Congressional candidate Heidi St. John responds to accusations in news report

Third Congressional District candidate addresses report in online news magazine, calling it ‘reprehensible behavior’

The battle for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District continues to intensify as online news magazine, Gateway Pundit, published a report last week critical of Congressional Candidate, Heidi St. John.

Congressional candidate Heidi St. John
Congressional candidate Heidi St. John

St. John, one of three conservative Republicans who have filed to challenge incumbent Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler in the 2022 primary election, called the magazine’s June 3 report “false accusations’’ in a statement released Monday.  

“I knew progressives would say ugly, hateful things about me and even make up outright lies and what America has come to recognize as ‘Fake News.’ What I didn’t count on was that other conservatives would engage in the same types of reprehensible behavior,’’ St. John said in the statement. “When asked recently on an Instagram ‘ask me anything’ question, ‘What makes you more qualified than a 20 year army vet and former Trump advisor?’ I answered, ‘Life experience. There are many ways to be a warrior for this country. I have been fighting on the front lines for freedom for a very long time. I have lived in the district longer than any of my opponents. I have a proven track record of starting businesses and standing for freedom.’” 

St. John continued, “I chose to ‘get off the bench and onto the battlefield’ — a signature phrase I have used for over five years from Psalm 127:3, ‘Children are arrows in the hands of a warrior.’ It is a theme of my published books. I have fought for children and freedom for years, starting at the steps of the US Capitol more than 15 years ago. My life experience is relatable to the majority of the third district. Raising and homeschooling seven children while successfully founding and managing multiple small businesses that have served hundreds of 3rd District families over the past 20 years has indeed given me much life experience, and we all have a role to play in standing up for the rights and freedoms of every American.’’

Joe Kent and Wadi Yakhour are the other candidates challenging Herrera Beutler in the 3rd Congressional District. Kent is the Army veteran and former Trump advisor referred to in the Instragram question. When contacted by Clark County Today, Kent declined to weigh in on the controversy over St. John’s response.

“I am 100% focused on defeating JHB and exposing her betrayal of the values of this district on everything from impeachment to endless foreign wars, from the tech industry to the timber industry, from Antifa to Obamacare,’’ said Kent, who is scheduled to be a guest on .Tucker Carlson Tonight Show on FOX News Thursday (June 10) at 10 p.m.

The Gateway Pundit report also included accusations that two of St. John’s businesses have been “dissolved for failure to pay taxes.’’

“This was a simple oversight due to the fact that the state mailed the annual paperwork renewals to the wrong addresses for our contracted bookkeeper,’’ St. John said in her statement, also statins that as soon as the mistake was realized, the appropriate reports were filed and the businesses were “reinstated” in active standing. 

“This paperwork has nothing to do with taxes,’’ St. John said. “I have never evaded taxes, filed bankruptcy, or been foreclosed upon. Today more than ever, I appreciate the extraordinary job President Trump did while being relentlessly battered with ‘Fake News’ and unfounded accusations from his political enemies on every side. We MUST do better if America is to remain the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

“I welcome your support if you too believe it’s time to focus on the issues facing America and ignore the ‘Fake News’ and lies that seek to distract all of us from the enormous job that lies ahead of ‘Making America Great Again,’’’ St. John said. “It’s disappointing to see people I respect be willing to so quickly believe such things about me. The hundreds of thousands of people who follow me know that I am an open book and care deeply about truth and integrity in every area of my life. These attempts to destroy my character and undermine my effort to unseat Jaime Herrera Beutler do not deter me.’’

Those interested can keep up to date with St John’s candidacy can do so by listening to her weekly podcast “America’s Town Hall with Heidi St. John” and by connecting with the campaign at


  1. Valerie Watson

    So Heidi blames the employee for her failure to pay the *taxes* to keep her illegal business from being dissolved by the state?

    Typical. If she had accepted responsibility, I would have respected her a little more.

    But this doesn’t explain why TWO of her businesses were dissolved due to a failure to pay the tax.

    1. Jennifer L Heine-Withee

      Did you read her response? Obviously not. I know Heidi personally and this is an attempt to smear her good name. Like she said she has never failed to pay her taxes and she has never been foreclosed on or filed for bankruptcy. From what I understand, this type of paperwork error is quite frequent and easily resolved.

      1. Patsy Stone

        donald trump has been declared bankrupt at least 6 times. He gleefully says he pays little to none in taxes

          1. Amber Ferrano

            There is a huge difference between Tax Evasion & trying to get the best DEAL on your taxes but that also implies you have to be “IN” on some big secret for it to be FAIR. Shouldn’t it be as FAIR to the POOR as it is to the WEALTHY in a Democracy?

            There are hundreds of documents that show that Trump de and in FLATED the value of things to profit and pay as little as possible.

            Are you saying we should all be deceitful when it benefits us and then say its FAKE NEWS when caught?

            So the crazy left knew 40 years ago Trump a Democrat and a crazy left himself a short while ago was going to run for office to plot against him or is bad behavior he brags about catching up and now he’s a victim?

            No plotting is needed. If he calls someone on something he’s done it in the past, its not Fake as its Repeated History.

            At the end of the day you can lie to others but you know you’re lying to yourself.

            Not sure where that, adultry, divorce, greed, lying, etc are condoned in the Bible or where it says Jesus was a blond haired blue eyed white skin guy and aren’t pictures depicting that a LIE and FAKE NEWS?

            I’d love to sit in a room where everyone is given truth serum bc this lying stuff from all parties is getting old.

      2. Rurik Bloodaxe

        This is a red herring. The focus is on her state of MIND. She is ready to “bring America back to Freedom”. Okay, what are her thoughts on how to handle an abused female child, impregnated by a meth addict father, who is supported by her meth addict mother? The poor little girl is pregnant by a DRUG ADDICT, sure to cause fetus growth problems, but Heidi thinks she should have the baby!

        So she does. She name him “Johnny”. Johnny grows up in a majorly dysfunctional family, which the conservatives are now swearing to “assist them raise her child”. Little Johnny is not right in his mind due to issues of drug addicted parents, is abused by his father, beaten, derided, never receives love unless Heidi’s plans of “helping these poor souls”, but she has thousands of addicted, or helpless homeless ALIVE right now. Does she have a plan to help them?

        Anyway, Little Johnny is now 18, HATES Christianity because it tries to “control” his urges of anger, and eventually rapes and kills a little girl of a woman who voted for Heidi St. John. Now Christian Fundamentalists don’t have quotes from the Bible regarding anything she want to do. Nothing about abortion, never stating slavery is an abomination, but here’s the rub: She want’s this child of an evil, to be born, raised wrong, abused, he disavows CHRIST, and now is CONDEMNED TO HELL.

        Way to go Heidi. Make those unwanted babies to be born into an environment where they aren’t wanted. Of course they’ll automatically turn into “CHRISTIANS”, maybe. But if they don’t. What then? You brought a SOUL into the world in conditions for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual depravation, they don’t believe in Christ, so you get to send a “saved fetus” to be born, grow up in horrendous torture, doesn’t believe in Jesus, and dies later in a drug deal gone bad. Heidi… where does Little Johnny’s SOUL go after he’s dead? To hell. So if you you are PRO-LIFE, you definitely are not PRO-HEAVEN.

        All those unwanted fetus innocents who are forced to be raised to become “bad people and non-believers in what YOU believe” are going to Hell. You are collecting SOULS to send to Hell. That’s your purpose. I’m not making this up. This is fact. Save a child, send them to Hell. Can you guarantee ever child you save will go to HEAVEN? Oh please, put that in writing and we’ll know your mindset, and it will be SCARY. Now, let’s get back to “HIGH TAXES, GOVT INTRUSION, AND ALL CONSERVATIVE VALUES THAT DON’T EVOLVE WITH THE TIMES.”

    2. DMG

      Obviously, you don’t read very well, or your comprehension of the written word is that of an infant. Stop playing these stupid games and concentrate on supporting whomever you support and not perpetrating the ignorant fallacies stated in the article. You’re either a plant from another candidate or an imbecile….possibly both.

    3. Mark

      Do should do some research, before you talk about responsibility…… and clearly you don’t own your own business.
      I’ll tell you that the exact same thing happened to our small business, it’s simply a filing and in our case a $200 reinstatement fee. The state sent our statement to our old address (they had the new address from our quarterly filing, the state is incompetent) I would pretty much guarantee that she did not evade taxes in any way.

  2. Barbara Ketchum

    Disappointed that Heidi started all of this by taking a cheap shot at Joe on Memorial Day of all days. As far as I know, Joe has never attacked Heidi and yet she picked that day to go after Joe.

    And of course she’s lived in the district longer, she’s much older than Joe. What a dumb argument.

    1. Jennifer L Heine-Withee

      How did she attack Joe? By stating the fact that she has lived in this area the longest? She has. That’s not an attack. Please, I fail to see any attack on Joe.

      1. DMG

        These people and their negative comments makes me realize how Jay Inslee has been able to stay in office so long.
        The logic they’re using is absolutely nonexistent. Heidi in no way attacked her opponent and for anyone to claim that shows just how nervous they are about her and her abilities. Maybe Joe needs to talk to his supporters about concentrating on his campaign and not trying to find fault in someone else’s.

  3. Nick Smith

    Heidi gave back her home to the bank in 2014 in lieu of a foreclosure. Someone that is 50ish yrs old and lives with her in-laws, can’t pay her taxes on time, disrespects veterans, was a Never Trumper, and posted an anti-semitic post on Facebook is clearly not fit to run for office. Furthermore, she admitted to being a pillhead for 25 yrs. In a podcast just two weeks ago. While being the “homeschool” mom. Someone should also remind her that President Trump has Jewish grandchildren

  4. Jorge Garcia

    Okay but she lost her house a few years ago and is off her anti psychotics. Sorry Heidi you’re not getting my vote.

  5. Jim

    What I’m hearing is that this “successful” businesswoman did in fact lose her home. I guess grifting doesn’t pay the bills

  6. Amy Garza

    Am I really supposed to cast a ballot for someone who lost their home in 2014 and is now treating their psychological disorder with essential oils?

  7. Richard White

    Heidi St. “Joke.” Shameful that she was promoted by the Republican Party. Joshua Freed all over again.

  8. Doug Freeman

    We all saw how she compared herself to veterans ON MEMORIAL DAY. The fact she can’t see what’s wrong with what she said and gave no apology shows she is a true narcissist.

  9. Nick Smith

    Can Clark County Today ask Heidi why she gave the house back to the bank in 2014, why she lives with her in-laws, and why she pretends to be on a battlefield?

  10. Anna

    Pay attention to the statement “I have never evaded taxes” which reads as a personal statement and could very well be true if referring to herself. However, she does not say for example: “My businesses have paid all corporate taxes owed prior to dissolution”.

    The statement reads as thought she has answered that question, but she hasn’t. She’s just dodged it.

    Still waiting for a response on corporate taxes.

  11. Anna

    25 years on anti psychotic drugs for PTSD and Anxiety gets no mention in your statement yet it is a huge concern for voters whether you have the mental strength to deal with such a high pressure job in Congress?

    What happens if it gets too much, you slip the wagon and go on your meds (if you’re off them currently, which is still a questionmark)? How will you adequately represent us if that happens?

    Were these ever any considerations when you decided to run or did you just put your own personal ambition over the welfare and needs of the people you want to represent?

    Go home.

  12. Anna

    How is operating without a business license for 11 months “an oversight”?

    C’mon man. . . . .

    That’s a tough sell.

  13. Anna

    Heidi reinstated her business license just three days ago . . . . after an 11 month “oversight”.

    Why? People found out on social media which prompted that reinstatement. One does wonder whether that “oversight” would have been rectified if it hadn’t been brought to public attention.

  14. Art Wuerth

    It’s an annual LICENSE fee!!! It is not a tax. An analogy would be your auto registration was sent to the wrong address. You later realize that your vehicle is unregistered. You pay the fee and the vehicle is immediately registered. (Heidi paid the fees and the businesses were instantly “undissolved”.) There is no penalty. Because there is no tax.

    1. Patsy Stone

      A person can be arrested for driving a vehicle with an expired tag. If the police catch you, there is a penalty (fine). The car can also be impounded and you could also have your driver’s license suspended as punishment for the expired tag.

  15. Phil Hutchinson

    Heidi, “successfully” managing 3 businesses that cannot even pay your bills is not the same as carrying out your best friends that have lost their lives in combat. They are not comparable. Apologize immediately.

  16. Janet Tomasetti

    Really? Doubling down on your comparison of yourself to vets. You didn’t even have to answer that question…doing it on Memorial Day to attack a man who’s wife died in combat makes my skin crawl. I’m absolutely disgusted.

  17. Bob

    I have two questions I’d like Mr. Ken Vance to ask Heidi St John. 1) Do you live in that RV now? 2) Did the campaign donation I gave at the gun show go towards the down payment on that RV?

  18. Andy Leukowski

    So this lady is trying to explain her comment about veterans? Thanks, I just made my decision. No need to have another narcissist who thinks she’s queen of the 3rd. I’ll pass on Jaime the II.

    1. Tamar

      I’ve noticed over the last few months that a small rental house across on our street has a family that comes and goes. I noticed a sign was put up in support of Heidi Saint John. I am fairly certain I have seen Ms. St. John walking her dog on the street and living perhaps part time in this home. There appears to be an occasional day or two visit to this home weekly by others. Not at all unpleasant but there is no interaction. Interesting, just interesting.

  19. Roni Heinsma

    I’m not sure what Heidi could have answered that would have been acceptable to the question of “What makes you more qualified than a 20 year vet and former Trump advisor?” Either she says she is more qualified or isn’t. I didn’t see her response as attacking anyone at all. They both seem to have fought wars on different levels for years. She wasn’t discounting his experience; she was talking about her own experience.

    1. Peter Gammons

      Heidi never fought in a war. Unless living with your in-laws at the age of 50 after giving up your home to the bank seven years ago is considered “war”.

  20. Jennifer L Heine-Withee

    All of you who are slamming Heidi, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HER! I do and have known her for a while. She is an honest and upstanding person who loves this country, loves our community and had served the families in this community for a long time. If she’s a never Trumper she’s a pretty bad one because she it’s no secret that she supported him and just recently met him.
    And where are you getting all of your info about drug use, being anti-semitic, disrespectful of veterans including Joe Kent? All of that LIES! And NONE of you know anything about the affidavit. These type of comments are the reason why it’s so hard to get good people to run for public office, because of a bunch of strangers claiming things about someone they have no clue about and smearing their good name.

    1. DMG

      Elitist GOP are just as bad as the DNC and their minions. They’re all in the same boat. Keeping Heidi and her run in my prayers. The rest of these imbeciles will hopefully see the Truth one day.

    2. Rurik Bloodaxe

      Well well well, somebody made a statement BEFORE EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN TRUMP’S CIRCLE, ALL REPUBLICANS, HAVE OUTED HIM AS A NARCISSIST AND A DESIRE TO BE A DICTATOR. Just count his visits to countries as our president, and average out the “Dictators” visits to the visits to our Allies. My favorite one is anyone who is Scottish, knows TRUMP IS BANNED TO VISIT THAT COUNTRY. Do your research, and the reason why fits Trumps 8 year old anger tantrums. He lost his sense of morality and ethics 40 years ago. I have no IDEA why anyone believes a rich guy by inheritance.

  21. Rachel Smith

    Heidi St. John is an inspiration to mothers everywhere. I think the nasty comments are proof that she’s scared people by standing up against the nonsense going on in our culture. How many women have struggled with anxiety and overcome it? I don’t think the smears will work in your favor.

    1. DMG

      Exactly!! Interesting that some of these people are the first to yell “discrimination” “women’s rights” “no more oppression”, but are the first to knock down and play dirty against a conservative woman. Wonder how many vagina hats are in their closets.
      Nasty, nasty behavior and unseemly of the other candidates to have people like this promoting them.

  22. Born in Washington

    Didn’t she agree to drop out if not endorced by Trump? She doesn’t keep her word? Is she a democrat plant to split the vote so Beutler wins?

