Burnt Bridge Creek Trail to close for Oct. 29-30 weekend

VANCOUVER — The city of Vancouver’s Burnt Bridge Creek trail will be temporarily closed from Oct. 29-30, due to a Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) project.

Wilson Construction Co., a Canby, Ore.-based contractor for BPA, will be upgrading overhead optical fiber cable throughout the trail corridor starting today and continuing through Tue., Nov. 8. For most of that time, access and use of the trail will remain open.

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail to close for Oct. 29-30 weekend
Burnt Bridge Creek Trail to close for Oct. 29-30 weekend

The one exception is the weekend of Oct. 29-30, when the entire Burnt Bridge Creek trail, from Fruit Valley Road to Burton Road, will be temporarily closed. Barricades will be placed at all trailhead access points with signs alerting the public to the closure. Users of the trail are advised to be alert to construction activity and signage.

The 8-mile Burnt Bridge Creek trail is popular with walkers, runners, bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The trail passes through a variety of landscapes, including open grasslands and heavily wooded areas, as well as some BPA corridor. Much of the trail follows along the city’s restorative Burnt Bridge Creek Greenway project, designed to improve water quality, enhance fish and wildlife habitat, control flooding, treat stormwater drainage, increase and diversify the shrub and tree canopy, and enhance educational and recreational opportunities.

This project, constructed in the central stream corridor in the early 2000s, significantly enhanced the natural environment, which had become degraded, and launched a long-term maintenance program to improve the naturally sustainable ecosystem.

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