Community Development interim director presents plans to address Citygate findings

Strategies designed to address recommendations to improve county’s building permitting and review process

VANCOUVER — In a meeting before the Clark County Council this week, Mitch Nickolds, interim director of Community Development, presented strategies for implementing recommendations from a recent performance review of the county’s building permitting and review process.

The review was performed by Citygate Associates, LLC and outlines 36 recommendations for updating the county’s construction permitting process.

Nickolds suggested creating a Functional Oversight Team comprised of permit process stakeholders who will identify and eliminate permit processing impediments.

“Our goal is to streamline the overall process,” said Nickolds. “We are looking at all the touch points of the permit process in order to remove duplicate or non-value added steps.”

Nickolds discussed other top priorities including:

  • Actions have been initiated to make immediate permit process and review improvements
  • Setting up permit customers for success with permit applications and inspections on the first attempt
  • Establishing performance measurement for accountability and quality assurance and control during Citygate implementation
  • Monitor and facilitate continuous permit process improvement on an ongoing basis.

For more information on the building and permit process, visit the county’s website at

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