Sport of Jugger has a place in Vancouver

Battle with a friend in what looks like quite a clash

They are world travelers, but they practice their craft right here in Vancouver.

These athletes compete in Jugger, a combat-style sport based on a 1989 movie “The Blood of Heroes.” 

Never heard of the movie? Nor the sport?

Doesn’t matter. You can still play. It looks difficult but also like a lot of fun with the long swords, the short swords, the shield, and the ball and chain. Don’t worry, they are prop weapons. Oh, and men and women can play this game.

Combat sport based on a 1989 movie has been growing across the globe.
Photo by Paul Valencia

Ian Williams of Vancouver and Shawn Griffith of Tri-Cities were at Marshall Park in Vancouver on Saturday to practice. They are part of the Portland Vancouver Jugger League. 

Before COVID-19, they would often have a dozen or so at practice. The numbers are limited now. Still, those into Jugger are keeping in shape, honing their skills, and waiting for life to return to a bit of normalcy so tournaments can resume.

Williams has been to tournaments in Germany, Costa Rica, and Australia, to name a few. For more information, check out the Facebook page: