CDC caught altering COVID shot death certificates

A new report reveals that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been concealing references to COVID-19 vaccines on death certificates in Minnesota, indicating data fraud and suppression of information about vaccine side effects.
A new report reveals that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has been concealing references to COVID-19 vaccines on death certificates in Minnesota, indicating data fraud and suppression of information about vaccine side effects. File photo

Report cited widespread suppression of information about damage from vaccines

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

There were all sorts of undue influences during COVID on the statistics that were kept.

One was the compensation system for physicians whose patients died of COVID – or not.

The result was that some oddities in the death industry developed, such as a motorcyclist who died in a vehicle crash – because of COVID.

But now the sometimes life-or-death problems that have developed from the COVID shots are getting attention.

A new report at the Brownstone Institute explains the Centers for Disease Control has been caught “concealing references to a covid vaccine on Minnesota death certificates.”

The report explains the source of the details is someone “who needs to remain anonymous.”

But that source was able to obtain the death certificates from Minnesota for all deaths that occurred from 2015 to the present, which presented the opportunity to see if the CDC is being entirely honest about the U.S. death data. Unsurprisingly, the CDC is not.

The report said, “In almost every death certificate that identifies a covid vaccine as a cause of death, the CDC committed data fraud by not assigning the ICD 10 code for vaccine side effects to the causes of death listed on the death certificate.”

The report cited the widespread suppression of information about the damage from COVID shots.

“When someone dies, there is a death certificate that is filled out for official/legal purposes. Death certificates contain a lot of information (some states include more than others), including the causes of death (CoD),” the report said. “Causes of death refer to the medical conditions that ultimately played some role in the demise of the decedent. To qualify as a CoD, a condition only needs to contribute to the medical decline of the decedent in some way, but doesn’t have to be directly responsible for whatever ultimately killed the person. If someone had high blood pressure, and subsequently suffered a heart attack that led to cardiac arrest which killed them, all three conditions qualify as CoD. On the other hand, this unfortunate fellow’s ingrown toenail is not a cause of death, because it in no way contributed to their demise.”

The job of the CDC, within the system, is to assign codes for those causes.

There are two codes that specifically apply to the side effects of a bad vaccine reaction, including “complications following immunization” and “viral vaccines.”

There are those certificates that make it clear, the report said.

“The first death certificate contains a covid vaccine ICD (below), and it looks like the CDC was trapped and could not avoid putting it on without fundamentally rewriting the death certificate, because the vaccine complication is unambiguously listed as the UCoD (this death certificate is saying the person was killed by a heart attack caused by the covid vaccine within minutes of injection),” the report said.

But others were different.

The report then lists seven death certificates “that identify a covid vaccine as a cause of death where the CDC omitted the corresponding ICD 10 code identifying a vaccine side effect when the CDC assigned ICD codes to the death certificates.”

One specifically notes death happened ’10 hrs’ after latest “covid vaccine” dose.

That victim had had COVID months earlier.

“Any remotely objective person would presume that if a condition that occurred seven months prior without any clear link to the actual death still nevertheless meets the standard for being identified as a CoD, then surely a condition or event that occurred a mere TEN HOURS before death identified by the doctor filling out the death certificate merits inclusion as a CoD,” the report charged.

“Yet, the CDC assigned U70.1 – ‘COVID-19, virus identified’ – for covid, but neglected to assign T88.1 or Y59.0 for the covid vaccine.”

Other victims included those dying four days after vaccination, 18 days after and 12 days after.

One death certificate even listed the cause of a shot-related death as a “firearms” issue.

The report said, “The actions of the CDC call into question whether the CDC is altogether qualified or trustworthy enough to be the steward of the nation’s epidemiological data. The CDC manages many of the datasets that underpin whole fields of study. If the CDC is willing to fraudulently alter data (or even if the CDC is just too incompetent to avoid corrupting data), all data under the aegis of the CDC is potentially suspect, especially if it relates to a controversial political or social issue. The implications of this are disturbing, to say the least.”

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  1. Melissa

    We are in a pretty sick place when our public health agencies/officials think it is their job to behave as the promotional arm of the Pharma industry, suppressing information casting a negative light on the vaccines, rather than honestly report that information to us, the tax-paying public. Too much Pharma money in public health.


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