Fauci knew masking didn’t work at the time he demanded it, report charges

'Why should the American public trust anything else he said or did?' Top COVID adviser Anthony Fauci knew that masking didn't work at the time he demanded it during the pandemic, according to a new report, which raises questions about his actions and credibility as a government employee.
Dr. Anthony Fauci speaks at the National Cathedral for an interfaith vaccine confidence in March 2021. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

‘Why should the American public trust anything else he said or did?’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden’s top COVID adviser during the pandemic, knew that masking didn’t work at the time he demanded it, but went ahead with those requirements anyway, according to a new report.

Fauci, whose wealth surged during the pandemic and who retired last winter on a stratospheric government pension, continues to face problems from his time as a government employee.

For one thing, GOP members of the House are investigating whether he was not properly appointed to his post as required by law, and so may have collected his last year of salary – and dispensed billions in grants – without any authorization whatsoever.

The new report is from The Federalist, which documented the facts.

It reported that emails obtained by the Functional Government Institute, and shared with The Federalist, show Fauci, then chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, published a paper that failed to reveal the shortcomings of his masking ideology.

That was, “despite showing awareness of a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study — which showed a majority of COVID patients in the study became ill despite always wearing face coverings — and The Federalist’s reporting on it.”

“In fact, for two more years, Fauci demanded universal masking and encouraged mandates requiring face coverings despite their uselessness,” the report said.

The article at issue appeared Oct. 12, 2020, with the headline, “CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks,” and discussed a CDC study from 2020 that analyzed 154 cases.

Researchers, the report said, “tried to use the data to convince the public that ‘Exposures and activities where mask use and social distancing are difficult to maintain, including going to places that offer on-site eating or drinking, might be important risk factors for acquiring COVID-19.'”

However, the report confirmed, “a majority of case patients (71 percent) and control participants (74 percent) ‘reported always using cloth face coverings or other mask types when in public’ in the weeks leading up to their illness.”

The result was that the CDC “was forced to concede that, despite its best efforts to blame the spread of the virus on those who maintained public participation with little-to-no masking, ‘direction, ventilation, and intensity of airflow might affect virus transmission, even if social distancing measures and mask use are implemented according to current guidance.'”

It was Fauci’s chief of staff, Greg Folkers, who had emailed The Federalist report to Fauci.

Fauci’s response, after seeing it, was “Not good for our paper.”

The report also outlined how Fauci and his NAIAD team failed to get their own “story straight on masking” at the time.

The public was told masking was essential, but officials privately confirmed the science didn’t support that concept.

Fauci, at one point, claimed, “We had a super-spreader event in the White House and it was in a situation where people were crowded together and were not wearing masks. So the data speak for themselves.”

But then after Fauci’s staff notified him of The Federalist report, officials admitted the research data about masks was “weak.”

It was at that time that Fauci and others were warning that the nation’s return to normalcy was dependent on “widespread acceptance and adoption of mask wearing…”

Despite knowing the doubts, Fauci subsequently insisted, “to safely reopen businesses, schools, and other facets of society, mask use in the community to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2, in conjunction with other low-cost, low-tech, commonsense public health practices, is and will remain critical.”

Peter McGinnis, of the FGI, said Fauci “clearly knew about the CDC study showing masks didn’t work as we were told, but he chose neither to address nor even mention it and instead pushed forward his paper saying the exact opposite.”

“At best, this is poor scientific ethics. If Dr. Fauci was so quick to ignore science so early in the pandemic, why should the American public trust anything else he said or did over the last few years?”

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