Vancouver Volcanoes ready to welcome fans

Pro basketball team back home Saturday

Calling all Vancouver basketball fans: The Volcanoes would love for you to join them this weekend and at all home games for the rest of the season.

“Vancouver, make some noise,” said Curtis Hill, team market owner.

Vancouver's professional basketball team, the Volcanoes, announces major change, will allow fans at home games for the rest of the season

In another change in these ever-changing times, the Volcanoes will welcome fans for the first time this season when the team takes on Salem at 7:30 pm Saturday at Clark College.  

The team, returning to Vancouver for the first time since 2014 and now playing in The Basketball League, had previously announced that fans would not be allowed this season as the pandemic continued.

While no one can predict the future, Hill said, “we are confident that things will remain open.”

The Volcanoes have already received positive feedback.

“People are excited to hear that they can come to a game,” Hill said.

The Volcanoes could use a home-court advantage, as well … anything to give them a lift. The Volcanoes have struggled to a 1-9 record. 

They also could not catch a break at a recent road trip to Southern California. Some players and coaches had their flights cancelled and the team played two games with just six players.

The Volcanoes lost one of those games but just six points.

Back home on Saturday, the Volcanoes will welcome Vancouver fans for the first time since 2014. The team plays at the O’Connell Sports Center at Clark College.

“We are excited to finally have our great city of Vancouver to experience family friendly

entertainment at great cost again,” Hill said. “This pandemic was probably one of the most challenging things that anyone has had to experience. Playing in front of the great fans in Vancouver was one of the best moments in my professional career and I am glad the guys on this team are able to experience it this time around, too.”

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