FDA knew huge percentage of women in Pfizer trial suffered miscarriages

An analysis of internal documents found 44% of the pregnant women who participated in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials suffered miscarriages.

Agency failed to study safety signals, inform public

Art Moore
WND News Center

An analysis of internal documents found 44% of the pregnant women who participated in the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials suffered miscarriages.

The documents obtained by court order after the FDA tried to keep them hidden for 75 years showed that of the 50 pregnant women who took part, 22 lost their babies.

In response to a lawsuit, a federal judge in Texas in January ordered the immediate release of 12,000 documents and 55,000 pages a month until all of the more than 300,000 pages are made available to the public.

Upon the release of the documents, author and journalist Naomi Wolf recruited researchers to begin analyzing the documents, which she posted on her website Daily Clout.

She said in an interview Monday with Steve Bannon on “War Room” that Pfizer tried to bury the startling data on miscarriages.

“Pfizer took those deaths of babies – those spontaneous abortions and miscarriages – and recategorized them as recovered-resolved adverse effects,” she said.

“In other words, if you lost your baby, it was categorized by Pfizer as a resolved adverse event, like a headache that got better.”

The threat was revealed in the trials, yet the FDA went ahead with urging pregnant women to get the experimental shots, which were issued through emergency use authorization.

“Over a year ago, the FDA received this report that out of 50 pregnant women, 22 of them lost their babies, and they did not say anything,” said Wolf, growing visibly emotional.

“Thus the FDA was aware of the horrifying rate of fetal death by the start of April 2021 and were silent.”

Last week, the CDC issued new guidelines that essentially acknowledge people who are vaccinated are not protected from infection from COVID-19.

Consequently, attorneys who have filed lawsuits on behalf of military members, students, health-care workers and others argue there is no longer a case for mandates.

Millions have lost their livelihoods and faced exclusion “from everyday life activities and basic medical care” because of “a differentiation that the CDC now admits does not make sense,” wrote Michael Senger, an attorney with the New Civil Liberties Alliance, which has filed many cases arguing for the efficacy of natural immunity from infection.

Meanwhile, the Canadian province British Columbia is pressing for unvaccinated mothers who work for the government to pay for any maternity leave from which they benefited or be fired, reports a B.C. news site.

On its website, the B.C. government states: “The vaccination policy stipulates that BC Public Service employees who do not receive two doses of vaccination against COVID-19, or refuse to disclose their vaccination status, and do not have an approved exemption request, are to be placed on a leave without pay for a period of at least three months, after which they may be terminated.”

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  1. blank
    John Smith

    We watched the sheep become victims of genocide for the past couple of years. Their televisions continued to tell them what to think and how to feel about it. We tried to warn them but they called us names. Oh well.

  2. blank

    Rational, open minded people who rely on valid scientific facts have known this for the past few years. Not at all surprising!
    Art Moore, thank you so much for sharing such pertinent information. Hopefully it will help more people regain some level of cognitive flexibility.

    1. blank

      You should be more critical when reading the article. Where is the actual data?! About half of them were counted twice… give the legitimate numbers.?!? You can’t give general blanket terms when attempting to disprove a claim\theory in science

      Also, just because a women has a miscarriage after the injection, doesn’t mean it wasn’t caused by the injection. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. However, if healthy women that have had minimal to no miscarriages in the past, start having numerous miscarriages randomly, that’s a problem. Where is the actual data? I’d love to analyze it!

  3. blank

    has a law suit for people who got the vaccine an suffered a miscarriage start yet or do they have to look into more

    1. blank

      Those women deserve support and compassion. As do their foetus and/or newborns. Justice should be served, but is likely to be complicated.
      Fauci has held a senior position with seven US presidents, starting with Reagan, and with NIAID. The 100% exemption for vaccine manufacturers from any and all liability is but one of his many evil achievements. 
      “Provides that no vaccine manufacturer shall be liable in a civil action for damages arising from a vaccine-related injury or death:
      (1) resulting from unavoidable side effects; or
      (2) solely due to the manufacturer’s failure to provide direct warnings.”

      Unlike almost every other industry on the face of the earth, vaccine makers do not have to compensate their victims when their products injure or kill.
      Based on the above, it may be a long hard road towards justice or retribution.

      This legislation must be revoked, ie totally abolished, starting with our votes through our elected representatives.
      Best of luck!

      Please look up Children’s Health Defense, which may offer potential paths to follow up.

  4. blank
    Claudia Ely

    Your claims have no sources nor do they show actual numbers. You are referencing a journalist known for “Daily clout”. Let the irony sink in. If you meat heads put this much effort and thought into the food we put into our bodies (less processed, no hormone fed dairy, safer pesticides, less sugars and fats, etc) then we might become a healthier society. But instead you all want to be a burden and spread disease because you can’t read and don’t believe in science. Stop pushing the anti-vax agenda and grow up. Get your vaccines like a real adult and stop spreading fear mongering lies that you get from Fox News.


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