Woodland High School announces the return of the in-person 32nd Annual FFA Plant Sale on Fri., April 29

The return of in-person shopping offers invaluable learning experiences for students participating in the WHS agriculture classes

Woodland High School’s agriculture department proudly announces the 32nd Annual FFA Plant Sale featuring in-person shopping on Fri., April 29. For the past two years, the annual plant sale required shoppers to make purchases online due to COVID-19 health restrictions; however, online shopping is no more, allowing shoppers to peruse the wide variety of plants offered by the horticulture students at Woodland High School.

The Woodland High School Plant Sale returns in-person on Friday, April 29, 2022. Photo courtesy Woodland School District
The Woodland High School Plant Sale returns in-person on Friday, April 29, 2022. Photo courtesy Woodland School District

The return of in-person shopping also offers invaluable learning experiences for students participating in the WHS agriculture classes as students are responsible for operating and managing the greenhouse. Students take on a wide range of business roles including customer service, creating marketing materials, communicating with the public, managing inventory, and more. “We are excited to return to in-person this year,” said Kendra Pearce, Horticulture teacher for Woodland High School. “The plant sale is a community tradition that has held fast during the pandemic but being able to offer students and community members the opportunity to interact and participate fully is what it is all about.”

Students choose what plants they want to grow at the start of each school year and care for the plants without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Students begin by learning the process of how to grow the plants themselves while developing their skills in plant science including plant biology and physiology; conducting lab experiments; proper care and management of commercial plant crops; and integrated pest management. In addition, students learn about careers and professional development opportunities within the horticulture industry with curriculum designed around industry standards, all aligned with state science requirements including common core.

Photo courtesy Woodland School District
Photo courtesy Woodland School District

“During the second semester, as students prepare for the plant sale itself, we focus on professional skills such as marketing techniques, customer service, leadership and communication skills, and retail sales including pricing, budgeting, and inventory,” explained Pearce. “The skills they learn in the agriculture and other CTE classes at WHS are designed to prepare them professionally for the future, whether they are college-bound, pursuing technical or apprenticeship opportunities, joining the armed forces, or entering the workforce.” 

This year’s plant sale features a wide variety of vegetables, geraniums, bedding plants, succulents, hanging baskets, and much more – just in time for Mother’s Day:


  • Alyssum – Snow Crystals
  • Bacopa – Gulliver White
  • Begonia –Apricot, Coral, Light Pink, Yellow
  • Coleus – Alligator Alley, Beagle Street, Broad Street, Chartres Street, Yonge Street, Wall Street
  • Dianthus – Burgundy Blast, Everlast Magenta, Everlast Red Wine
  • Draceana Spikes
  • Geranium – Regal Dark Red, Regal Violet, Scented Light Purple, Zonal Brilliant Red, Zonal Raspberry Eye, Zonal Lavender, Zonal Orange, Zonal Salmon, Zonal White
  • Gloechoma – Variegated Creeping Charlie
  • Grass – Juncus Twister Corkscrew Rush, Mexican Feather
  • Heuchera –Autumn Leaves, Marmalade, Plum Crazy
  • Hypoestes – Pink, White
  • Lobelia – Crystal Palace
  • Marigold – Colossus, Giant Yellow, Mr. Majestic, Lemon Gem, Red Gem, Tangerine Gem
  • Nasturtium – Alaska Mix, Black Velvet, Tall Trailing Mix
  • Penstemon – Red, Violet
  • Petunia – Blue, Pink, White
  • Succulents (Sempervivums) – Tender Succulents, variety
  • Sunpatien – Coral Pink, Orange, White
  • Sweet Potato Vine – Blackie, Sidekick Lime
  • Vinca Major – Variegata
  • Zinnia – California Giant Mix, Cut and Come Again, Cupcakes Mix, Giant Cactus Double, Oklahoma Mix

Baskets & Bowls:

  • Regular Basket – Liberty Bell, Lollipop, Out of the Blue, Strawberry Shortcake, Quinalt Strawberry
  • Premium Basket – Fuschia, Variety
  • Succulent Bowl
  • Shade Oval Bowl
  • Sun Oval Bowl

Indoor Plants:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Jade Plant
  • Spider Plant – Variegated
  • Tender Succulent – Variety


  • Basil – Siam Queen, Sweet
  • Cilantro – Santo
  • Lavender – Edelweiss, Melissa, Spanish
  • Mint – Orange, Spearmint
  • Oregano – Greek
  • Rosemary – Gorizia
  • Sage – Common, Pineapple
  • Tarragon – Mexican
  • Thyme – English


  • Chard (Swiss) – Bright Lights
  • Corn – Sweetness
  • Cucumber – Alibi, Lemon, Marketmore
  • Eggplant – Anet, Michal
  • Green Bean (Pole) – Kentucky Blue
  • Green Bean (Bush) – Provider
  • Kale – Mix
  • Melon – Cantaloupe Sugar Cube, Watermelon Blacktail Mountain
  • Peas – Oregon Sugar Pod, Super Sugar Snap
  • Pepper – Anaheim, Ascent, California Wonder, Early Jalapeno, Fireball, Golden Star, Habanero, Red Bell, Yellow Bell
  • Pumpkin – Baby Boo, Bellatrix, Howden, Jill Be Little, Lil Pump Ke Mon, Small Sugar Pie
  • Spinach – Olympia
  • Strawberry – Allstar, Quinalt
  • Squash – Acorn Reno, Acorn Taybelle, Butternut Waltham, Delicata, Patty Pan, Spaghetti, Zucchini Black Beauty, Zucchini Emerald Delight, Zucchini Golden Star
  • Tomatillo – Milomate
  • Tomato – Big Beef, Black Krim, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Early Cherry, Gil’s All Purpose, Golden Nugget, Mortgage Lifter, Oregon Cherry, San Marzano, Sweet Pea (Currant),

The plant sale will take place Fri., April 29 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Woodland High School’s greenhouse located at 1500 Dike Access Road, Woodland, WA 98674. The student store accepts payment in the form of cash and personal check (sorry, no credit cards accepted this year).

For additional information including a full price list, visit the WHS Plant Sale website at: www.woodlandschools.org/whs-plant-sale

Learn more about how Woodland Public Schools educates students and serves the community, by visiting the dedicated news webpage at www.woodlandschools.org/news/wsd 

Information provided by Woodland School District.

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