Area voters turn out for General Election

In a General Election that Clark County Elections officials estimate will lure a turnout of 82 percent of registered voters in the county, there were some local races still up in the air after the first round of results were released Tuesday night.

The first results released by Clark County Elections included the votes of 154,673 of the county’s 272,832 registered voters, or 56.69 percent. Thousands of votes were expected to be counted in the next few days.

Clark County Elections
Clark County registered voters continued to turn in their ballots right up until Tuesday’s 8 p.m. deadline. County elections officials are projecting an 82 percent turnout of registered voters. Photo by Mike Schultz

In the two races for positions on the Clark County Board of Councilors, just 194 votes separated the two candidates vying to replace David Madore in District 3. John Blom, who prefers the Republican Party, had 50.16 percent (16,369) of the votes. Tanisha Harris, who prefers the Democratic Party, had 49.56 percent (16,175) of the votes.

In the race for District 4 on the Clark County Board of Councilors, Republican Eileen Quiring held a comfortable lead over Democrat Roman Battan. Quiring had 23,531 votes (60.36 percent) and Battan had 15,406 votes (39.52 percent).

In the senate races in the state legislative districts, all three contested races appeared to have secure margins. The closest of the three races was in the 17th District where Republican Lynda Wilson had 23,895 votes (53.92 percent), ahead of Tim Probst, who prefers the Independent Democratic Party, with 20,305 votes (45.82 percent).

In the senate race in the 18th District, Republican Ann Rivers led Democrat Eric Holt by a sizable margin. Rivers had 31,956 votes (61.70 percent) and Holt received 19,753 votes (38.14 percent).

Democrat Annette Cleveland received 63.07 percent (26,796 votes) of the votes in the race for the senate seat in the 49th District. Republican Lewis Gerhardt had 36.70 percent (15,592 votes).

In the legislative races for state representative, the race for Position 1 in the 17th District Republican Vicki Kraft (22,229 votes, 50.44 percent) held a slim lead over Democrat Sam Kim (21,748 votes, 49.35 percent). In the race for Position 2 in the 17th District, Republican Paul Harris (27,128 votes, 62.01 percent) held a commanding lead over Democrat Martin Hash (16,505 votes, 37.73 percent).

In the race for state representative in the 18th District Position 2, Republican Liz Pike led Democrat Kathy Gillespie by 5,025 votes. Pike had 28,332 votes (54.76 percent) and Gillespie received 23,307 (45.05 percent). The race for Position 1 wasn’t as close as Republican Brandon Vick (31,532 votes, 61.23 percent) held a double-digit lead over Democrat Justin Oberg (19,887 votes, 38.62 percent).

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