Do Pfizer inoculations do more harm than good?

Evidence suggests milder Omicron variant appears to ignore both vaccinated and natural immunity

The world is watching as the Omicron variant of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus races around the globe at breathtaking speed. The virus appears to have mutated so much that it ignores both vaccines and natural immunity from people who have recovered from COVID-19 sickness.

The answer most public health authorities have to this reality is to encourage a third and then possibly a fourth shot of the Pfizer or Moderna EUA approved vaccinations. Israel is now administering a fourth injection. The timeline between boosters continues to diminish as cases rise. 

But the need for a “booster” is contradicted by data indicating the current inoculations do not prevent people from getting Omicron. Yakima E.R. physician Dr. Raul Garcia shared that he was vaccinated, he had gotten COVID earlier in the year, and then recently tested positive for Omicron.

Furthermore, all indications from South Africa where Omicron began, are very few people needed to be hospitalized due to sickness caused by the latest variant. Case numbers there have declined significantly according to a Dec. 30 statement.

“While the Omicron variant is highly transmissible, there has been lower rates of hospitalization than in previous waves,” the government said. “This means that the country has a spare capacity for admission of patients even for routine health services. There is a marginal increase in the number of deaths in all the provinces.”

As the Omicron variant sweeps the globe, cases in South Africa have declined. The variant originated in South Africa where healthcare professionals report reduced hospitalization and milder overall symptoms due to the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Graphic courtesy Our World in Data
As the Omicron variant sweeps the globe, cases in South Africa have declined. The variant originated in South Africa where healthcare professionals report reduced hospitalization and milder overall symptoms due to the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Graphic courtesy Our World in Data

The Vacuum of Truth

“The first step is to give up the illusion that the primary purpose of modern medical research is to improve Americans’ health most effectively and efficiently. In our opinion, the primary purpose of commercially funded clinical research is to maximize financial return on investment, not health.”

—John Abramson, M.D., Harvard Medical School

A Canadian group of over 500 healthcare professionals has put together a hard-hitting video alleging the Pfizer vaccinations do more harm than good. The Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) claims to support “independent, science based evidence to empower Canadians.” They hope hospitalizations can be reduced, lives saved, and their country can be safely restored to normal as quickly as possible.

The centerpiece of the claims are centered around Pfizer’s own data. “The Pfizer 6 month data shows that Pfizer’s COVID-19 inoculations cause more illness than they prevent,” says the CCCA. They also provide an overview of the Pfizer trial, alleging flaws in both design and execution.

In the US, Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory held a “year in review” discussion at their Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) on Dec. 29. During the hour and 34 minute presentation and discussion, they talked about how unreliable the data in the US has been regarding COVID-19 and the pandemic.

“You have to look at the ‘all cause mortality’,” said Marik. Both he and Kory noted that the Pfizer data showed higher mortality among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. “What’s astonishing, in the Pfizer study you were more likely to die if you were vaccinated than if you were unvaccinated,” Marik said. They also mentioned similar data from the U.K.

They also cited data from highly vaccinated Denmark showing Omicron attacks the vaccinated as much as it attacks the unvaccinated. A Danish doctor said 75 percent of the country’s Omicron patients are fully immunized with a two-dose vaccine, while 9 percent of Omicron positive patients have received a booster dose. At the time of the report, 99 percent of Omicron patients were not hospitalized.

“Free and open scientific discourse, and safe and effective vaccines begins with the most important premise in medicine, first, do no harm,” the CCC says in their opening.

Medical interventions approved by Health Canada must first be proven to be safe with due diligence and research. There is a need to adhere to the established protocols of the doctor-patient relationship, informed consent and scientific inquiry. “Deviating from those practices, causing harm and failing to disclose risks of harm is negligent,” they claim.

The CCCA lists evidence beginning with Pfizer’s two-month data report. It was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dec. 31, 2020. 

Doctors Paul Marik and Pierre Kory discuss the data from Pfizer’s own trial and data from the UK which shows higher mortality for vaccinated individuals than the unvaccinated. Kory emphasizes there is a significant difference between early treatment and late treatment. Video courtesy FLCCC Alliance

The CCCA notes the report indicates there were 43,548 people in the report (not a controlled or randomized “study”). There was a treatment group that received inoculation, and a control group who received saline for two months, to see who developed COVID-19.

Pfizer made the claim that the inoculations were safe and showed 95 percent efficacy, seven days after the second dose. People think that means you’re protected 95 percent of the time, but that is wrong. The 95 percent was actually a Relative Risk Reduction (RRR). The Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) was only 0.84 percent..

Relative risk reduction is well known to be a misleading number, according to the CCCA. “The FDA recommends using absolute risk reduction instead, which begs the question how many people would have chosen to take the COVID-19 vaccines had they understood that they offered less than 1 percent benefit?” the CCCA asked.

The numbers

In the Pfizer trial, eight out of 18,198 people who were given the vaccine developed COVID-19. In the unvaccinated placebo group 162 people got it.  Even without the vaccine, the risk of contracting COVID-19 was extremely low at  0.88 percent which the vaccine then reduced to 0.04 percent. 

The net benefit or the absolute risk reduction that you’re being offered with a Pfizer vaccine is 0.84 percent. That 95 percent number refers to the relative difference between 0.88 and 0.04 percent. That’s what Pfizer calls 95 percent relative risk reduction.

They note that Pfizer’s clinical trial did not test all participants for COVID. Instead, investigators were instructed to test only those with symptoms. This means asymptomatic infection was missed and results are unreliable due to the high level of subjectivity investigators had and their ability to manipulate results.

According to the CCCA, Pfizer’s clinical trial data shows a total of 20 deaths in the group that received the vaccine compared to 14 deaths in the placebo group.

