Program partnerships bring new services to Clark County residents

Repair Clark County program partners with local groups to expand their free repair services

VANCOUVER — The Repair Clark County program will offer testing for tube-containing antiques, like vintage radios, during their November event. 

What: Repair Clark County event, where you can bring your broken household items to be fixed, for free

When: Sat., Nov. 16, Noon-2 p.m.

Where: Camas Public Library, 625 NE 4th Ave, Camas 

The goal of Repair Clark County, a traveling program of Columbia Springs, is to serve the community and conserve resources. This program, with almost 180 volunteers, serves about 100 community members at each of their monthly events, by diagnosing and repairing roughly 85 percent of the items brought to them. In order to increase service, the program partners with local venues and organizations to expand their reach, both in terms of locations and items repaired.

The Northwest Vintage Radio Society was on hand at the last repair event and was kept busy testing, diagnosing issues and dispensing free advice on vintage radios and other antiques that contain tubes. 

“It was so successful, we’ve invited them back to our last event of the year.” says Terra Heilman, the program coordinator. “If we can help someone with a sentimental item, that’s great! It means resources that won’t be trashed and we had a part in preserving the history and story of the piece.” 

The repair  program is no stranger to antiques and sentimental items, but “this addition for November gives us more tools to help our clients,” says Heilman.

 The NWVRS antique radio club is an educational organization that is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of vintage radio. “What better way to start enjoying your family’s treasured radio than to bring it to the repair clinic where we can test it for you.” says Pat Kagi, the current president of the society. 

“At this event, we will safely test and diagnose your radio or other vintage item and try to isolate the problem area.  Our goal is to get the radio up and running again, but if the problem is not solved during the event, we will refer you to a qualified radio technician.” concludes Kagi. 

The next repair event takes place at the Camas Public Library on Sat., Nov. 16 from Noon-2 p.m. Clients can bring knives and other blades to be sharpened, sewing projects, broken jewelry, bicycles and of course, their antique (and modern) appliances and electronics. Volunteer “fixers” will diagnose and attempt to repair items during the two hour event. 

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