Despite mountain of damning evidence, FDA pushes annual COVID boosters

The FDA is now recommending Americans take annual COVID booster vaccines much like the flu shots that are made available every year, but selling that plan to a skeptical public will be increasingly difficult as doubts about the booster shots grow.

‘Pfizer will keep earning billions’

Peter LaBarbera
WND News Center

The FDA is now recommending Americans take annual COVID booster vaccines much like the flu shots that are made available every year, but selling that plan to a skeptical public will be increasingly difficult as doubts about the booster shots grow.

One prominent doctor said outside of people with multiple extreme health issues like obesity and diabetes, “nobody … should take” the booster shots, and even those high-risk patients should “weigh the pros and cons” before getting injected.

“The Food and Drug Administration on Monday proposed a simplified approach for future vaccination efforts, allowing most adults and children to get a once-a-year shot to protect against the mutating virus,” reports the Associated Press. “This means Americans would no longer have to keep track of how many shots they’ve received or how many months it’s been since their last booster.”

The new FDA guidance, which, according to AP, hears from a panel of “outside vaccine experts” Thursday, echoes President Biden’s call to get a COVID booster shot annually. Biden has ostensibly taken a total of five COVID shots already, Breitbart reports.

“If you’re fully vaccinated, get one more COVID shot. Once a year. That’s it,” Biden said during a speech made at “his imitation White House video set,” according to Breitbart.

“In the latest documents posted online, FDA scientists now say many Americans now have “sufficient preexisting immunity” against the coronavirus because of vaccination, infection or a combination of the two,” it reports. “That baseline of protection reportedly should be enough to move to an annual booster against the latest strains in circulation and make coronavirus vaccinations more like the yearly flu shot, according to the agency.”

The government’s plan comes amidst widespread reports of unexplained, heart-related “sudden deaths” and serious cardiac incidents of young, mostly male Americans, including athletes — which prominent dissenters like Dr. Peter McCullough assert are most likely linked to the vaccines’ myocarditis and blood-clot side effects.

In a video interview with Just the News, former Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, another high-profile critic of the government’s “safe and effective” COVID vaccine narrative, said outside of people with “who have multiple, chronic” health issues, “I would say there’s nobody who should take” the boosters.

But even for those higher-risk people, potential risks may outweigh benefits of taking the booster injections, Risch said.

“For people, say, over age 65 or 70, who have multiple, chronic conditions, maybe they’re obese, they have diabetes, chronic heart disease, kidney disease, maybe they’ve had cancer — things like that — [for] those people, I think it’s uncertain. The vaccines can do damage to those people, too, but the vaccines may actually provide some benefit, at least for some months, in reducing the risks of a more serious illness if they contract COVID. So I don’t think the data are particularly clear as to the risk versus benefit, in a quantitative way, in those kind of people,” he told Just the News’ John Solomon and Real America’s Voice in the interview posted today.

“For everybody else, there’s no benefit of taking the booster. The booster has lost its efficacy for the new [COVID} substrains that are circulating now. …So it’s already uncalibrated for what’s circulating, and that means its efficacy as a booster is less,” he said. “But still the original component of it and the generic value of it as a booster … provides benefit for some shortish period of time that might not be outweighed by the risks of the booster itself in high-risk people in the first place.”

Currently, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends COVID (bivalent) booster shots “for everyone ages 5 and older if it has been at least 2 months since your last dose,” and “for children aged 6 months–4 years who completed the Moderna primary series and if it has been at least 2 months since their last dose.”

But Americans are increasingly skeptical of the vaccines. Reports AP: “The [FDA] proposal comes as boosters have become a hard sell. While more than 80 percent of the U.S. population has had at least one vaccine dose, only 16 percent of those eligible have received the latest boosters authorized in August.”

The pollster Rasmussen Reports is reporting that more than 30 million people have interacted with its tweet (shown below) that questions “the [CDC’s] quantitative definition of the word ‘rare'” with regard to side effects from the COVID vaccines — indicating a growing gap between the public and the media narrative that the shots are overwhelmingly “safe and effective.”