  23. Vickie

    I hate the way you conduct your campaign. I just watched your ad concerning an opponent…and if you have to stoop to those tactics it tells ME that you aren’t well versed in real issues and solutions…you’re deflecting. I wouldn’t vote for you if you were the only republican on the ticket. It’s DISGUSTING.

    1. Linda Nelson

      Dear Koolaide drinker. The United States and NATO are responsible for the war on Ukraine. Just how many gain of function labs was Putin supposed to allow to operate next to his country. He was set up so they can carry out the New World order.

  24. Gary Tichenor

    Where to begin…St John quotes the Bible in condemning abortion but weaponizing the Bible is wrong. The Bible is centered around the teachings of Jesus who NEVER addressed or even said abortion. The Bible never speaks directly to abortion. Do your research!

    Wearing masks is not victimizing kids nor anyone else. If you only want to breathe air in don’t wear a mask. However, if you breathe out you are sharing whatever germs you have and taking away safe health choices from others.

    Rising prices in all areas is a result of Covid and war. We are all connected and pointing fingers at your opponent reminds me of junior high elections where a vote for a candidate means free ice cream at lunch. Don’t promise what you don’t understand and can’t change.

    We need people who can negotiate with others and solve problems; not just stir the pot.

  25. Rurik Bloodaxe

    Does Oregon want another Trump cultist like Marjorie Taylor Greene? I can FEEL her downplaying her pulsating desire to explode all of her “OMG, America is going down the drain! We have to FIGHT and destroy the evil.” Then… her Christian Values? God is Love. Jesus hung out with prostitutes and theives, the Bible is full of death, sexual depravity, and things she must have not found in her statement of “I’m still searching”… well, Ms. Heidi, it’s not hard. The first one in her Bible playbook whould be “Numbers 31: 15-18”. After she tries to explain her way out of that, there’s about 1000 other “non-American”, and non equality verses she ignores. I’m a Christian. But how many versions of the Bible are there and which one does she embrace? Oh, she was asked her favorite joke: Heidi’s reply? “Congress”, the very institution she’s trying to “get into”. She’s running for office in her desire to be a part of a “joke”, but current info on Trump is saying we may not have a congress, or a democracy, soon.

  26. Nicole

    If elected to Congress, she too would take women back hundreds of years. Listening to her claims about reproductive rights, gay marriage, etc., she is NOT for the people. She is running for Congress to further her own agenda. If she was truly out knocking on doors, in the 3rd District she would know what the PEOPLE want. She has no clue. This is about getting her beliefs in front of Congress.

    What about all the children who are living on the street because it is safer than the foster home or home they were adopted into? What is she going to do about that? What about the 10 year old pregnant girl who was raped? She expect this child to give birth to a child? Again, what is she doing about all the kids on the street? Oh I know, the baby can be adopted. Great, what about the millions of children right now in foster care because they are too old to be adopted?

    What if her child realizes they are gay? What then? She is going to disown her own child? Ms. St. John has a very scary set of beliefs. If her add campaign is correct and she stands by everything she has said, the 3rd district is in serious trouble. We will see higher taxes, less money for our children’s education, we are already going backward on women’s reproductive rights, she will literally take us back to 1800’s. Ms. St. John has not idea what the people want, because she is too busy pushing her own beliefs on the people who live her.

    Her claims she will impeach Biden, and stand by Trump is scary. What is she going to impeach Biden on? Oh wait, I know, a “stolen election”. An election which has been verified over and over. I don’t care who you vote for, that is your voice. But by god, get off the stolen election bandwagon, it just makes you look as crazy as Trump.

    I am sick of politics. You should have to take an IQ test before being allowed to run, and then if you win, you should have to take a psychological mental health exam as well.

    If we want to change things, how about we amend the constitution and set term limits for the Supreme Court. Change the current term limits for Congress & House Reps. Some of those people have been in Congress too long. They are in Congress to line their pockets, which is evident, since they no longer care what the American people want.

  27. American

    You say you have never been foreclosed on but your blog says otherwise.

    This is at

    Sep 30, 2019 — Several years later, we endured the humiliation of losing our home to foreclosure and learned that people can be cruel when you pull out …


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