Skyview has opportunity to knock off league-favorite Camas reporter Paul Valencia offers his weekly update on Skyview football, including a look back at a Storm victory in week 1 and a matchup this week with one of the top teams in Washington.

Storm has scored 91 points in its last two games

Skyview Storm (3-2)

Week 1: Skyview 31, Sunset (Ore.) 20

Week 2: Eastside Catholic 49, Skyview 21

Week 3: O’Dea 38, Skyview 7

Week 4: Skyview 49, Mountain View 21

Week 5: Skyview 42, Columbia River 6

Next: vs. Camas, 5 p.m. Friday at Kiggins Bowl

The Storm warmed up for their biggest game of the season by having no trouble against their in-district rival.

Skyview is too fast for its own good:

Two times in Friday’s win, the Storm thought they had long returns for touchdowns. Both times, the officials ruled each player was down inside the 1-yard line.

Dyvon Green had a tip-drill interception and weaved his way through would-be tacklers and headed toward the end zone. He was tackled as he was trying to get across the line.

Now, the angle on the video made this real tough to see. If I had to GUESS, I’d say it was a touchdown. But it was close. Was the ball to the line when he went down? I’m not positive. I just think so.

Earlier, Tavis Pinkney had a long punt return. And on that one, I’m going to say it should have been a touchdown. Or out of bounds at the 5-yard line. (How’s that for not committing to my call?) Seriously, he either stepped out at the 5, or he stayed in bound, jumped, and landed in the end zone for a touchdown. The official ruled he landed at the 1-yard line.

Those who read my reports know I’m not pointing this out to show up any official. Just thought it was interesting that there were two of these particular plays in the first half.

The Storm players just might be too fast for anyone to get a good look at them.

Oh, by the way, Skyview would score on both possessions.

Skyview receiver Cole Grossman had two touchdowns as the Storm routed Columbia River last week. Photo by Mike Schultz
Skyview receiver Cole Grossman had two touchdowns as the Storm routed Columbia River last week. Photo by Mike Schultz

Rose to Grossman:

Max Rose found Cole Grossman for two touchdown passes against Columbia River.

The first was a 44-yarder, a perfect bomb after Rose had perfect protection from his linemen.

Grossman sprinted past his man and then past the safety, outrunning the double-team to the ball that dropped so softly into his arms at the goal line.

In the second half, it was a 21-yard connection. This was the old stop-and-go. Grossman stopped, the defender came up to him, and Grossman took off again, leaving his defender yards behind him. Easy throw for another TD.

Coach Speak:

What did Steve Kizer learn about his team in Week 5? “We were able to play a lot of people and still play at a high level. Getting some guys in who haven’t got to play much, and those guys played well, too.”

MVPs on offense: Grossman and Pinkney. (They combined for three TD receptions.) But it was not just the catches, Kizer said. “When we’re running the ball, they’re fighting for every yard while blocking, which is pretty cool.”

MVP on defense: Hezekiah Po Ching. The defensive lineman “was just a force, driving the guard back, making plays and causing havoc in the backfield pretty much every down he was in,” Kizer said.

Thoughts on Week 6 vs. Camas: “Camas is really good,’’ Kizer said. “They just keep rolling, 55 straight (regular-season) wins. We’re just going to play the best we can. Faceless opponent, you know. No matter who we play, we have to play up to our potential. If we play well, we can play with anybody. We’ll find out.”

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