Another cardiologist calls for halt to COVID shots

Screenshot from video courtesy Janey/Twitter
Screenshot from video courtesy Janey/Twitter

Counts as many as 70 patients with heart conditions tied to vaccine

Art Moore
WND News Center

An Australian cardiologist has called for halting the use of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines after seeing a rise in heart conditions he believes are caused by the shots.

The conclusion by Dr. Ross Walker of Sydney came after two prominent cardiologists – Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Aseem Malhotra – publicly stated the best explanation for the “sudden and unexpected” deaths and cardiac events in otherwise healthy people is the COVID-19 vaccines.

Daily Mail Australia, which reported Walker’s concern about the vaccine, reported the case of 18-year-old Monica Eskandar, who was rushed to a hospital with “terrifying chest pains” just hours after her first COVID vaccination. Diagnosed with pericarditis, she was forced to miss the exams Australia requires to pass secondary school.

“I’ve seen 60-70 patients in my own practice over the past 12 months who have had similar reactions,” Walker told the paper.

“I’ve seen other people with chest pain, shortness of breath, heart palpitations.”

He said he’s seen many people develop symptoms about three to six months after vaccination.

Malhotra, a top London cardiologist who was one of the first to take the COVID-19 vaccine and promote it on British television has warned his colleagues and the public he has evidence tying “sudden deaths” to the COVID-19 vaccines.

In a recent lecture, he argued that vaccines in the past have been removed from the market “for much less” evidence. In the case of the COVID vaccines, he said, “we have got the highest level quality data,” indicating the adverse events occur in at least 1 in 800 cases.

“This vaccine needs to be suspended completely,” he said.

In a video posted on Twitter in September, Malhotra said the COVID mRNA vaccine likely is a “primary cause in all unexpected cardiac arrests, heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure since 2021, until proven otherwise.” He called for a suspension of the shots, arguing in a scientific paper that there is evidence the risk of harm is greater than any benefit.

Malhotra – an internationally renowned expert in the prevention, diagnosis and management of heart disease – is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and president of the Scientific Advisory Committee of The Public Health Collaboration. He also is an honorary council member to the Metabolic Psychiatry Clinic at Stanford University School of Medicine.

McCullough, in a video interview with WND, cited peer-reviewed literature showing the vaccines cause myocarditis, including a U.K. study that found about 100 fatal cases of myocarditis linked to the shots.

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  1. blank

    Slowly but surely and long overdue!
    Dr McCullough (USA), Dr Malhotra (UK), Dr Walker (AUS), are highly educated, credentialled, experienced, and reputable cardiologists from three different countries, who have expressed concern over the adverse effects of the Covid19 gene vaccines. The facts are undeniable, and based on real events experienced by real patients.
    This is yet another wake-up call for the willfully blind (by choice) to face the facts and develop critical thinking skills.
    How many more injuries and deaths will it take before positive action is taken?

  2. blank

    Unsurprising. About the only thing I am certain about is the Biden administration use of COVID to win the election and didn’t care about vaccine side-effects because….you know…win regardless of all else. Alsa, sad but real. Take care. God bless!

  3. blank

    The article below is worth reading, if only to be aware of the non-stop persecution of health practitioners. Is it part of a planned conditioning process to show the public what happens to non-conformists.

    Missouri Doctor Faces $500 Billion in FTC Fines for Promoting Vitamin D3 During Pandemic
    By Allan Stein
    November 15, 2022 Updated: November 25, 2022

    The Epoch Timeswww.theepochtimes.comMissouri Doctor Faces $500 Billion in FTC Fines for Promoting Vitamin D3 …

    “The federal government is suing me for half a trillion dollars … for telling people to take vitamins,” Dr. Eric Nepute said.

    Half a Trillion $$ for promoting vitamin C and D3 – is this for real? The efficacy of vitamin C was proven by the eminent Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling. Other scientists have since continued to demonstrate the multiple benefits of vit C as well as D3 in maintaining a robust immune system. High dose intravenous vitamin C has been used in treating viral infections, including Covid19, in many countries. It has also been effective in treating the common cold, sepsis cases, and many other bacterial infections, particularly where the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics, eg MRSA. Vitamin C prevents scurvy, and is essential in collagen production, eg in wound healing etc.
    Vitamin C and D3 are not prescription drugs. Why have they now become a banned substance in US? 
    Unlike most mammals, humans, guinea pigs, and primates cannot perform the crucial fourth (final) step of vitamin C biosynthesis: specifically the conversion of l-gulono-g-lactone into ascorbic acid, which is catalysed by the enzyme gulonolactone oxidase.
    Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), a prohormone, is synthesized from sun exposure of the skin. Where sunlight is inadequate, D3 can be obtained from supplements, again non prescription.
    The obvious question is why the likes of Pfizer, Moderna etc remain protected despite the multitude of injuries and deaths caused directly or indirectly by the Covid19 gene vaccines.
    In fact, serious adverse effects, such as myocarditis, are being propagandized as ‘normal’. Other adverse effects are bundled under the label ‘Long Covid’.
    What is happening to our democracy, our Bill of Rights, our freedom to make our own informed decisions?


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