Skyview’s difficult non-league schedule continues with matchup against Mountain View reporter Paul Valencia offers his weekly update on Skyview football, including a look back at a Storm victory in week 1 and a matchup this week with one of the top teams in Washington.

Storm not unaccustomed to being 1-2 at this point of the season

Skyview Storm (1-2)

Week 1: Skyview 31, Sunset (Ore.) 20

Week 2: Eastside Catholic 49, Skyview 21/

Week 3: O’Dea 38, Skyview 7

Next: Mountain View vs. Skyview, 8 p.m. Friday at Kiggins Bowl

“We’re 1-2. What else is new?” Skyview coach Steve Kizer said. He was referring to the traditional tough schedule his team plays. The Storm are used to tough starts but solid finishes. They hope it happens again this season

One of those nights, huh?

Skyview’s Tavis Pinkney made big plays on both offense and defense for the Storm in last week’s loss to O’Dea. Photo by Mike Schultz
Skyview’s Tavis Pinkney made big plays on both offense and defense for the Storm in last week’s loss to O’Dea. Photo by Mike Schultz

O’Dea’s first touchdown was one to remember. Or have nightmares over, if you are a member of the Storm.

The O’Dea receiver caught a pass, and Skyview defensive back Tavis Pinkney punched the ball out of his arms at around the 23-yard line. The ball rolled forward more than 15 yards and another O’Dea receiver scooped it up and took it into the end zone.

From a possible turnover to six points. That is how O’Dea got it started.

My favorite plays for Skyview:

Jalynnee McGee had a highlight run in the first half. He took a pitch to the right, avoided one tackle, then had to run sideways to the left side of the field, used a spin move to get out of another tackle and ended up with a 25-yard gain after going through the entire O’Dea defense.

Later, on Skyview’s lone scoring drive, Pinkney caught a wide receiver screen and set up the TD with a 49-yard play.

And while his block did not spring Pinkney for a touchdown, there was some great downfield blocking by Carter Hill.

There often is downfield blocking on a play like this, but Hill put his man on the turf 40 yards downfield.

Coach Speak:

What did Steve Kizer learn about his team in Week 3? “I thought we slugged with those guys pretty good for at least a half. To the untrained eye, it looks like we got killed. There are things we are getting better at. Still a work in progress.”

MVP on offense: Jalynnee McGee. “He ran hard,’’ Kizer said. “Broke tackles, made some nice cuts. He’s just getting better every week.”

MVP on defense: Defensive tackle Ian O’Callaghan. “He played great against those guys,’’ Kizer said. “He’s so strong. He did a nice job”

Thoughts on Week 4 vs. Mountain View: “They do so much stuff on offense, it’s a challenge to prepare for those guys,’’ Kizer said. “ It should be a good game.”

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