Pfizer originally planned a three-year blind study of their vaccine with 42,000 participants. Half would get the vaccine and half would get a saline (placebo). The participants wouldn’t know which group they were in until the end of the 3 years.

Instead, Pfizer ended the initial phase of the study after just two months. They “unblinded” the study and offered people in the placebo group the opportunity to take the test vaccine. They had collected only two months of data instead of the planned 36 months of data.

The vast majority of the placebo group moved into the inoculated group. In early 2021, there was no longer a control group to compare with the inoculated group. For the rest of the trial, there was no way to assess long term effectiveness or safety.

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance explains the problems in the original Pfizer vaccine study and reveals data showing the Pfizer inoculation had more death than those who received the placebo. Video Courtesy CCC Alliance

The Pfizer six month data report came out September 15, 2021. This report indicated an efficacy of 91.3 percent, meaning the inoculated group showed a reduction in positive cases compared to the placebo group. But shockingly, the inoculated group also showed an increase in illness and deaths. “There’s no benefit to a reduction in cases, if it comes at a cost of increased illness and death,” the CCCA says.

Pfizer supposedly is missing data for thousands of participants (many of whom were suspected to have COVID in the vaccinated group but weren’t tested). If they were included it would have reduced the relative risk reduction to 19 percent — less than the 50 percent eligible for (Emergency Use Authorization) EUA.

Additionally, in the Pfizer group only 21 percent of study participants had a co-existing health condition. In the real world, 95 percent of those listed as dying from COVID had at least one comorbidity and the average was four comorbidity conditions.

They note the Pfizer study failed to track biomarkers for individual health issues that would have provided additional indications of reactions to the vaccine. These should have included d-dimers, C-reactive protein, troponins, blood oxygen levels, and more, according to the CCCA.

The lack of follow up data suggests there were an additional 1,594 “suspected cases” of inoculated people getting COVID plus another 80 participants “lost to follow up.” Including that data would have potentially changed the numbers to 1,672 vaccinated people getting the virus and 2,064 in the placebo group. The 95 percent difference between eight and 162 cases would have changed to a mere 19 percent advantage.


According to CCCA, Pfizer also took results from their adult trial and added them to the results of the 12-15-year-olds trial, despite that adolescent trial starting four months later. The result was boosted efficacy numbers and inaccurate reporting of risks and benefits for children.

Pfizer’s study of adolescents aged 12 to 15 was too small to show risk and showed no benefit — only 1,005 participants were vaccinated and 978 received the placebo.

Pfizer boasted about great results but the adolescents they tested were at a statistically zero percent risk of death from COVID. Getting the vaccine injection wouldn’t have benefited them in the first place. What the vaccine did do was increase the risk of adverse events, which the clinical trial wasn’t designed to detect.

There was at least one very serious adverse event — 12-year-old Maddie de Garay. “Maddie developed gastroparesis, nausea and vomiting, erratic blood pressure, memory loss, brain fog, headaches, dizziness, fainting, seizures, verbal and motor tics, menstrual cycle issues, lost feeling from the waist down, lost bowel and bladder control and had a nasogastric tube placed because she lost her ability to eat,” according to multiple news reports. She has been in a wheelchair and fed via tube ever since.

In Pfizer’s report, her adverse reaction was described as “functional abdominal pain,” rather than the significant health problems Maddie and her family are now dealing with.

For children, the Pfizer study reported good results. But the CCCA highlights the fact that children have a statistically zero risk of serious complications from COVID, while noting the case of Maddy de Garay who had a severe reaction to the Pfizer vaccine during the trial. Graphic courtesy CCCA
For children, the Pfizer study reported good results. But the CCCA highlights the fact that children have a statistically zero risk of serious complications from COVID, while noting the case of Maddy de Garay who had a severe reaction to the Pfizer vaccine during the trial. Graphic courtesy CCCA

Pfizer also used predictive modeling and stated their vaccine will cause myocarditis but said there would be zero deaths. This violates the first principle of medicine (do no harm) and science shows a mortality rate of 20 percent at 6.5 years in those who have myocarditis.

Medical interventions are supposed to be proven safe before they are rolled out in the population. Yet Dr. Eric Rubin, one of the 18 members of the FDA advisory panel who voted to approve the inoculations for children 5-11, actually said the opposite. He suggested that a population level roll out was an appropriate way to test for adverse events. Rubin is the editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, which published the Pfizer trial reports.

The CDC has now authorized booster shots of the Pfizer injection for teen youth ages 12-17. They claim data shows that “COVID-19 boosters help broaden and strengthen protection against Omicron and other SARS-CoV-2 variants.”

Pfizer proclaims the inoculations are safe, yet the data is not there to back that claim up. In addition to admitting that their inoculations can cause myocarditis, Pfizer also admits in their report, that their long-term immune response, efficacy and safety data is limited and that their studies weren’t powered to find “rare” side effects in 5-11 year olds, as only 1,517 kids got the inoculation.

Questions continue to be raised

On Nov. 2, the British Medical Journal published an article about their investigation into Ventavia, one of the research companies Pfizer hired to conduct the trials. It’s quite damning. 

The whistleblower is a Regional Director who actually reported her company to the FDA alleging:

• Falsifying data

• Unblinding participants

• Not following up and testing participants who reported symptoms

• Mislabelling specimens

Several other employees backed up her account, according to the report. Despite all this, neither Pfizer, nor the FDA audited or investigated the research company, according to the CCCA. Pfizer never disclosed the problems in its EUA application, and in fact, Pfizer has now hired that same researcher, Ventavia, to run four more COVID-19 clinical trials.

