Battle Ground officer adds another first to her resume

Kim Armstrong was the city’s first female sergeant, and is now its first female lieutenant

BATTLE GROUND — Kim Armstrong is no stranger to firsts. She joined Battle Ground police in 2004, and became the department’s first female sergeant In 2010. This week she added a couple more firsts to the list.

Lt. Kim Armstrong Martocello is sworn in as Battle Ground’s first female police lieutenant. Photo by Mike Schultz
The city of Battle Ground has now filled a vacant police lieutenant position, by promoting its first female sergeant, Kim Armstrong, to be its first female lieutenant

Armstrong, whose married name is Martocello, was promoted to the rank of lieutenant at Monday’s Battle Ground city council meeting, becoming the first female lieutenant, as well as the first lieutenant to be promoted internally within the Battle Ground police department.

“A few of you might not know Kim as well as I do,” joked Police Chief Bob Richardson, “but I’m going to tell you a bit about her. And like anything you tell over time, such as legends, they tend to have a little bit less fact and truth in them as they go from year to year.”

Richardson then told how Armstrong had broken her leg while out riding motorcycles with her husband years ago. “Most people would call 9-1-1 and wait for a helicopter or an ambulance. Kim Armstrong doesn’t do that,” Richardson said. “She just throws her broken leg over her shoulder, and rides the 23 miles back to civilization.”

Armstrong’s mom, Patti Sherwood, was there to pin the lieutenant’s badge onto her daughter’s uniform, and then her family gathered to take a picture in front of the city council.

“I believe that Kim’s law enforcement career reflects the department’s core values of integrity, quality service, respect, and accountability,” said Richa

Patti Sherwood pins the lieutenant stripes on her daughter, Kim Armstrong Martocello, ahead of Monday’s Battle Ground city council meeting. Photo by Mike Schultz
Patti Sherwood pins the lieutenant stripes on her daughter, Kim Armstrong Martocello, ahead of Monday’s Battle Ground city council meeting. Photo by Mike Schultz

rdson, adding that, as a lieutenant, Armstrong will have a key role in training and shaping new recruits for Battle Ground police.

“A person who is promoted to the rank of lieutenant now has the challenge of making that transition from supervisor to manager,” Richardson said. “This position is unique in that you now have the responsibility to focus more of your attention on the concerns not only within the department, but outside the department, and make decisions about what’s best for the community, the law enforcement profession, and the city as a whole.”

Armstrong started her law enforcement career in 1998 with the San Diego Sheriff’s department, before moving to Spokane in 2002. She moved to Battle Ground in 2004, and spent time as a school resource officer, and a detective for Battle Ground police before being promoted to sergeant in 2010. She has also been active in community outreach events, such as Shop with a Cop. Battle Ground city council approved the lieutenant position in late 2016.


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