County encourages public input on surface mining in an online survey

The survey takes about 3 minutes to complete

VANCOUVER — Clark County is providing an online survey to receive feedback on prioritizing surface mining impacts and resolutions.

A link to the survey, hosted by Survey Monkey is on the county’s website at It will be available through Fri., May 10.

The survey takes about 3 minutes to complete.

Clark County established the Surface Mining Advisory Committee, a facilitated forum for local surface mine operators and nearby residents.

The purpose of the forum is to:

  • Review and discuss outcomes and objectives of local, State or Federal permitting and enforcement actions related to the mine operations;
  • Propose and develop mutually agreeable solutions to effectively resolve matters related to traffic, noise, trip counts and other operational and environmental concerns and impacts created by mine operations;
  • Build and sustain mutual trust and beneficial relationships through robust and timely communications between mine operators, neighbors and local governments.

Yacolt Mountain Quarry was the focus of the first two meetings of the committee. You can find forum schedules, agendas and audio recordings on the county’s website at

Survey responses may be discussed at future Surface Mining Advisory Committee meetings.

Information provided by Clark Co. WA Communications.

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