The Pfizer data shows a significant increase in illness related to their inoculation, including 5,241 “related adverse events” that impacts the safety of the vaccine. Graphic Canadian Covid Care Alliance
The Pfizer data shows a significant increase in illness related to their inoculation, including 5,241 “related adverse events” that impacts the safety of the vaccine. Graphic Canadian Covid Care Alliance

The CCCA reports Ontario (Canada) Public Health recommended young men 18-24 not take the Moderna shot, because of a 1 in 5,000 risk of myocarditis. They suggested Pfizer shot instead, which has a 1 in 28,000 risk of myocarditis.

But as recently as May 8, 2021, Ontario had stopped allowing the AstraZeneca shot because of a 1 in 60,000 risk of clotting side effects, which was considered too high.

The CCCA notes a long history of Pfizer paying billions in lawsuit damages, as part of their “follow the money” in the report. They note Pfizer made $33 billion in 2021, and continues to get lucrative government contracts related to COVID-19. 

They note the CDC has redefined “vaccine” so that it no longer provides immunity, benefiting political and pharmaceutical interests.  

Questions continue to arise about effective treatments, the ongoing “emergency” declarations from Gov. Jay Inslee, the state and local public health officials, and the federal government handing out money. 

The politics of fear have been noted by many, including CCT’s Heidi Wetzler. Learn about Mass Formation Psychosis here.

Here is the complete 39 minute video presentation by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

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  1. Melissa

    The points about relative risk reduction (RRR) efficacy are spot on! Less than 1% absolute risk reduction (ARR)… in symptoms. Covid, as defined by the CDC for vaccine development, is a collection of symptoms followed by a positive PCR test. So 95% (RRR) effective at “preventing symptomatic covid” is actually 1% (ARR) effective at reducing the symptoms of covid. This was a bait and switch. The vaccines were never tested to reduce transmission. Only symptoms.

    One question on the Omicron variant. I have never seen any data on Omicron evading Natural Immunity. I’ve seen the claim made, here and elsewhere, but always in the absence of data. Could you link to a study on that? Thanks,

      1. Melissa

        It’s an interesting article. It explores the theoretical possibility that omicron *could* evade natural immunity, by testing against convalescent sera. But the study doesn’t include any real world data of reinfection for someone with confirmed previous infection. Footnote #6 comes closest, but the people in the quarantine hotel study weren’t previously infected; they were previously vaccinated. I’m looking for epidemiological data that show reinfection after previously confirmed infection. 

          1. Melissa

            Case data example: Last week’s data from Clark County Public Health shows 2,434 new covid cases. 1,397 of them were fully vaccinated breakthrough cases. That means 59% of last week’s new cases were fully vaccinated (vaccine failure). CCPH does not track reinfections for residents with Natural Immunity. It’s simple data. Not complex, theoretical models, which you keep sending me. I would like to see data, here in Clark County; or in Washington State through the DOH; or in the US through the CDC, that shows the number of actual cases of reinfection (natural immune failure). I’m tired of public health officials making the claim that natural immunity doesn’t hold up, while presenting no data to show me that.

          2. Jay A Kanta

            This is what is called the “base rate fallacy”. You can look it up. It’s always been a favorite of anti-vaxxers where the majority of a population is vaccinated thus leading to confusing statistics of breakthrough cases.

            You’d like to see data? Go get an education and apply for the grants that scientists do to get access to data.

            I’m tired of public health officials making the claim that natural immunity doesn’t hold up, while presenting no data to show me that.”

            I’m sorry, I linked research earlier proving that natural immunity levels are far too variable in a population to provide for significant protection. It also requires that people SURVIVE the infection with no long-term sequalae such as death.

          3. AnotherLover

            A lawyer representing ICAN requested that data from the CDC and they replied they don’t have record of a single instance of a naturally immune person spreading the covid virus. I’m pretty sure you knew that, but I was just pointing it out for kicks.

      2. Gothamite

        I think the study you linked to measured the ability of Omicron to evade immunity conferred by prior variants. What about immunity conferred by Omicron itself? Do you think that protection is worse than immunity generated by a vaccine that was designed to fight the original version of Covid 19? I see that Pfizer is now working on a vaccine tailored to Omicron, but is it likely to be available before the Omicron wave has peaked or passed?

        1. John Ley

          Gothamite –

          Good question on the availability of a new Pfizer vaccine.

          Most reports indicate they will go to the FDA in March.

          The Omicron wave “may” be over by then, if what we’ve observed in South Africa repeats itself here in the USA.

  2. Margaret

    In Clark County, there have been no deaths with COVID under 20 years old, and just one death in the twenties. Starting with the gubernatorial mandates in August, deaths began to occur more often among those in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s. Whether residents who are hospitalized or die with a positive COVID test have received an innoculation is not revealed to the public.

    Reports of COVID Vaccine Injuries Pass 1 Million Mark, FDA Signs Off on Pfizer Booster for Kids 12 and Up
    U.S. VAERS data from Dec. 14, 2020, to Dec. 24, 2021, for 12- to 17-year-olds show:  

    The most recent death involves a previously healthy 15-year-old girl from Wisconsin (VAERS I.D. 1963633), who experienced a cerebral and intraventricular hemorrhage secondary to a ruptured aneurysm. She also tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 despite having been fully vaccinated.

    • 61 reports of anaphylaxis among 12- to 17-year-olds where the reaction was life-threatening, required treatment or resulted in death — with 96% of cases
    • attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
    • 579 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis with 568 cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
    • 146 reports of blood clotting disorders, with all cases attributed to Pfizer.

