Fauci, others suppressed Brit recommendation to use ivermectin against COVID

Fauci, others suppressed Brit recommendation to use ivermectin against COVID. Conclusion called for'immediate' approval for use.
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Conclusion called for ‘immediate’ approval for use

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When COVID-19 apparently came out of a Chinese lab that had been experimenting, with U.S. support, on bat coronaviruses, there was an immediate search for treatments – even as pharmaceutical corporations were developing their billion-dollar experimental shots.

One antiparasitic treatment that already was available, but mostly used in the veterinary industry, was ivermectin.

Testimonials arose about how it was effective, even though federal officials, celebrities and others condemned it. They publicly ridiculed those who would use a “horse paste,” even though that was only one form of ivermectin.

Later, according to the Asahi Shimbun, Kowa Co., the huge Japanese pharmaceutical company, confirmed ivermectin proved an “antiviral effect” against Omicron and other coronavirus variants.

Now a new report by Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson reveals Anthony Fauci, who was Joe Biden’s controversy-mired adviser on COVID-19, and others, apparently suppressed a recommendation at the outset of the pandemic that it be used against the killer.

Attkisson reported government watchdog Judicial Watch obtained paperwork from the Department of Health and Human Services that included emails of then-Director of the National Institutes of Health Francis Collins.

Some of the comments were about a British group’s recommendations on using the drug ivermectin to prevent and treat COVID-19.

The records were obtained as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

Attkisson reported, “In February 2021, a leading British physician and World Council for Health co-founder Dr. Tess Lawrie, who is director and founder of a doctors’ organization called the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD), emailed 31 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials, including the Director of the Office of New Drugs in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Peter Stein; Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research Director Peter Marks; and then-Acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock; and copying several leading foreign medical figures, with an email titled ‘URGENT: The BIRD meeting and recommendation on COVID-19 prevention and treatment.'”

It included a list of related subjects, including concerns, adverse events, and more, regarding COVID-19.

Attached was a document titled “Draft BIRD Proceedings 25-02-2021 v.1.4.pdf,” the report said.

Attkisson noted, “While the document attached to the email is completely redacted, Lawrie’s cover letter states: ‘BIRD panel conclusions are that ivermectin should be approved immediately for prevention and treatment of Covid-19:'”

The statement continued:

The British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Panel recommends Ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with Covid-19 infection and to prevent Covid-19 infection among those at higher risk. The BIRD Steering Group has taken heed of the WHO statement on ‘Developing global norms for sharing data and results during public health emergencies’ that states that ‘public disclosure of information of relevance to public health emergencies should not be delayed’, and also notes the ‘very great risks’ that can occur from ‘withholding data and results arising from analyses’. We are, therefore, sharing this evidence-to decision framework within just a few days of the BIRD meeting to avoid delay. Further, due to the urgency related to the communication and dissemination of this recommendation that is aimed at saving thousands of lives daily, please forgive the limitations of the draft proceedings document attached. Information on the process and methods can be found among the annexes. An Executive Summary is being finalized and will be available on Monday.

Shortly after, Woodcock gave the email to Collins, Fauci and others, accompanied by a comment that now is totally redacted.

“Rather than educate the public about the supposed reasons for their rejection of the Ivermectin-use recommendation, the FDA, NIH, and Fauci’s former agency have blacked out their responses in these documents,” explained Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Fauci even now, as a private citizen after his retirement, continues to blow the horn for more and more boosters to follow up the initial round of vaccinations that the government purchased from drug makers and mandated for Americans in many situations during COVID. That’s despite the fact those have been linked to serious side effects, often heart-related complications that have proven fatal.

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  1. Sylvia

    Ivermectin is an FDA approved drug.
    To ridicule it because it is used to treat horses for parasites is evidence that there are zero valid objections. In other words, grasping at straws or sheer wilful blindness.

    A virus is an intracellular obligate parasite. Like parasites, viruses need a host cell to multiply. Biology 101, part of Pre-Med??!!
    Ivermectin has been successfully used for years against parasites. The proven biological similarities between a parasite and a virus make Ivermectin a logical choice to treat both parasitic viral infections (eg C19).

    It must surely be obvious to most that certain authorities suddenly ban the use of Ivermectin simply because it is low cost.

    Remdesivir, the mandated drug to treat Covid-19, is exorbitantly expensive. Research data has shown potentially disastrous adverse events related to Remdesivir.

    Politicians and government appointed bodies must respect the right of medical practioners to carry out their duties in an ethical manner, ie placing a patient front and center.
    Above all, never dismiss a patient’s right to be a full participant, and final decision maker, in the choice of her/his treatments.

    1. Wolfie

      With everything being exposed now- things some of us knew years ago- it still blows my mind to see people still claiming to believe in Fauci and wearing masks. Just refusing to admit they were lied to and were wronged. Sad.

      1. Sylvia

        Mass Formation Psychosis for sure.
        I never thought that it would be so easy to condition populations to just cower in fear and obey. How is that even possible?
        Masks may help stop droplet transfer but are certainly ineffective to stop airborne viruses, most of which are approx 800 times smaller. Moreover, viruses could enter via our eyes. That’s why the main focus should be on the immune system.
        Ivermectin is being ridiculed simply because of its use in horses as an anti-parasitic. Ketamine is used extensively in veterinary medicine, and not just for horses. It is also used in humans, primarily in pain management. Paramedics have it on hand in EMT and ambulances.
        So if Ketamine is OK, why is Ivermectin banned?
        The sheer illogic and irrationality makes the C19 subterfuge all the more transparent.


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