Area residents remind health officials ‘we haven’t forgotten’

Clark County residents provide testimony before the Board of Health about past false promises.
Screenshot from video courtesy Reform Clark County via Facebook

Clark County residents provide testimony before the Board of Health about past false promises

Leah Anaya
For Clark County Today

Despite the inclement weather in the area, the Clark County Board of Health (BOH) still held its meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 22. In attendance were several area residents who braved the weather to bring a message to the board. That message: “We have not forgotten the false promises of this Board of Health.”

Rob Anderson of Reform Clark County led the charge, encouraging other residents to show up and testify along with him. During his allotted time, Anderson focused on the “I Got the Shot” campaign from April through June of 2021, where Clark County Public Health (CCPH) Director Dr. Alan Melnick used primarily social media to encourage people to get a COVID-19 shot. Anderson says the campaign was full of false promises. 

“Dr. Melnick told the community that getting the shot would stop the transmission of COVID and ‘protect’ themselves and their loved ones,” Anderson said. “That was a lie. There was no credible data to prove these statements, but there was evidence that they knew these messages were not true. Yet, he put it out anyway.”

Anderson submitted images of the campaign for the public record but also brought them along to share at the meeting. The images included people like Councilor Gary Medvigy saying he got his shot so he could “return to normal life” without “worrying about infecting others.” Other reasons for getting the shot, according to the campaign images, included “to help keep people safe,” “to protect himself and people he cares about,” and “to help build protection for my community.”

During his testimony, Anderson pointed out that the comments being pushed by the “I Got the Shot” campaign were contrary to what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was saying. He also asked the question about the differences in messaging at the time of the campaign, which he said went unanswered. Anderson brought an image that was found at the time on the bottom of the CCPH website, “We don’t yet know whether getting a COVID-19 vaccine will prevent you from spreading the virus that causes COVID-19 to other people, even if you don’t get sick yourself. The CDC will continue to provide updates as more is learned.”

“But this ‘I Got the Shot’ campaign put out a whole different and contrary message,” Anderson said. “There was definitely a message being put out that if you got the vaccination, you would stop the spread …The word ‘protect’ is constantly used in this campaign, but the truth was, people were not being protected from infection and transmission.”

Also speaking during the meeting was Bob Runnells from Informed Choice Washington. Runnells pointed out that the BOH, though they claim on the county’s website to have “final authority” over matters pertaining to preservation of the life and health of people within Clark County, never questioned the Department of Health (DOH) response to the recent pandemic. This, despite the opportunity they had to “stop ineffective and discriminatory mandates,” Runnells said. “DOH messaging was full of over promises and misleading statements. You might even call it misinformation.”

Runnells continued by pointing out the vast decline in trust in public health since the pandemic. “Trust is the currency of public health; trust is built through communication,” he said, “and consistently accurate information. This is all the more important when public health agencies can reach nearly everyone through various means, including what seems like a direct line to the editors of our local newspaper monopoly. This county health department has great influence in consumer decisions. If the County reuses messages without screening for accuracy, it exposes county consumers to messaging that, when errant, can be dangerous and will continue to undermine trust in public health, Councilor Medvigy.”

Runnells told Clark County Today that he had to say Councilor Medvigy’s name at that point because the Councilor had been looking down and typing on his phone for nearly the entire presentation. “I was about to lose my cool,” Runnells said. “I should have just stopped and asked the timer to pause if his long texting session was so urgent. I felt extremely disrespected during that small portion of time I was allowed to address the council. I’ll just have to trust that he reads my written comments with the citations to linked studies and the vaccine insert, and I pray he realizes that he continues to be hoodwinked by his Department of Health personnel.”

A survey from 2021 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was brought up regarding public trust in local and state health departments, which showed that 55-60 percent of people only “somewhat” trusted or “not at all” trusted these agencies. Runnells then mentioned a study from January of 2023 that showed the trend worsening, with nearly half of all people trusted the agencies “not at all.”

The State Department of Health, Runnells said, is at least taking these surveys into consideration by announcing that “rebuilding trust in public health” is included among their top resolutions for the current year.