    Dr. Michelle Perro, pediatrician and co-author of “What’s Making Our Children Sick,” disagreed with the FDA’s decision, pointing out that “children are not mini-adults.” In an email to The Defender, Perro said children’s rapid growth, quick cellular turnover and less efficient detoxification pathways are factors that must be considered whenever any new therapeutics are being introduced.
    Perro said:
    “This newest immunomodulating therapy, the mRNA inoculation, has already been shown to have produced multisystem negative health outcomes in children garnered from the CDC’s own database.”
    Perro outlined five reasons she believes this “experimental therapy” must be immediately withdrawn:

    • Gene-edited injectables have not been adequately studied in children as per Pfizer’s own data, where they meshed childrens’ and adults’ data together.
    • The injection utilizes nanotechnology which is now part of the emerging technology in vaccinology research. These nanoparticles are so small in size they can cross the blood-brain barrier which can adversely affect our already fragile population of children.
    • The mRNA itself is unstable and is thus encapsulated in a lipid biosphere comprised of a polyethylene glycol shell which in itself is toxic.
    • The number of children suffering from already documented irreparable side effects from the inoculations, such as those occurring in their hearts (myocarditis), is not only unacceptable but immoral.
    • Children’s healthcare providers are neither educated or proactive in diagnosing and treating the effects from this experimental therapy.

    Perro questioned the FDA’s motives, given that children suffer nearly zero morbidity and mortality from COVID infections.
    She also said the FDA is “veering from” its own historical stance.
    “When previous true vaccines were introduced historically (rotavirus vaccine), after just a few cases of adversity, they were immediately withdrawn,” Perro told The Defender. “The FDA must adhere to its own historical position regarding their assigned task of the protection and oversight of our country’s greatest asset: our children.”

    In the spring, the FDA approved 2 adult doses of Pfizer for people just 12 years old and up, and far too many teenagers and young people at low risk of harm from the coronavirus have suffered serious negative health impacts, or died after vaccination. With early treatment, the outlook for young people of recovering from a covid infection is good.

    Consider the adverse health impacts previously healthy young people have suffered, not a complete list by any means.

    Adolescent Boys at Higher Risk of Hospitalization From Pfizer Vaccine Than From COVID
    CDC Not Investigating Myocarditis Death of 13-Year-Old Days After Pfizer Shot, Emails Reveal17-Year-Old Develops Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome and Myocarditis After Pfizer Vaccine, Report Shows
    16-year-old Wisconsin girl develops blood clots, dead 11 days after experimental Pfizer mRNA shot
    You should not get the vaccine if you:
    • had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose of this vaccine
    • had a severe allergic reaction to any ingredient of this vaccine.
    COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) and the authorized formulations of the
    vaccine include the following ingredients:
    • mRNA and lipids ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-
    hexyldecanoate), 2 [(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide, 1,2-
    Distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine, and cholesterol).4 Revised: 03 January 2022
    Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines for individuals 12 years of age and older contain
    1 of the following sets of additional ingredients; ask the vaccination provider which
    version is being administered:
    • potassium chloride, monobasic potassium phosphate, sodium chloride, dibasic
    sodium phosphate dihydrate, and sucrose
    • tromethamine, tromethamine hydrochloride, and sucrose

    Signs of a severe allergic reaction can include:
    • Difficulty breathing,• Swelling of your face and throat,• A fast heartbeat,•
    A bad rash all over your body,* Dizziness and weakness
    Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and pericarditis (inflammation of the
    lining outside the heart) have occurred in some people who have received the vaccine.
    You should seek medical attention right away if you have any of the following symptoms after receiving the vaccine:
    • Chest pain
    • Shortness of breath
    • Feelings of having a fast-beating, fluttering, or pounding heart
    Side effects that have been reported with the vaccine include:
    • severe allergic reactions
    • non-severe allergic reactions such as rash, itching, hives, or swelling of the face
    • myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle)
    • pericarditis (inflammation of the lining outside the heart)
    • injection site pain
    • tiredness
    • headache
    • muscle pain
    • chills
    • joint pain
    • fever
    • injection site swelling
    • injection site redness
    • nausea
    • feeling unwell
    • swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy)
    • decreased appetite
    • diarrhea
    • vomiting
    • arm pain
    • fainting in association with injection of the vaccine
    These may not be all the possible side effects of the vaccine. Serious and unexpected
    side effects may occur. The possible side effects of the vaccine are still being studied in
    clinical trials.
    1 Revised: 03 January 2022

    1. Jay Kanta

      VAERS data is not evidence of anything. What you’re doing is ridiculous on it’s face. Stop thinking you know anything about public health when it’s obvious you’re uneducated on the topic.

      1. Margaret

        “The number of adverse events due to COVID-19 vaccines reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website has surpassed 1 million.
        The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, known as VAERS, reports that as of Dec. 24, there were 21,002 COVID vaccine deaths and 110,609 hospitalizations along with a total of 1,000,227 COVID vaccine adverse events. The figures are summarized on the independent site OpenVAERS.
        Advertisement – story continues below

        However, many physicians and scientists believe the true figures are much higher. Physicians who sued the FDA for documents related to clinical trials for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine estimate the true numbers are five times higher. A recent study led by a researcher at Columbia University estimated the actual figures are higher by a factor of 20. If the underreporting factor is correct, it would mean that there are nearly 400,000 deaths due to COVID-19 vaccines. See full article: 1 million COVID-vaccine injuries now reported on CDC’s database

        1. Jay Kanta

          OpenVAERS is owned and operated by an anti-vax group.

          It avoids the warning on accessing VAERS data citing that nothing within VAERS can be used as evidence of causation.

          And that’s not a real study from “Columbia University”. It’s completely fake.

          This is how anti-vaxxers work, they just repeat the same nonsense over and over and show no credible evidence backing up their claims.

          1. Jay A Kanta

            And you have no evidence to the contrary. The “study” from Columbia University couldn’t pass peer-review. VAERS is an anecdotal database unusuable in the way anti-vaxxers use it.

            These are all well established in professional scientific literature.

          2. Jay A Kanta

            VAERS data is not valid evidence of an adverse event that is “CAUSALLY” linked to the vaccine. It clearly says that in the warning the VAERS site shows before accessing data.

