Opposing statements sought for Feb. 12 ballot measures

If Elections officials cannot identify anyone to oppose ballot measures, no opposing statement is written or submitted

VANCOUVER ‒ Every election, the Clark County Auditor’s Office provides an online voters’ guide with information about candidates and ballot measures for voters to make informed decisions when completing their ballots. The voters’ guide includes statements by and photographs of candidates for elective offices as well as local ballot measures with supporting and opposing statements written by citizens.

A legislative body placing a measure on the ballot can appoint a committee to write a supporting statement and another committee to write an opposing statement. But often, the Elections Office receives only a supporting argument for a local ballot measure. If the group cannot identify anyone to oppose the ballot measure, no opposing statement is written or submitted.

If the Elections Office does not receive a supporting or opposing statement for a local ballot measure, the staff attempts to identify citizens interested in authoring such a statement. For the Feb. 12, 2019,  election, the Elections Office has received eight propositions:

  • A ballot proposition from Ridgefield School District for a bond
  • Two propositions from Hockinson School District for an expiring levy and a technology levy
  • Two propositions for Evergreen Public Schools for an enrichment levy and a technology levy
  • A proposition for La Center School District for a replacement levy
  • Two propositions for Vancouver Public Schools for an expiring levy and for a technology levy.

Committees have been appointed to write statements supporting these measures, but Vancouver Public Schools and La Center, Hockinson and Ridgefield school districts have not been able to identify people to write statements against their measures.

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