“This is a grave problem that this board and county manager need to step up and address,” Runnells said. “What’s the solution? First, tell the truth! Correct the error in messaging. The county and the world now know the shots don’t stop infection or transmission, so the argument ‘to protect others’ doesn’t hold water…Using information from other departments does not absolve the Health Department, health officer, or this council when this information is inaccurate. That’s when we need you the most!”

Anderson and Runnells both said that none of the counselors addressed their comments during the meeting, and neither have heard from them since the meeting either.

Clark County resident Melissa Leady also spoke and made the statement, “The pharmaceutical industry did not make the claim the vaccines would stop transmission. Public Health did. Clark County Public Health did.” Further, Leady said, “It appears as though the ‘I Got the Shot’ campaign was designed to guilt healthy, young people into getting a vaccine, on the unsupported promise they would be protecting their vulnerable loved ones.” Leady pointed to flawed and unsupported, non-peer-reviewed studies used by CCPH to make the decisions they did during the pandemic. “I do not blame those who participated in the I Got the Shot Campaign,” she said. “They trusted public health. The question is, what science was public health relying on?”

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  1. Rob Anderson

    When did Dr Melnick know that the shots would NOT “protect” people (put out in his “I Got The Shot” campaign in 2021)?

  2. T J

    Thank you, Rob, Bob, Melissa, and I know others, very much for standing up for the people of Clark county! It’s very discouraging to hear that any of our elected officials would show the type of disrespect that was shown by medvigy. I would have hoped that the health and lives of his constituents would have meant more to him. Especially at a board of health meeting. People of Clark county, do you see where we rate with our BOH/CCC and our health director?

    1. Margaret

      Maybe he was dealing with some sort of emergency type issue? The bigger issue is the Public Health Officer advocating these fast tracked medical products for residents ages 5 and up, (maybe even 6 months and up) , repeatedly stating that they are very safe, and failing to fully inform the BOH and the public about the risks.

  3. Van A

    I wasn’t remotely surprised, given how all except Eileen Quiring gave the virtual “middle finger” to 11,505 of us who signed the petition for medical freedom. Even the so-called conservatives on that board at the time, didn’t care at all. They didn’t bother to research the issue beyond their own selfish and cowardly motives. I have no respect for Medvigy, especially.

  4. Margaret

    ‘Shocking’ V-Safe Data Confirm COVID Vaccines ‘Dangerous in the Extreme’

    • “Of the 10 million people enrolled in V-safe, 7.7% (770,000 people) required medical care after getting the shot and 25% (2.5 million people) missed work or school or suffered a serious side effect that affected their day-to-day life…

    the options for reporting a side effect are predefined and very generic, so people might be experiencing effects that didn’t fit any of the predefined categories of injury.
    Importantly, death is not reportable to V-safe, as dead people cannot use their phones. So, we have no way of knowing how many of these 10 million registered V-safe users have died.”

    31,470 Deaths After COVID Vaccines Reported to VAERS, Including 26 Following New Boosters“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released new data showing a total of 1,437,273 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Oct. 7, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).” See article for details.

  5. MetaWorld2

    Thank you Rob, and thank you Margaret for your comments here. ANYONE who does not by now, see that the entire World was hoodwinked by this entire fake pandemic better sit back down to their drawing board. I am beside myself, and deeply saddened by me and millions of other ‘Citizens of Earth’ have egregiously suffered, under this entire PRE-planned FALSE Covid Campaign. The Citizens of Earth, here and across the world, have been damaged irrepairably by illness to themselves, deaths and augmented illnesses to their loved ones, family members, and extended community members.
    The CAT is totally out of the box now. The only question now is HOW are these people going to be held accountable for their absolute evilness. Who will bring tribunals against these WWII like participants? Who will stand up for all The Innocents?
    It is very clear Medgivy, CCPH, CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO, Dr. Fauci, and thousands of other so called WorldWide experts, and Agencies who we trusted should now be brought to justice. Tell me. HOW do any of us who have lost loved ones, due to The BIG LIE, bring our loved ones back. LOOK at the damage it has done to our children!
    OMG forcing them to wear germy masks for months on end? WTH has happened to peoples minds?
    Not only did you harm us physically, but worse, you, the Master-Minds, caused horrendous SOCIAL harm to ALL people, and created dissention in our families; those we love the most.
    These evil people created a more devastating event and purge against the people then anyone can imagine! And now all of the guilty will run and try to hide behind whatever more LIES they can conjure. THEY were all paid off! PAID IN FULL, to continue THE BIG LIE!