            I get my data from scientific research and my education.

            “Limitations of VAERS:

            • It is generally not possible to find out from VAERS data if a vaccine caused the adverse event
            • Reports submitted to VAERS often lack details and sometimes contains errors
            • Serious adverse events are more likely to be reported than non-serious events
            • Numbers of reports may increase in response to media attention and increased public awareness
            • VAERS data cannot be used to determine rates of adverse events

      2. AnotherLover

        VAERS is THE pharmacovigilance system used in the United States, and most reports on VAERS come from hospitals, not from individuals. VAERS is evidence of vaccine adverse events. That’s what it’s there for.

        Let me ask you this: If you’re not going to turn to VAERS for population-wide vaccine safety data, then where will you turn? If you’re not going to use VAERS for vaccine pharmacovigilance, then what will you use?

        I’m looking forward to reading your desperate, know-nothing, google-fueled non-answer.

        1. Jay A Kanta

          Thank you for lying. VAERS is not evidence of side effects. It clearly says that in the warning section.

          No single VAERS case is valid as evidence of any sort of side effect. It’s only a self-reported case.

          We use double-blinded Phase III studies to determine safety, and then overall cohort reviews to continue to determine safety.

          I’m a scientist, this is what I do.

          1. AnotherLover

            “I’m a scientist.” Lol. What’s your degree in? Science?

            VAERS isn’t a single case. It’s over 20,000 deaths alone after the covid killshots, for one adverse event.

            In any of your extensive scientific studies, did you ever come across the Bradfor-Hill criteria for causation? Of course you did. You’re a multi-degree-winning scientismsist.

        2. Jay A Kanta

          Are all adverse events reported to VAERS caused by vaccines?

          No. Some adverse events might be caused by vaccination and others might be coincidental and not related to vaccination. Just because an adverse event happened after a person received a vaccine does not mean the vaccine caused the adverse event.
          VAERS accepts reports of adverse events following vaccination without judging the cause or seriousness of the event. VAERS is not designed to determine if a vaccine caused an adverse event, but it is good at detecting unusual or unexpected patterns of reporting that might indicate possible safety problems that need a closer look.

          1. AnotherLover

            Yeah, that’s pretty much how it works.

            And in the case of these covid “vaccines,” which are different from normal vaccines in that A) they don’t work, and B) they cause a person to produce a toxin, many doctors are not following the LAW which demands they report all adverse events to VAERS in accordance with a timetable that varies by adverse event. According to MANY nurse whistleblowers many doctors and nurses have never even heard of VAERS. And it itself is such a cumbersome reporting mechanism that few doctors even could report all the required adverse events to it because it takes too long.

            So, even though you see the massive spike in reports since the killshots rollout, those reports represent an extreme undercounting.


          1. AnotherLover

            Fair enough. Of course, of those three:
            1) VAERS.
            2) The Vaccine Safety Datalink — which uses VAERS.
            3) CISA — And how many covid vaccine studies have they done?

            2 of them rely solely or partly on VAERS data, and one of them hasn’t much to say about the covid vaccines. That’s because VAERS is THE primary source for vaccine pharmacovigilance in the United States.

          2. Jay A Kanta

            Are you an expert that would know how to use any of the adverse event reporting systems?

            You don’t even seem to recognize the warning about using VAERS as evidence of causation, but there we go, you do it anyway.

    2. Margaret

      Correction: The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine has received Emergency Use Authorization from FDA for people 12 years old and up.

      Per the Pfizer EUA fact sheet for healthcare providers: Revised: 03 January 2022 12
      “Myocarditis and Pericarditis
      Postmarketing data demonstrate increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis,
      particularly within 7 days following the second dose. The observed risk is higher
      among males under 40 years of age than among females and older males. The
      observed risk is highest in males 12 through 17 years of age. ”

      “Adverse Reactions in Post Authorization Experience
      Severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis, and other hypersensitivity
      reactions (e.g., rash, pruritus, urticaria, angioedema), diarrhea, vomiting, pain in
      extremity (arm), and syncope have been reported following administration of the
      Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.”

      “Additional adverse reactions, some of which may be serious, may become
      apparent with more widespread use of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

      Use with Other Vaccines
      There is no information on the co-administration of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19
      Vaccine with other vaccines.”

      “Vial Storage Prior to Use
      Cartons of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine multiple dose vials with gray caps
      and labels with gray borders may arrive frozen at ultra-cold conditions in thermal
      containers with dry ice.
      Once received, frozen vials may be immediately transferred to the refrigerator [2ºC
      to 8ºC (35ºF to 46ºF)], thawed and stored for up to 10 weeks. The 10-week
      refrigerated expiry date should be recorded on the carton at the time of transfer.
      A carton of 10 vials may take up to 6 hours to thaw at this temperature.
      Alternatively, frozen vials may be stored in an ultra-low temperature freezer
      at -90ºC to -60ºC (-130ºF to -76ºF). Do not store vials at -25°C to -15°C (-13°F to
      5°F). Once vials are thawed they should not be refrozen.
      Cartons of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine multiple dose vials with gray caps
      and labels with gray borders may also arrive at 2°C to 8°C. If received at 2°C to
      8°C, they should be stored at 2°C to 8°C. Check that the carton has been updated
      to reflect the 10-week refrigerated expiry date.
      Regardless of storage condition, vaccines should not be used after 9 months from
      the date of manufacture printed on the vial and cartons. Expiry dates based on
      9 months from the date of the manufacture are shown below.Revised: 03 January 2022 5
      Printed Manufacturing Date 9-Month Expiry Date
      06/2021 28-Feb-2022
      07/2021 31-Mar-2022
      08/2021 30-Apr-2022
      09/2021 31-May-2022
      10/2021 30-Jun-2022
      11/2021 31-Jul-2022
      12/2021 31-Aug-2022
      01/2022 30-Sep-2022
      02/2022 31-Oct-2022
      Vial Storage During Use
      If not previously thawed at 2ºC to 8ºC (35ºF to 46ºF), allow vials to thaw at room
      temperature [up to 25ºC (77ºF)] for 30 minutes.
      Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine multiple dose vials with gray caps and labels
      with gray borders may be stored at room temperature [8°C to 25°C (46°F to 77°F)]
      for a total of 12 hours prior to the first puncture. After first puncture, the vial should
      be held between 2ºC to 25°C (35°F to 77°F). Vials should be discarded 12 hours
      after first puncture.
      Vial labels and cartons may state that a vial should be discarded 6 hours after the
      first puncture. The information in this Fact Sheet supersedes the number of hours
      printed on vial labels and cartons.
      Transportation of Vials
      If local redistribution is needed, vials may be transported at -90°C to -60°C (-130°F
      to -76°F) or at 2°C to 8°C (35°F to 46°F)

