Ridgefield’s season ends with a loss to Columbia River

Spudders tough season comes to an end

Ridgefield Spudders (1-8, 0-6 2A GSHL)

Week 1: Ridgefield 41, Castle Rock 0
Week 2: W.F. West 33, Ridgefield 13
Week 3: La Center 35, Ridgefield 7
Week 4: Hockinson 42, Ridgefield 15
Week 5: Washougal 34, Ridgefield 14
Week 6: Mark Morris 30, Ridgefield 27
Week 7: R.A. Long 29, Ridgefield 7
Week 8: Woodland 40, Ridgefield 16
Week 9: Columbia River 52, Ridgefield 21

Tough season comes to an end for Spudders.

Ridgefield’s football season began with hope but ended with an eight-game losing streak. Photo by Mike Schultz
Ridgefield’s football season began with hope but ended with an eight-game losing streak. Photo by Mike Schultz

Didn’t see this coming:

Not saying I expected Ridgefield to win the league title or anything, but the Spudders finished the 2016 season on a high note and had a full offseason to fully grasp the concepts of their coach. After a Week 1 shutout victory this season, things seemed to be going in the right direction for Ridgefield.

The Spudders, though, would not get another victory. Sometimes, the bad breaks never even out. Or perhaps the breaks will even out, but it will take another season.

“I’m proud of the kids playing hard and sticking it out despite our win-loss record,” Ridgefield coach Kim Ulman said.

Regardless of the record, for someone who has watched most of Ridgefield’s game on video, there are plenty of good football players on this team. Brock Harrison could play on any team in the county. Dawson Lieurance and Jeremy Martin are leaders. Carter Pankow had big moments. And plenty of other Spudders shined throughout the season.

MVPs in Week 9:

Jeremy Martin averaged almost 5 yards per carry in the season finale. He also had a couple receptions and scored a touchdown. Ulman gave the defensive nod to Kalvin Staker.

The future:

It will not start on the practice field, nor on Friday nights next season. It will have to start a lot sooner, the coach said.

“We will need to work to get more kids out in the future and to develop a culture where lifting/conditioning is the norm,” Ulman said.

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