Fourteen more COVID-19 cases in Clark County, no new deaths

The number of total confirmed cases is 220, though hospital visits appear to be declining

CLARK COUNTY — The number of COVID-19 cases in Clark County rose by 14 on Friday, bringing the total of positive tests to 220. There were no additional deaths in the past day, with fatalities remaining at 14.

As of Friday, there were 23 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in Clark County, with eight people in intensive care.

The county is also now releasing data on cases at long-term care facilities. There have been eight confirmed cases in adult family homes, nine in assisted or independent living facilities, and 10 cases reported by skilled nursing facilities.

According to Clark County Public Health, 1 percent of emergency department visits this week were for COVID-like symptoms, down from about 1.5 percent last week, and over 2 percent the last week of March. Still, public health warns it may be too soon to see these numbers as indicative of a downward trend for the outbreak in our community.

Statewide, as of April 8, there were 639 people hospitalized with COVID-19, 181 of which were in intensive care, out of 90 hospitals reporting data. That number has been largely unchanged during the week.

As for demographics, COVID-19 continues to be most prevalent in people between 30 and 70 years old, though there has been only one death in a person under the age of 60.

Age CasesDeaths
19 and younger40
20-29 years280
30-39 years250
40-49 years471
50-59 years390
60-69 years432
70-79 years194
80 and older157

The virus continues to infect women at a higher rate, with 129 of the 220 confirmed cases being female, though 12 of the 14 fatalities have been men.

The county is also releasing an updated map, showing where the virus is having the greatest impact. This week, the data is adjusted to cases per 100,000 people. Rates take into account the varying populations sizes in each zip code in order to offer a better comparison.

A map showing cases per 100,000 residents in each zip code of Clark County. Image courtesy of Clark County Public Health Department
A map showing cases per 100,000 residents in each zip code of Clark County. Image courtesy of Clark County Public Health Department

The map represents only confirmed cases and the zip codes in which they live. It does not account for undiagnosed cases or areas where the confirmed cases were exposed to the virus. Public Health wants people to continue assuming that the virus could be everywhere, and to continue following social distancing and hygiene recommendations.

As for testing, the number has not been updated since April 3, and a spokesperson with Clark County Public Health says it is unclear if the state will provide testing numbers going forward, as the data has been causing their new reporting system to crash.

Public Health also does not anticipate sharing data on how many cases have recovered from an infection.

“Public Health isn’t providing patient care; health care providers are doing that,” says agency spokesperson Marissa Armstrong. “As such, we’re not following the symptoms and progress of illness for each case, so we don’t have an easy way to check and see when a person’s symptoms resolve and they’re feeling better.”

So far, hospitals in Southwest Washington have not released their own data in terms of how many patients who have received treatment have been able to return home.

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