CDC moves to make COVID shot a requirement for school kids

Armed with information from dissenting health scientists, parents in a number of states convinced their health board to reject bids to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required shots for public schoolchildren.

Vote this week also could shield Pfizer permanently from liability

Art Moore
WND News Center

Armed with information from dissenting health scientists, parents in a number of states convinced their health board to reject bids to add the COVID-19 vaccine to the list of required shots for public schoolchildren.

And parents across the nation are demonstrating their lack of trust in the experimental mRNA vaccines issued under emergency use authorization, with only about 2% of children under 5 and less than one-third ages 5 to 11 having been fully immunized.

Nevertheless, the CDC is poised to address the “vaccine hesitancy” and the pharmaceutical companies’ lack of permanent liability with one vote.

On Thursday, the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is scheduled to decide whether or not to include COVID-19 vaccinations in their pediatric immunization schedule.

Approval not only would make it more likely that states will mandate COVID-19 shots to attend public school, it could grant permanent legal immunity to vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna along with another profit windfall, health scientists are warning.

“This is a dangerous idea that will only benefit the vaccine manufacturers at the expense of the best interests of kids,” said the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) in a statement. “Not only do the shots have essentially no meaningfully positive impact on children’s health, the fact that the risk of severe adverse events are greater than any potential small benefit is becoming increasingly evident.”

AAPS Executive Director Dr. Jane Orient has weighed in on the CDC proposal through the public comment page the federal government has provided, which will remain open until the meeting Thursday.

“Recommending a product that has serious safety signals, which is unnecessary because of widespread natural immunity and a generally mild disease, and which possibly has negative efficacy, is an egregious violation of regulatory procedures, and a profound violation of public trust,” she wrote in part.

In its statement, AAPS also pointed out that making the COVID-19 shots a routine childhood vaccination also would “ensure a steady revenue stream for manufacturers.”

And “many entities look to the CDC recommendations when they impose mandates, increasing the likelihood that a COVID shot could be required to attend school.”

The AAPS submitted comment to the CDC citing evidence the COVID shots are of no potential benefit to children, with low to negative efficacy, while presenting an unacceptable risk of severe harm.

Dr. Harvey Risch: ‘Failure for public health policy’

In an interview Friday with WND, Dr. Harvey Risch, emeritus professor at the Yale University School of Public Health, affirmed that the vaccines provide virtually no benefit for children while posing serious risks.

“What we’ve learned over the past two, two and a half years, is that the vaccines are a failure for public health policy,” he said, noting the CDC itself acknowledged in August that any protection against infection and transmission is only “transient.”

The failure to prevent transmission, Risch argued, means there is no legal ground for the government or any institution to mandate the vaccines.

Liability free

Adding the shots to the childhood schedule, explains investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel, would transfer liability for vaccine injuries to the federal government’s National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.

Schachtel pointed out that the “public health emergency” declarations that began in March 2020 and have been renewed since then give Pfizer and Moderna protection from lawsuits.

But the current emergency declaration, which expires in early 2023, likely will not be renewed.

The Health Resources and Services Administration has spelled out how a vaccine can become free of legal liability: “For a vaccine to be covered, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) must recommend the category of vaccine for routine administration to children or pregnant women, and it must be subject to an excise tax by federal law.”

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    Rhonda Gibson

    Making the COVID shot a requirement for school is wrong on so many levels. One, it has been found to cause present and future health problems. Two, this will cause more parents to pull their children out of public school. This I think they should do anyway. Homeschool, unschool, start a school co-op, charter or private school.
    People need to keep writing to your congress people and use your vote to make your voice heard.

  2. blank

    US has a Bill of Rights that protects Americans’s rights as part of the US Constitution. Let us never forget that, and let us always be grateful to our Founders for their wisdom.

    The scam-plandemic has used chaos, fear, and increasing divisiveness as a means to control our lives.
    Parents have to make many difficult decisions amidst the confusion caused by flip-flopping mandates and lack of transparency. What to do and where to turn? There are other options if home-schooling does not fit into your lifestyle.
    Schools that respect freedom of choice, including medical freedom, have become highly successful. Here’s one of the innovative front runners:

    Centner Academyhttps://centneracademy.comCentner Academy Miami – Cultivating Leaders with Heart

    The New York Times › us › mia…How a Miami School Became a Beacon for Anti-Vaxxers

    Undoubtedly many more will follow across US and globally. Many are possibly fully operational and staying ‘under the radar’.

