Autopsy study ties deaths to COVID vaccine

Dr. Peter McCullough is among prominent cardiologists calling for a halt to the COVID-19 mRNA shots, contending there is a link between the vaccines and the apparent increase in reports of sudden deaths from cardiac arrest.

‘Most definitive way’ to determine whether shots were the cause

Art Moore
WND News Center

Dr. Peter McCullough is among prominent cardiologists calling for a halt to the COVID-19 mRNA shots, contending there is a link between the vaccines and the apparent increase in reports of sudden deaths from cardiac arrest.

In a column on his Substack page, he pointed to an unusual study conducted in Germany of autopsies of 35 people who died within 20 days of COVID-19 vaccine injection.

A total of 25, or 71%, had a final diagnosis consistent with a vaccine injury, including myocardial infarction, worsening heart failure, vascular aneurysm, pulmonary embolism, fatal stroke and vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia.

Significantly, McCullough said, five cases had acute myocarditis as the cause. Biopsies of the heart muscle, he pointed out, showed “patchy inflammation very similar to what was seen in the deltoid muscle were the mRNA vaccine was injected.”

“Inflammation in the heart was coincident with the same pattern of inflammation in the arm,” McCullough explained. “Thus we can conclude death within a few days of vaccination is most likely due to the genetic product and that inflammation in the arm may be a surrogate for a similar process in the heart.”

McCullough noted the public “is becoming increasingly disturbed with reports of death among the vaccinated.”

“It is natural to ask ‘was the death caused by vaccination?’  The most definitive way of answering that question is with autopsy,” he wrote.

Dr. Marty Makary, a surgeon and public policy researcher at Johns Hopkins University, also weighed in on the study, which was led by Constantin Schwab of the Institute of Pathology at Heidelberg University Hospital.

“This is a German study from a reputable group. It’s very hard to conduct this research in the U.S.,” Makary wrote.

He noted that German researchers also were the source of a study showing that no healthy child 5-17 years of age died of COVID in the country.

Nevertheless, White House COVID coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha has insisted it’s “crystal clear” that a healthy young male needs to take the current bivalent booster.

Makary argued that Jha “can’t tell you how many *healthy* children have ever died of Covid” and there is no bivalent trial data.

McCullough, in a video interview with WND, cited peer-reviewed literature indicating the vaccines cause myocarditis, including a U.K. study that found about 100 fatal cases of myocarditis linked to the shots.

Along with Dr. Ross Walker of Sydney and Dr. Aseem Malhotra, McCullough is among three prominent cardiologists who have publicly stated the best explanation for the “sudden and unexpected” deaths and cardiac events in otherwise healthy people is the COVID-19 vaccines.

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    Thank you for covering this. Dr. Peter McCullough is very credible. This information needs to get out, in order to save people from this worthless and very dangerous injection.

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    “Those paying attention to obituaries over past 2 years noticed an alarming trend. People all ages, many who had no underlying health conditions, ‘died suddenly.’ sometimes in their sleep, sometimes while playing sports, sometimes while going about their everyday business.  Without warning their hearts failed & they dropped dead. Or they suffered sudden multiorgan failure. Or a massive blood clot. Or ‘unknown causes.’ It’s an unprecedented epidemic of ‘sudden death’ & it coincides with the rollout of experimental gene therapies falsely & fraudulently marketed as vaccines against COVID”

  3. blank

    There is no shortage of factual data on the disasters wreaked in humans by the Covid19 immunomodulating gene therapy disguised as vaccines.

    CCT published an excellent article on what embalmers have found in the deceased post-Covid:

    More embalmers report bizarre blood clots amid COVID vax campaign“Dr Ryan Cole, an eminent pathologist, stated in that article:

    In June, a pathologist who heads one of America’s leading labs, Dr. Ryan Cole, said he was finding unusually long blood clots, as long as one foot, in the bodies of deceased people who received COVID-19 vaccines.
    Cole, who runs Cole Diagnostics in Boise, Idaho, believes the synthetic spike protein in the mRNA vaccines produced by Pfizer and Moderna are “causing inflammation in the lung, the brain, the liver, the kidneys, the heart; it’s causing the same damage that the virus was causing.”