Meanwhile, Just the News is reporting that in its briefing documents for the upcoming meeting with vaccine specialists, the FDA made a “couple big omissions.”

“Pfizer’s promised study on ‘subclinical myocarditis’ in young adults who received its original booster, which was due Dec. 31 at the agency, and the ‘stroke signal’ the feds detected, then dismissed in elderly recipients of Pfizer’s new booster are not mentioned,” Just the News reported.

Both the CDC and FDA will make short presentations on the “effectiveness and safety” of the original and Omicron-targeting vaccines, according to the report.

Dr. Vinay Prasad is a UC San Francisco professor who has been highly critical of the government’s failure to confront the significant vaccine-side-effect issue head-on. Prasad bemoaned Monday on his Substack page that at the upcoming FDA vaccine advisory meeting, “Conspicuously absent is information about subclinical myocarditis … It’s sad the FDA once again neglects its duty to generate confirmatory data.”

“Instead, we get this proposal for yearly shots … . The average American will now only be tasked with getting a yearly unproven booster, and the primary series [the initial vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna] will be ignored. Kids and older Americans will have to get 2 doses of the bivalent shot and then placed on the perpetual booster train. Pfizer will keep earning billions,” he wrote.

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    1. Sylvia

      Oooops, my bad! It should be


      Several people, who suffered severe Covid jab injuries, described their ordeal. It was harrowing indeed.
      Overall impression: allowing members of the public to share their experience seemed like a token gesture or mere lip service. There was no genuine interest in the suffering of the victims. Instead the steadfast, laserlike, focus was on dumping even more gene therapy vaccines on the public, potentially with higher potency, or in combination with ‘flu vaccines, or increased frequency.
      It was astonishing that there was zero mention or recognition of the capability of the immune system; nor did any of these highly educated persons say a single word about the damage that Covid mRNA jabs do to the immune system.
      Most shocking to many of us was the deliberate omission of discussing the
      consequences of forcing the body to manufacture spike glycoproteins. There is no valid data on the behavior of these spike glycoproteins – how many are produced, for how long, where do they go, and at what cost to the various organs?
      It was horrifying to find out that testing of the jabs on three-five month old babies is currently underway.
      At least it raises public awareness.

    2. Melissa

      On a potentially positive note…if the FDA phases out the original shot series, then it seems like the Gov. Inslee WA vaccine mandate proclamations would disappear too. The proclamation language has never been updated to include boosters of any kind. “Fully vaccinated” means the original two shots being phased out; “Up to date” means additional booster doses. There is no appetite with the public for mandating boosters. If the primary series is no longer available, then the proclamation will be useless.

      1. Sylvia

        Potentially, possibly, who knows? As for jab mandates disappearing – yes, there’s always hope, but I am not overly optimistic. As you know, genuine change is predicated on a change in mindset. That can be the single most difficult element, and is often a major impediment.
        I am deeply concerned that the bivalent boosters are here to stay. Even more disturbing is the total avoidance of any mention about the immune system and its amazing sophistication. There seems to be a ‘ban’ on it. Same with Ivermectin.
        Here’s an analysis on the recent FDA event:

        “FDA Advisers Vote to Replace Original COVID Vaccine With Bivalent Boosters Despite Lack of Clinical Trial Data”

        Preliminary research on the efficacy of Ivermectin for SARS-Cov2 shows that it helps disintegrate the clotting created by spike glycoproteins. You may have seen the oddly shaped fibrins found during autopsies, surgical procedures, and also by embalmers.
        Ivermectin is also anti-parasitic, and a virus is an obligate parasite. Perfect match!
        Thank you for your comments, I appreciate it.

        1. Melissa

          I agree with you, including that the boosters are probably here to stay. However, because the vaccines were sold to the public based on the myth of vaccine-induced herd immunity, people had a right to expect that they would not be infected if vaccinated. Covid vaccine-induced herd immunity is an obvious lie, and the WA data reflects the public’s general understanding that they were lied to.

          In WA, 78% of residents took the first vaccine dose; 70% took the second dose; 41% have taken any of the boosters; and 21% have gotten the bivalant booster (per WA DOH data. Note: currently 30% of “eligible” resident have gotten the bivalant booster. That means 30% of 70%, because only 70% were eligible, completing the primary series. Thus, 21% of the total WA population got the bivalant booster…DOH parsing words to make the boosters seem more popular than they are.)