    The only way to put an end to these undemocratis mandates is to firmly and collectively say NO for as long as it takes, and to make your voices heard!

    I sincerely hope that parents will make a decision based on rationality and real scientific facts. Whatever decision you make must be one that places the children’s wellbeing front and center – now and into their future.

    1. blank

      It was never a difficult decision, my kids never got the Covid shot, my daughter graduates this year from a public high school and our 8th grade son has been in Catholic school since shortly after the pandemic started.

      1. blank

        Congratulations, your children will thank you always. My parents made the same decision; I have remained free of jabs, free of meds, free of the usual food nasties (gluten, sugar, GMO, etc), do martial arts, gym and mindful meditation. So far I have zero sickies.
        I have great admiration for your common sense, critical thinking and strength, in staying with your decision during the scam plandemic mandates. Far from easy, but you have achieved it.

    2. blank

      I’d like to see some info on how to help start/spread this. Everyone with kids doesn’t reside in DeSantis Country. PS: There is nothing good about these experimental jabs
      for God sake they are granting themselves immunity for what they know will & has already happened!!! Time to form a human steamroller!

      1. blank

        100% agree with you, the full effects of the jabs are unknown. Thr latest bivalent jab was only tested on eight (8) mice, and the FDA released it for emergency purposes! Shocking.
        The Centner Academy’s founder, Leila Centner, opened the school and persisted despite the usual vilification tactics. She never gave up and has achieved huge success. Where there is a need or demand the supply will inevitably follow.
        Schools like that can start with the community and parents forming a collective and agreeing on a shared objective and a process, eg location, funding, approvals, staffing, etc.
        Once consensus is reached a trial run would be good to identify any issues and take corrective action. Some have even done this on a very small scale, using someone’s house as a classroom plus online learning. Online learning has improved immensely, with many outstanding results, even at university and postgraduate levels.
        Shared online learning would maintain a semblance of a real school where children still have physical contact with each other.
        Implement continual improvement.
        Maintain a positive, resilient, action oriented, can-do attitude. Treat problems as opportunities towards solutions. That’s what they are!
        The results will be rewarding and help the community.
        Necessity is a catalyst for invention.
        The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

        All the very best, and take care!

          1. blank

            You are most welcome, Dawn. I hope it is of some use in your endeavors.
            A fantastic site with unbiased factual scientific info is CHD:


            It is likely one that you have come across, particularly since you have an objective interest in matters of health and wellbeing.
            Another one is:


            The editorial members are highly qualified professionals from many countries, MD, PhD, etc. I think you will enjoy it and learn a great deal. I most certainly did and still do.

            Take care, and go for it!

  3. blank
    Wynn Grcich

    This is a genocide: Requiring toxic vaccines that cause heart disease, blood clots, sterilization, major vaccine injuries, and death. Home school and make the public schools go broke. Fluoridating the drinking water to increase cancer death rates amounts to murder. It is time to get rid of our public officials, don’t vote for incumbents that won’t blow the whistle.

    1. blank

      Unfortunately, just pulling our kids out of public school doesn’t cause the public schools to go broke. County taxes (at least where I live) still are collected. I think they might lose some money from the state, but the County is still collecting their taxes and about 70% goes to schools. The way for taxpayers to show their displeasure with the Gov’t, would be for everyone to withhold taxes. It would have to be a very organized effort where it is done by millions of people not just a few. The more that do it, the more it hurts and the harder it is for the Gov’t to go after people.

    1. blank

      I just did an hour ago, I knew much of this but not everything & sadly there are Zombies that worship this evil munchkin!

      1. blank

        I know! That little hobgoblin needs to go. He started his evil tyrade with AIDS patients and found another goldmine with COVID. Evil evil evil. Please vote to root out Murphy, etc.. anyone who locks step with this mindset. We can get our country back!

