CDC database: 648 nursing babies harmed by COVID vax, 3 dead

An analysis of reports in a database run by the CDC and the FDA found 648 cases of side effects in breastfed infants whose mothers received the COVID-19 vaccine, including three deaths.

‘These are criminal people concealing the truth from women’

Art Moore
WND News Center

An analysis of reports in a database run by the CDC and the FDA found 648 cases of side effects in breastfed infants whose mothers received the COVID-19 vaccine, including three deaths.

Health authorities in the United States, Israel and around the world recommended the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines for pregnant and lactating women despite the lack of clinical studies or animal safety studies for that demographic.

The most common serious events found in the analysis of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System were life-threatening bleeding, anticholinergic syndrome, liver problems, anaphylactic shock, neuroleptic syndrome, neurological side-effects such as convulsions or encephalitis, and hypoglycemia.

The analysis was conducted by a team led by Israeli journalist Ranit Feinberg of Israel’s Real Time magazine.

In most of the reported cases, several life-threatening side effects were recorded in the same baby.

In one case, a mother reported losing her 5-month-old infant 13 days after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on Jan. 28, 2021, and breastfeeding him.

“I pumped within an hour of receiving the shot. My 5 month old son nursed the night following the shot and later ate the pumped milk that I acquired the same day of the shot,” she said. “11 days later he was found unresponsive during his nap at daycare.”

After being rushed to the hospital, the mother said, “doctors were able to get his heart beating again with excessive effort.”

“Organ damage was extensive and he had no brain function; he did not recover.”

In another report, dated March 17, 2021, a 5-month-old died just one day after his mother was vaccinated.

“Patient brought baby to local ER where assessments were performed, blood analysis revealed elevated liver enzymes. Infant was hospitalized but continued to decline and passed away. Diagnosis of TTP. No known allergies. No new exposures aside from the mother’s vaccination the previous day.”

TTP stands for Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, a rare, life-threatening blood disorder in which blood clots form in small blood vessels throughout the body, which can curb or block the flow of blood to organs.

‘Concealing the truth from women’

Naomi Wolf, who has led a team of researchers combing through Pfizer vaccine clinical trial data released through a lawsuit, discussed the findings of the Israeli analysis of VAERS data in an interview Wednesday with Steve Bannon in “War Room.”

Video courtesy Rumble/Bannons War Room

Wolf noted the Journal of the American Medical Association recently  published a letter – which has since been put behind a paywall – warning of mRNA in the breastmilk of mothers who have been vaccinated and advising that they wait two days after vaccination before nursing.

But it’s been known for more than a year, Wolf said, citing findings from her team, that mRNA, lipid nano particles and polyethylene glycol in the breastmilk of vaccinated mothers.

“These are criminal people,” she said of public health and pharmaceutical officials, “concealing the truth from women.”

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1 month ago

Two discussions that may help clarify the current circumstances from both sides of the spectrum.

The first one is about the tragic story of 10 year old Jessica Rose who was forcibly taken away from her parents. I never imagined this could happen in America – sadly many parents have experienced it.

The second one is a statistical analysis between the jabbed and the unjabbed, based on scientific research.

Informative take-aways from both. Just thought I’d share it.

1 month ago

My apologies, in my previous post I mistakenly typed “Jessica Rose”. I was so utterly sad about this cruel incident.

It should be “Evelyn Young”.

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