, closed securely to avoid spills and unintended litter
  • Place extra recycling that won’t fit in the blue cart into cardboard boxes or paper kraft bags. (No plastic bags for recycling.) Another container that is clearly marked ‘Recycling’ is also acceptable. Please place glass in a separate container on the side.

Waste Connections is also stepping up efforts to pick up garbage and recycling for commercial accounts missed during the recent harsh winter weather. Those customers will be serviced over the next few days, with an extra push on Saturday.

For questions about your service, check Waste Connections website at, email or call (360) 892-5370.

Stay informed: In the event of cancellation due to severe weather conditions, customers missed will get a call from Waste Connections of Washington, providing they have a current phone number. Please note: Phone numbers that have been entered on a ‘Do Not Call’ list may not receive Waste Connections’ automated phone updates. Another option for customers is to sign up for alerts using Vancouver’s free RecycleRight app. Get the app here:

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