  4. blank
    Tammy Watreas

    Children have natural immunity. They don’t need this Covid injection! It hasn’t been researched enough to prove it’s safe. Too many people have been experiencing side effects from it, including death!!

  5. blank

    And it’s so safe, they need to have immunity from injuries & death. Yes lets all run right out to risk that for a virus that barely affects the children! Parents better grow a serious backbone and be ready to fight or be able to homeschool these poor innocent children!

  6. blank

    The Covid “vaccine” is not a vaccine. Vaccine’s eradicate illness. This one DOES NOT! Too many lies have been toted. Faucci and his minions should be in jail. No child should ever be forced to take it. This is the ultimate decision of a parent!!

  7. blank

    I hope when the republicans take the house and senate, the cdc and Dr. Fauci and big pharma are finally held responsible for the mishandling of this pandemic ! For the deaths that have occurred, the permanent damage these vaccines have caused to some , and then to give big pharma a pass by this government and not be liable for these vaccines they’ve created and forced on the world is a crime against humanity and must be punished, enough is enough! VOTE AND VOTE THEM OUT!!!

  8. blank

    For those who are interested in factual scientific commentary on jabs for kids, the first segment in the link below is Tucker Carlson interviewing Dr Marty Makary of Johns Hopkins University:

    Dr Makary is a highly respected scientist who generously shares his research findings; he would certainly not waste his time or energy in spreading misinformation.

  9. blank

    At this point folks…it is all political. I am against any such mandate…and as the old saying goes…give them an inch and they will take a mile. Take good care of our Constitutional freedoms folks because if certain sects have their way…we’ll be lucky to have any. Take care. God bless!

  10. blank

    Stop the mandates for children and Adults should also have the God Given & constitutional Right to choose.

    STOP ALL MANDATES until Science has Proven Itself — cuz it has FAILED Miserably over the last 2-years

  11. blank

    Stop forcing you his vaccine on people. Especially our children. You have not done any long term research on this drug. My kids WILL pull their kids out of school if you mandate it. WE PARENTS GAVE RIGHTS.

  12. blank
    Alicia Cottrill

    The long term adverse effects of this vaccine are not completely known and it is wreckless to make it mandatory. I would home school my child before allowing this. Our family doctor told us covid is just like a sinus infection or a cold now. After research on all vaccines I chose not to vaccinate my child at all, and she 6 now and one of the most healthy kids I know. We should have the right to choose whether our children get the covid vaccine as well.

  13. blank

    As a senior female who is vaccine injured, who has an adult daughter vaccine injured, whose ex-husband died from a vaccine, whose nephew is in the military and is (Covid) vaccine injured, and who knows several adults and children that are struggling with health issues after getting tdep and Covid vaccinated, I am totally against this being mandated.
    Follow the medical science! There is no proof that this will help children, but there is an abundance of documented harm and death associated with it.
    There is absolutely no reason they should be exempt from liability and get rich while injuring people.

  14. blank

    Parents may be interested in the article below. Similar adverse effects have been known for decades. Sadly, they have been dismissed as ‘rare and/or statistically meaningless’, and rarely made public. Statistics have a place in research – however, it is inhumane to ignore personal injuries. A person is a human being and deserves to be treated as such, ie with respect.

    “Exclusive: 14-Year-Old Leads ‘Miserable Life’ After Being Injured by Vaccines as an Infant”

    It is important to be aware of all the facts through self education rather than further cultivating ignorance by blindly believing what authorities choose to tell us.

  15. blank

    Increasingly, parents are becoming more aware of the risks of both the vaccines (eg MMR) and the Covid19 immunomodulating gene vaccines.
    Those parents are taking positive action to protect their children’s wellness and longevity.

    “Opposition to Childhood Vaccine Mandates on the Rise, More Parents Say They Want the Right to Choose”

    Home schooling is on the rise. So are the number of schools that respect parents’ rights and children’s natural immune defence. The Centner Academy is an excellent example of what we, the people, can legally achieve in the face of unjustified coercive control and destructive mandates.
    Those parents deserve our respect and support in their quest to protect their children by claiming back inherent rights. We have a Bill of Rights and a Constitution. Always remember that!


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