      1. Jay Kanta

        Why did you fail to mention the myocarditis risk from COVID in the same age range?

        Oh, because you’re just an RFK Jr. flunkie, doing this as a job, aren’t you?

        1. Margaret

          As for being “uneducated”. When my father died in the spring of my senior year in high school, it was clear to my mother and I that I must proceed with my plans to enroll in university, thus I did, with the goal of graduation in 4 years. By the grace of God, I achieved my goal, and completed a Bachelor of Science. I do not work for RFK Jr,, or anybody else. I have signed up for the Free Defender newsletter available from ChildrensHealthDefense and encourage any interested person to do so. Many articles are available in Spanish soon after english publication, and some in German, Italian, and French. Recent articles include: Pfizer Asks FDA to Authorize Booster Shots for All Adults, as Vaccine Maker Puts ‘Profits’ Over ‘Public Health’ “Pfizer and BioNTech said their FDA request is based on results of a study, conducted by the two companies, which has not been published or peer-reviewed.”
          7-Year-Old Dies 11 Days After Pfizer Shot, VAERS Report Shows Judge Gives FDA 8 Months, Not 75 Years, to Produce Pfizer Safety Data Biden Pick for FDA Chief Holds Millions in Big Pharma Investments

          1. Jay A Kanta

            I have multiple graduate degrees in science.

            It’s obvious you don’t know what research is and you think anecdotes are evidence.

            They are not. You can’t bring any credible research.

          2. Jay A Kanta

            Given that you have zero education in science, you have no place to talk. You think RFK Jr. is credible, despite the well documented lies and grifting he’s done in the last decade.

        2. AnotherLover

          First off, the fact that you’re even comparing the two SHOULD tell even the densest among us that the vaccines are problematic concerning myocarditis. It SHOULD, lol…

          The risk of myocarditis is MUCH HIGHER in males under 40 following vaccination than following covid.

          Paper title: Risk of myocarditis following sequential COVID-19 vaccinations by age and sex

          This article is a pre-print, but do check the conflicts of interest section to find out it was written by an AstraZeneca rep, someone from the Wellcome Trust, and someone at SAGE, all obviously pro-vaccine groups. This is the best they could do.

          I’ve stripped the statistical details for easier reading:

          “Myocarditis risk was increased during 1-28 days following a third dose of BNT162b2. Associations were strongest in males younger than 40 years for all vaccine types with an additional 3 and 12 events per million estimated in the 1-28 days following a first dose of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273, respectively; 14, 12 and 101 additional events following a second dose of ChAdOx1, BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273, respectively; and 13 additional events following a third dose […]”

          “compared with 7 additional events following COVID-19 infection.”

          28 per million for Pfizer-boosted killshot victims.
          7 per million for covid.

          So, the vaccines kill young men. Covid:

          “An association between COVID-19 infection and myocarditis was observed in all ages for both sexes but was substantially higher in those older than 40 years.”

          as expected, affects older people worse.

          Also, for the young and the old alike, ALL GROUPS have been deprived of effective early treatments, which would reduce the risk of hospitalization and myocarditis from covid to near zero. The vaccine injury, on the other hand, is not currently treatable. If you got the killshot, there’s no known way to avoid developing myocarditis from it like you can with early treatment of covid.

          You should spend your time seeking the truth instead being a total jerk.

          And if this is your job, then you should find new employment.


          1. Jay A Kanta

            Also, for the young and the old alike, ALL GROUPS have been deprived of effective early treatments,”

            Oh, you’re an HCQ/Ivermectin clown. Neither work, as shown by significant numbers of randmized, blinded research studies. But since you’re uneducated you wouldn’t understand.

            You have no evidence the vaccine is a “killshot”. It’s just more anti-vax nuttery.

          2. AnotherLover

            You’re getting desperate. There are many treatments for covid. The CDC recommends you do nothing.

            Is that you would do if you got covid? Sit at home until you turn blue?

      2. GaryW

        Margaret, you’re very kind to tolerate Jay’s insults and nonsense, but it’s a waste of your time as he clearly gets is “opinions” preformed and delivered to the comfort of his home by the likes of the Wolf Blitzers and Judy Woodruffs of the world. Margaret you’ll forget more covid science than someone like Jay will ever learn because like many of us your mind is open and you’ll read and educate yourself and continue to question rather than simply regurgitate whatever MSM tells you to believe. This is very confusing for someone like Jay. Jay hasn’t and can’t provide the slightest bit of real world evidence to challenge anything in this article or in your comments – so all he’s got is condescension and insults. But who knows, maybe Jay is a Fauci disciple and he thinks his uninformed opinion equals – “the science.”

          1. Jay A Kanta

            Perhaps if you knew what you were talking about.

