The Hudson’s Bay Way: Student shows how it is done

Quadrese Teague got involved, stayed involved, and loved his high school experience

VANCOUVER — Quadrese Teague did not just go to high school, he conquered high school.

With his attendance, with his class work, with his volunteerism, his athleticism, too.

Quadrese Teague has left his mark at Hudson’s Bay High School with his academic record and his character. His advice to future high school students: Get involved. Enjoy the experience. Make memories. Photo by Paul Valencia
Quadrese Teague has left his mark at Hudson’s Bay High School with his academic record and his character. His advice to future high school students: Get involved. Enjoy the experience. Make memories. Photo by Paul Valencia

When he graduates Thursday, he will know he got as much as he could from his time at Hudson’s Bay High School.

In fact, any incoming freshman would be wise to follow Teague’s advice.

“Go to school and go to class. Every little thing is important. You have to build good habits. It’s a step toward becoming an adult. It’s a step toward being independent,” Teague said.

That is the top priority. Then it is all about enjoying the experience.

“Play sports or get involved in the school so you build memories with your friends,” Teague said. “Stay involved. It will keep you out of trouble. Your high school years will go by more smoothly and in a better way instead of a negative.”

Vancouver Public Schools

Commencement ceremonies

At Sunlight Supply Amphitheater

Fort Vancouver: 5 p.m. Wednesday

Columbia River: 8 p.m. Wednesday

Hudson’s Bay: 5 p.m. Thursday

Skyview: 8 p.m. Thursday

Vancouver Flex Academy and Vancouver School of Arts and Academics held its ceremonies earlier this week

Enjoy the fun at the assemblies. Compete in color wars. Be part of the community.

At Teague’s school, it is called The Bay Way. Teague is proof that The Bay Way works.

“Hudson’s Bay High School, from my experience, is very family-based,” Teague said. “The community makes you feel welcome.”

He pointed out just a few members of the Bay staff who are more than just coaches, teachers, or counselors.

“Coach Theo was like another father,” Teague said of his basketball coach, Theo Mikaele.

Football coach Ray Lions “talked to me when I was having some problems” at home, he said.

Then there is baseball coach Rick Skinner: “I love that dude. He talked me into playing baseball my junior year. ‘If you don’t play, you’ll regret it.’”

Now, Teague is preparing to play at Lower Columbia College (LCC).

Then there are the people working in the career center at Hudson’s Bay. Teague said students get constant emails with the latest scholarships that are available. There is no excuse for a student to be uninformed if they will just pay attention, if they will just stay involved, Teague said.

As far as senior year, Teague seemed to put in 25 hours a day for the Eagles. He made the all-league teams in football, basketball, and baseball. He played in regional all-star games for basketball and baseball, plus he is planning to represent Hudson’s Bay at the all-state football game and then perhaps the Freedom Bowl Classic later this summer.

He noted he is a humble guy but it did feel good to get compliments from teachers “I didn’t even know they were following me,” he said.

He was part of the student-athlete leadership team, trying to get athletes to volunteer, to do team-bonding events that also benefit the community.

As a member of the college-readiness program AVID — Advancement via Individual Determination — Teague and his classmates put together dozens of gift boxes for families in need during the holiday season.

Oh, and he made the honor roll.

Focused in high school, Teague also is focused on his future. He wants to study business finance at LCC, then transfer to a four-year college to finish his degree. From there, he plans on going to barber school, perfect his craft, then open his own shop.

“Your education is everything,” Teague said. “If you don’t have your education, you really can’t do anything.”

On Thursday, this motivated student will be walking across the stage at the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater to receive his diploma at Bay’s commencement ceremony.

“It’s not going to feel real. The last four years felt like they went by in a snap,” Teague said. “It’s going to be shocking. ‘I’m not going to come back to Bay as a student.’ I’m definitely going to miss being an Eagle.”

He certainly did not miss out being a huge part of the Hudson’s Bay community.

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