          In only two years, WA has gone from 78% of residents taking the first shot down to 21% taking the bivalant booster. And this is true of healthcare staff languishing under the vaccine mandate, as reported by Kaiser (KFF). By December 2022, 45% of WA nursing home residents and only 21% of nursing home staff(!) are up to date on vaccines. The covid vaccine is not popular.

          1. Sylvia

            Thank you, Melissa, for sharing the stats. They clearly show the decline in jab uptake, which is great news.

            To date no vaccine has ‘eradicated’ any disease. The same applies to pharma drugs – none can truly heal an illness (true healing means the illness is gone forever). All that they do is ‘managing symptoms’, and thereby ‘maintaining the illness’. Guaranteed income!
            Tuberculosis, polio, ebola, etc have reappeared since the Covid jabs, potentially as a result of the jab’s reprogramming of the immune system. Far fetched? Perhaps, but we cannot negate or dismiss it.
            Recent research shows that, in addition to the spike glycoprotein, the fibrins (clots) also contain amyloid. Could it be that the body is trying to heal the lesions within the endothelium? Similar to the beta-amyloids in the Alzheimer brain.
            My personal opinion is that humans cannot ever conquer nature. We must respect it and learn to understand it and work with it. The same applies to the body.
            Let’s hope that the statistics you shared help people see through the expertly woven lies of the “safe and effective” gene vaccines.

      2. T J

        That makes sense to me. I wish we could count on our “check and balance legislature” to take care of the mandates, but from what we have seen so far I am not holding my breath.

  1. Sylvia

    A harrowing real life experience like this could happen to anyone, causing long lasting and devastating impacts.
    To be told by doctors that it is all ‘in your head’, or ‘anxiety’ or ‘depression’,
    ie mental illness, is a total cop-out or gaslighting patients. Is this healthcare?

    “Exclusive: From the Peak of Fitness to Wanting to Die — How the COVID Vaccine Ruined One Man’s Life”

    Each person’s biochemistry is unique. That is why the generic ‘one size fits all’ approach in allopathic medicine is doomed to fail. Each pharma drug, including vaccines and the like, will induce different pharmacokinetic as well as pharmacodynamic reactions that potentially vary from person to person.

    Far too often cases like this are callously dismissed as ‘rare’ or as ‘collateral damage’. What would those people say if it happens to them?

  2. Sylvia

    Summary analysis on the recent ACIP meeting – more gene jabs on the way!

    “CDC Advisers Tout RSV Vaccines as FDA Admits Shots Linked to Rare Immune Disorder in Older Adults”

    “Nass also referred to a recently published study co-authored by Dr. Anthony Fauci, which concludes, “none of the predominantly mucosal respiratory viruses have ever been effectively controlled by vaccines.”
    Pharma Intelligence reported that ACIP members admitted they are “uncertain how much RSV there is” and what the epidemiology of RSV will be “after the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.”
    Members also raised concerns about “substantial uncertainty” of the “net societal costs of RSV vaccination.”

    ACIP also reviewed nirsevimab, a monoclonal antibody developed by Sanofi and AstraZeneca to “prevent RSV lower respiratory tract disease in newborns and infants entering or during their first RSV season,” USA Today reported.
    USA Today reported that ACIP had some reservations about calling nirsevimab a vaccine, although “panel experts think it should get vaccine perks.”

    Three COVID-19 vaccine injury victims spoke during the ACIP proceedings.
    “You know we are real. What would you do if I was your family?” Labette told ACIP.
    Dr. Grace Lee, ACIP chair, chief quality officer, director of quality at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health and professor of pediatrics at Stanford University School of Medicine, “did not provide any courtesy to the three vaccine-injured” but instead “brushed them aside so the ACIP could vote to rubberstamp” current mpox policy, said Nass.”

    It is indeed of great concern that ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Programs) seems to be nothing more than a government rubber stamp and a mere puppet to the pharmaceutical industries. Regrettable!


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