    PLEASE Do NOT take ANY more Vaccinations! NONE of them can be trusted, and if you care anything about your children you will bring a hault to all of them for now, until this all gets straightened out!
    Trust nature. Trust your own body can heal itself given the right help with care, and nutrition. Our entire Medical establishment has imploded, in case none of you have noticed. Yes we feel like we are fighting GOLIATH, but David did fight Goliath and he won. Do not give up. We must all fight this fight.

  6. Born in Washington

    I also spoke at the BOH meeting. Bottom line is Melnick needs to go. Also those that employee him. Lewis County had enough backbone to do just that. I feel I am talking to a crew of cardboard cut outs be it at the BOH or County Council meeting probably because they are the boards. In Germany when was said and done during the Nuremburg trials, it was heard as defense ” I was just doing what I was told”. We cannot afford such mentality given the state of the world. They all need to be replaced.

  7. Carol

    Rob: Melneck, the Clark County Council, and the Vancouver city council knew for a long time that these toxic jabs cause blood clots, sterilization, miscarriages, heart disease, vaccine injuries, and kill people. Wynn Grcich has been sending them articles, documents, and videos from doctors nationally and internationally about these toxic jabs, weekly. She sends the information to Rebecca Messenger and Sarah Dollar, the secretaries of the two councils. Grcich asks them to send the information to the councils and Melneck, put on public record and confirm that they did. Grcich BBs many Clark County residents to witness what she put on public record, hoping residents will send this information out to their email lists. The secretaries send Grcich back the confirmation that they did what she asked. The secretaries are very cooperative and helpful. If you check the public records, you will know when our local councils and Melneck knew these jabs did’t work and had side effects. The public can view what Grcich sent on public record by email or in person. 
    Can you use this as liability against the councils and push to fire Melneck? What good is a public health official who has information, doesn’t research it, and doesn’t advise Inslee to stop the toxic jabs and emergency statis? 
     Are they practicing the depopulation plan of the United Nations, Agenda 2030? Reduce the population and reduce the CO2. People and animals breath out Carbon Dioxide! 
    Why hasn’t Melneck kept up with the current lawsuits against the jabs and told the public? Wasn’t he and the council recommending the killer boosters at the January health board meeting? March 9, 2022
    BREAKING NEWS: The Supreme Court In The US Has Ruled That The Covid Pathogen Is NOT A Vaccine, Is Unsafe, And Must Be Avoided At All Costs-Supreme Court Has Canceled Universal Vax EVERYONE KNEW CV-19 VAX WAS A CRIMINAL BIOWEAPON- Karen Kingston
    Our county council health board is a joke! 

  8. Sylvia

    It is outrageous that mass formation psychosis still reigns supreme in many States. And yet, here we are!

    Even more unbelievable is that none of the so-called C19 experts discuss immunity. It is inconceivable that these people do not know anything about this subject. It is part of Immunology 101, very basic. Unless, of course, it has been scrapped from the curriculum?
    So why is it a taboo topic?

    Viruses are airborne, ie they enter via our nostrils. That is where our mucosal immunity comes into play. Recently some jab makers stated that they have a C19 “vaccine” that is inhaled, ie not injected. Does this mean the inhaled “jab” is intended to suppress our mucosal immunity, in the same manner that the gene jab bypasses the innate immune system using suppression to gain entry into our cells? That is a worry indeed. There seems to be an endless array of plans to subjugate us into obedient subjects. This is in no way a conspiracy theory; the past three years provide irrefutable evidence of what has happened, and is very likely to recur.

    The only way to stop these coercive invasions into our body is if we all, individually and collectively, persist in saying “NO”. We must use our voice and our vote effectively. Critical thinking is of the utmost importance.
    Succumbing to fear is a cowardly cop-out. Time to wake up and take action.

  9. Wolfie

    Just curious.. where are all the naysayer posters who vilified anything some of us said along these very lines.. called us crazies, kooks, deniers…etc…


    I haven’t trusted the health department for decades. They embellish their erroneous information only to further their special interest agenda.


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