1. Jim Luce

    We have established a universal truth : Few like to pay taxes or fees to government.
    And a second truth: We do like – generally – the services government provides. In this case, Transportation.
    And this leaves us where: Give us the services but make someone else pay.

  2. Rhonda Gibson

    Tolls, taxes hit the lowest income people the hardest. Especially, the elderly who are on fixed income, who may be too old or sick to get jobs to make more income. Also the price of tolls and taxes that businesses pay gets passed to the consumers. This adds more hits on the bottom line. Right now with inflation the impact is tremendous on all of us.
    I think everyone who is impacted by the I-5 bridge agreed that we have to pay tolls. The bridge should have been built years ago, it is just going to cost that much more now.
    Oregon adding road tolls on top of it is a crime especially for Washingtonians who have to seek health care in Oregon or work in Oregon. The latter already pays Oregon income tax which they do not get all of it back.
    Oregon didn’t want to pay more taxes to Washington for fuel export,. We don’t want to pay more to Oregon just to drive to necessary destinations.


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