            The vaccines are far safer than the disease. That’s how all vaccine safety is determined. You’re another black-and-white thinker, showing your own limitations, not that of Fauci or anyone else.

            Do vaccines have risks? Yes, all of them do. Remaining unvaccinated is far riskier, as is shown in countless research publications.


            anti-vaxxers don’t understand how to do risk analysis and they lie.

          2. Jay A Kanta

            No goalposts moved. Vaccines are not 100% risk free, but they are far safer than the disease.

            Non of the “studies” you gish-galloped concluded anything else. They are all identifying side effects and attempting to get a grip on identifying risk-factors associated with those side effects, that’s all.

            You just can’t do a credible risk-analysis, which is why you belong to an anti-vax cult that holds RFK Jr. as your prophet.

          3. AnotherLover

            I didn’t gish gallop a thing. I posted one study — one conducted by pro-vaxxers — that showed myocarditis is MUCH more frequent among the vaccinated “young” men — those under 40 — than among those that had covid.

          4. Gothamite

            Are they safer than the disease resulting from exposure to Omicron? It would seem the cost-benefit may need to be recalibrated. Maybe it’s too early to have conclusive data but early indications are that Omicron is far more benign. And for any variant, shouldn’t the calculation of risk from the disease take into account things such as age and other risk factors? I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but it seems that universal mandates are not called for.

          5. Pony

            Pfizer’s own studies showed that the vaccine is more dangerous than the virus. They just corrupted the interpretation and falsified the data to support their nefarious plan to steal billions of dollars. That’s been widely shown.

            Mr Can’t-not you are not intelligent enough to work in research. You’ve shown it here many times through your imbecilic and demeaning comments.

          6. AnotherLover

            Ah, my bad — I thought you were replying to me. I didn’t realize the email notifications were for every dang reply in the thread. I would simply delete the “Moves goalposts” comment if I could.


          7. GaryW

            I’ve read 4 to 6 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the medical research and information coming in from around the world for over two years now. I do this because I am quite capable of thinking for myself Jay. Just an FYI for what it’s worth.

  3. Jay Kanta

    Mr. Lee is an airline pilot, not a scientist or any kind of expert in public health.

    This entire attempt to attack vaccines and public health is from demon-sperm level quackery, nothing more. Marik is losing his license, Malone has lied about his history, McCullough is an AIDS denialist.

    Stop attacking the real experts and siding with quacks.

    1. Dave

      You are too much. As you can see no one on this thread takes you serious. I assume you are paid to simply cry misinformation and anti-vaxer. These methods have worn their welcome out. If you are still convinced the current vaccine everyone approach is working then I may have some land for sell. But it is quite entertaining to read your comments. Quite entertaining and transparent

      1. James

        No one on this thread takes him seriously because most serious people don’t waste their time arguing in the comments section of a mediocre local news website.

        What does your personal physician think if the vaccine? Is that the same physician you would trust if you had congestive heart failure, knee arthritis, or cancer? They all learned virology and vaccinology in school… So what makes you folk on think you are better at medicine than your doctor on ONLY this one specific topic. Doctors can make mistakes or be wrong, but it’s patently absurd to think that with the amount of attention the world’s medical systems are paying to Covid that only the handful of physicians (the quacks you all follow) are the only ones who really understand the “dangers of vaccines”

        It’s illogical at a superficial glance.

        I stumbled upon this stupid discussion on a worse website and I’m never coming back. It’s an echo chamber that you willfully stay in Dave.

      2. James

        No one on this thread takes him seriously because most serious people don’t waste their time arguing in the comments section of a mediocre local news website.

        What does your personal physician think if the vaccine? Is that the same physician you would trust if you had congestive heart failure, knee arthritis, or cancer? They all learned virology and vaccinology in school… So what makes you folk on the think you are better at medicine than your doctor on ONLY this one specific topic. Doctors can make mistakes or be wrong, but it’s patently absurd to think that with the amount of attention the world’s medical systems are paying to Covid that only the handful of physicians (the quacks you all follow) are the only ones who really understand the “dangers of vaccines”

        It’s illogical at a superficial glance.

        I stumbled upon this stupid discussion on a worse website and I’m never coming back. It’s an echo chamber that you willfully stay in Dave.

      3. Jay A Kanta

        You’re so right, Dave, I mean why would anyone read a fake vaccine study that was rejected by 120 different journals? Why would I be able to bring countless numbers of credible studies showing vaccine safety and effectiveness and your kind are left to whine and bring blogs?

  4. David

    I don’t know why people to continue to fight about this. After 2 years, most people have picked their side. If the Covid people are right, then why do they care if the unvaxxed die? They are protected from Covid by their masks and vaccines right? If all the vaxxed die then the unvaxxed can go around and tell each other they were right. The vaxxed have their source of information (so called professionals) and the unvaxxed have their source of information ( also so called professionals). I have picked my side, placed my bet, and will let it ride. God is my strength and protector. 

    1. Jay A Kanta

      Why is anti-science a “side”? I’m sorry you don’t understand how lowered transmission helps society.

      Your side is ridiculous and pathetic, full of liars and con-artists like RFK Jr.

      1. Brandon 2024

        You probably still actually believe that these vaccines work. Thank God Biden gives you rules to live your life by. If not, what would you do? Where would you be? 🤔 HaHa

        1. Jay A Kanta

          Science scares you republicans, doesn’t it? The research absolutely shows they work.

          Most likely you feel the need to think in black and white, that if something isn’t 100% effective it’s not effective at all. That’s why your kind are never scientists.