    A substance is used by embalmers to dissolve the clots so that embalming fluid can be applied.

    Having read the article twice, I am still left utterly shocked by the devastating effects of these jabs. All the more so because the current bivalent booster was tested only on 8 (eight) rodents, with negative results. Zero testing has been done on humans prior to FDA approval for Emergency Use (meaning that the makers are exempt from any liability). Jab first, ask later?
    Does this mean that people who take the bivalent booster become the actual human test subjects?

  4. blank
    David Christie

    Demand your Rights.. And let’s get rid of seatbelts while we’re at it. There’s been thousands of auto accident fatalities every year – even though they require this equipment in automobiles. Forget about the “woke” bunch who walked away from otherwise fatal wrecks. The Constitution gives me the absolute right to go through the windshield of my car if I happen to get into a head-on collision.

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    I suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest the day after I got my second Pfizer shot. I was 81 at the time. No underlying conditions, healthy as a horse. Luckily when it happened, there were 2 nurses present. They immediately started CPR & mouth to mouth. The ambulance came and use the paddles on me twice before getting me to the hospital 12 days on ventilator, 15 days in ICU. 6 weeks in the hospital. Lucky to be alive!

    1. blank

      I’m so glad you managed to survive, it’s really sad though that you had to undergo such a terrible ordeal because the world has gone crazy, its time governments started to be as concerned with sudden Post vaccine deaths as they appeared to be regarding the actual covid virus.
      I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and many healthy vaccine free years 🫂

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    A. C.

    Actually this is fake news. If I dig long enough I bet I can find a doctor who thinks Bigfoot is king of the moon and wears a crown made of Toblerone. Doesn’t prove jack. Read your precious study cited:

    Finally, we cannot provide a definitive functional proof or a direct causal link between vaccination and myocarditis”

    I mean literally, the “final conclusion” of their study that you linked says there is no definitive functional proof or a direct causal link. LOL. But your fee-fees tell you it must be true. This is literally the opposite of critical thinking.

      1. blank

        What good is “doing your own research” without the proper education or credentials with which to understand all the medical data? I fully accept I’m not qualified to say on my own, which I why I listen to experts, the vast majority of whom all say this is all absolute nonsense.

        Folks: Just because something “feels” right doesn’t mean it is. Talk to real doctors, as many as you can. The more education they have the better.

    1. blank

      You are one of the only reasonable people in this discussion board, apparently. The only people who oppose the vaccine are trump cultists and general conspiracy nuts (or is that redundant?) and they do so purely based on emotionally manipulative “data” devoid of any facts, designed to push a political agenda that trump initially thought was going to be more deadly to people who’d never vote for him.

      Don’t want to listen to the scary sounding alphabet orgs (CDC, WHO, etc.) or big pharma? Then don’t. Listen to the plurality of medical professionals, specifically epidemiologists. You can find a dentist or physical therapist, maybe even a brain surgeon who all say what you like to hear, but they’re a minority. The medical/scientific community as a whole agree the vaccine is safer than taking your chance with COVID. Look up any of the studies that show a partisan divide amongst those who’ve died since the vaccine was available, and most are conservatives.

      Your political heroes lied to you.

      1. blank
        David Thiel

        Your an idiot, the shot will kill thousands of not millions,the government is lying,look at the Twitter files there lies the proof. And the big topper is D.A.R.P.A wrote in an article in 2015/16 that stated ivermectin was the number 1 defense against covid and or any virus

  7. blank

    Im thinking mycaritis is coming in a close first to Grapine clots being found (but being hushed) in some (most) sudden death autopsies of those known to have gotten ‘The Jab’.

  8. blank

    The five cases with acute myocarditis were also tested for COVID to see if they had ever had the infection earlier, or had it at time of death. None of them ever had COVID so the myocarditis can’t be blamed on the virus. I constantly hear vaxxed people saying it was the virus that hurt people.

  9. blank

    I finally got covid. I have not been sick for over 3 years. Usually once a year I get bronchitis. Bronchitis was worse for me than covid. I had no vaccines. I’m fine.


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