          1. David

            There you have it……….name calling name calling…blah blah blah……..I’m right you are wrong…blah blah blah…I’m smart you are dumb….its funny how you like to refer to science and your apparent knowledge and education, yet you can’t even have a civilized debate with someone who has conflicting evidence to what you are saying. Is that is what you learned about scientific methods going to school earning all these degrees you say you have? (Everyone stand back and watch the show now 😉)

      2. David

        Where exactly in my post did you get what side I am on? Because I mentioned God? And you say picking a side is anti-science? It is interesting how you attack anyone who disagrees with you, as is evident in this comment section. Maybe you can give your credentials so all here can understand why they should listen to you over someone else who is presenting information for others to consider.

        1. Jay A Kanta

          You have no credible evidence for your opinions. You are not an expert in public health or anything in science. As for “god” you just seem to need a crutch. Religion is anti-science.

          1. David

            Are you an expert in public health or anything else in science? I asked before, and I ask again. What are your credentials?

            You have no credible evidence for your opinions. See? We can both say that.

          2. Jay A Kanta

            And yet I’m the one bringing research I’ve actually read.

            No, I’m not an expert in public health, I have some education in epidemiology and data analysis, my expertise is in research methods, statistics and validation of research.

            You are NOT a scientist, you are a Dunning-Kruger candidate that can’t admit that you follow con-artists like Trump and RFK Jr.

          3. AnotherLover

            It sounds like your expertise is in hand-waving and name-calling. He asked for your credentials, not your expertise.

          4. David

            Yes, I slept in a Holiday Inn Express too last night.

            It is interesting how quick you are to point out that I am not a scientist, yet neither are you.

            There is one thing you can always count on with leftists……they are all hypocrites

          5. Pony

            Jay Can’t is not employed in scientific reserach. It is evdient by his posts here. He makes generalized statements that a true researcher would never make and he attacks everyone. A good scientific researcher would never use that tactic. You don’t convince others that you are right by attacking them and demeaning them. The rest of you should stop baiting him. He thrives on your responses and this will continue as long as you respond. He is so full of crap that his entire posting spreads a digital stench across the internet.

    1. AnotherLover

      More people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group, so, yes it does show that — it does not suggest it.

      There were several times more heart attacks in the vaccine group.

      And in the children’s study, 1 out of 1,300 had her life destroyed in the vaccine group. Have you ever heard of a child suddenly becoming paralyzed and unable to eat? That’s what happened to Maddie de Garay. The 12 year-old took the shot and is now paralyzed, probably for life. Pfizer tells us she has a stomach ache.

      Pfizer tells us she has a stomach ache.


  5. Annelise Delcambre


    I need to alert your staff to a misinformation campaign against Pfizer that recently made its way into your content. This information is false and has been addressed by multiple experts and should be immediately removed and a correction should be issued. I am a nurse and i had a patient refuse a booster because it was Pfizer today, citing your website’s article that contains false information. This is a dangerous smear campaign by the anti-vaccine movement. Your website needs to be much more vigilant about checking its sources before distributing these kinds of stories.


    Annelise Delcambre, BSN, RN

    1. AnotherLover

      You’re a nurse and your source of information is politifact?

      Maddie de Garay was 1 of 1,300 children involved in the Pfizer study, and she’s permanently paralyzed and eats through a feeding tube after taking the vaccine at age 12.

    2. Pony

      Annelise, maybe you should watch the video everyone is talking about and see for yourself. Better get the facts first-hand. Those fact checkers are worthless and have all been exposed as fraudulent! Even Facebook admitted that their fact checks are really only opinions. As are all of the others, or propaganda, or lies meant to protect a nefarious scam such as COVID unvaccines!

  6. Marc Michels

    As I was looking for this on my search engine, directly underneath your story was won by claiming your information is false and if you go to the end of their story you can check that their stuff they’re saying is supposably true I look in fact checkers, which most people know is funded by the pharmaceutical companies themselves how ironic.
    I’m going to do all I can to share this information as I always do I stand up on buses and tell people and I get looked at like I am mad yeah I’m the one trying to save their lives that’s ironic.
    A few people have said to me leave people let them die, I said it’s my human right to save other people from this tyranny.
    i’m going to get the PDF and download it and print it and hand it out, sadly all my family including my four children have all had the shot even my 14-year-old my youngest that is so sad.
    I can only gain by doing this and I won’t stop and I won’t have the job and I make you right for calling it an inoculation because it isn’t a vaccine that’s why they had to change the meaning that’s madness in itself isn’t it?
    keep up the good work we need everyone we can get people are waking up and they don’t go back to sleep once they are awake.
    Stafe Marc xxx

  7. RonaLee Marino

    How can I get a copy of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance video Pfizer covid vaccine does More harm than good? I HEard it is also available in Spanish

    1. John Ley

      RonaLee —

      I emailed you. The website does not show multiple language versions, but they do have a “contact us” email that I sent.

      If you do come across a version in Spanish, please post the link here! We would love to share that with our readers.

      Thanks for reading and sharing our story.

  8. cliff

    Just face THE FACTS my friends. The “control-us-virus” was “invented”, as the precursor the “deep state”, used to FIRST cause PANIC, and frighten the brainwashed SHEEP all over the world, in order to get to the “next phase”…. The “mandated”, ( FORCED) BIO-WEAPON, the “new world order”, “great reset” EXPERIMENTAL MRNA .DNA, GENE altering , and natural immune system DESTROYING “depopulation DEATH JABS” and continual “boosters” being “introduced”, in order to fulfill the nefarious DEPOPULATION AGENDA of the “deep state wealthy elite CABAL” that openly OPINED that is what they were for. BTW, the names bill gates and soros ring a bell yet? Seems the depopulation “plan” is “working”, as people around the world are DYING in record numbers after they get “JABBED”., and will continue to do so as long as the ones still living, get “booster” after “booster”, and will continue the “spread” of the BIO-WEAPON, , by the PROVEN, “spike protein shedding”.


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